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Discover the Power of Natural Makeup Read Article

Discover the Power of Natural Makeup

Unveil the transformative effects of natural makeup and learn how it can not only enhances your beauty but also contributes to a healthier planet. Explore the benefits, tips, and sustainable brands...
Eco-Friendly Sunscreens Read Article

Eco-Friendly Sunscreens

Check out our favorite eco-friendly sunscreen essentials for this summer!
Sustainability Series: Ethical Beeswax Read Article

Sustainability Series: Ethical Beeswax

Is beeswax sustainable or ethical? Learn more about our thoughts and why EarthHero carries products made from beeswax.
EarthHero Waterbody Wildflower Bathsoak 2 Read Article

14 Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts (2022 Edition)

Not sure how to gift sustainably for Valentine's Day? Check out our favorite giftable products at EarthHero!
EarthHero - Natalie Vegan Soy Candle + Planter - 6 Read Article

November 2021 Staff Picks - Holiday Gifts

Once Kids | Eco-bricks Color Wooden Toy Blocks “I am so excited to gift these to my nephew! He loves building and being creative so these are the perfect gift. He can even customize some...
EarthHero - Bitti Gitti Background Image - 1 Read Article

October 2021 New Brands

At EarthHero, we’re all about new brand discovery – and helping you find the perfect eco-friendly products for your lifestyle. And our community of world-changing brands is always growing! Check ou...
October 2021 Staff Picks Read Article

October 2021 Staff Picks

Verve Culture | Handmade Hot Chocolate Jug “I love the hot chocolate jug from Verve Culture. Paired with the molinillo whisk and hot chocolate discs (also from Verve Culture), it makes for a...
Brand Spotlight: Tierra & Lava Read Article

Brand Spotlight: Tierra & Lava

At EarthHero, we work hard to find some of the best brands out there. And Tierra & Lava is no exception! This skincare company combines ethically and locally sourced ingredients with centuries-...
8 Eco-Friendly Health & Wellness Gifts Read Article

8 Eco-Friendly Health & Wellness Gifts

Let’s face it, holiday gift shopping can be a daunting task! Whether it’s for friends, relatives, significant others or anyone else you want to show some extra love during the holidays, finding the...