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October 2021 New Brands

At EarthHero, we’re all about new brand discovery – and helping you find the perfect eco-friendly products for your lifestyle. And our community of world-changing brands is always growing! Check out the newest brands that joined us in October 2021 below, and why we love them!


Designed to be better, engineered to last longer. (re)x makes innovative clothing hangers from 100% recycled plastic gathered by local reclaimers in South Africa. The hangers are 50% thicker than your average hanger, making it more durable for years of use – and has reinforced elements to reduce breakage with heavy clothing items. They’re a member of 1% for the Planet, work with single moms groups to create their packaging, collaborate with micro recyclers, and has created 126 jobs to date.

Shop all (re)x products here!


Tiradia produces handcrafted accessories from cork that is ethically sourced from Portugal – and is a lightweight, waterproof, and biodegradable alternative to traditional animal leather. The quality and durability of each piece mean that they will withstand everyday use and fit in with any sustainable lifestyle. Say goodbye to fast fashion and hello to the sophisticated, everyday cork accessories from Tiradia! Plus, Tiradia is a woman-owned business that hand makes their products in Portugal.

Shop all Tiradia products here!

steep & mellow

Functional tea with flare. steep & mellow makes delicious, plant-powered tea blends packed with nootropics and adaptogens for maximum health. They’re packaged up sustainably as well – the teabags, strings, and tags are made from a corn-based fiber that is durable enough for hot water steeping but will readily break down when added to a home compost. By sourcing organic ingredients, steep & mellow ensures their teas are free from harmful chemicals and ecosystems are protected from toxic runoff.

Shop all steep & mellow products here!

Because, Animals

Sustainable, vegan nutrition – for pets! Because, Animals was started to be the solution to the negative impacts of the meat industry by providing a nutritious, cruelty-free option for cats and dogs to enjoy. Each product is made with sustainable, human-grade, USDA certified organic, cruelty-free ingredients that lower environmental impact and provide all the nutritious goodness cats and dogs need to thrive. Plus, treats come in a resealable plastic pouch made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials!

Shop all Because, Animals products here!

Bitti Gitti

No cords, batteries, or plastic are needed for this low-tech, zero waste speaker system. Designed entirely from durable and sustainably sourced birch wood and finished with smoothing flaxseed and beeswax, the Bitti Gitti speaker features a minimalist design that is ready for any adventure. It amplifies your phone speaker x4, and is handcrafted in Istanbul, Turkey. Just pop any phone into it, and enjoy listening!

Shop all Bitti Gitti products here!


Design inspired by nature. The team at HuBee believes home goods can add beauty to any living space by reflecting and respecting the environment! Their innovative products are made from silicone – a renewable resource that is a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic, while sharing many of the same properties. Handmade and produced in China from manufacturers with fair labor standards. HuBee products focus on attention to detail from beginning to end.

Shop all HuBee products here!

Proclamation Goods

Perfect for the home chef or the seasoned professional, Proclamation Goods has designed essential pieces that work beautifully as both independents and when paired together. Each pot, pan, and top is created to last a lifetime and assist in meal making that is gentle on both people and planet. As fellow members of 1% for the Planet, they donate a portion of their sales to organizations and individuals who uplift the Good Food movement through sustainable agriculture, farm workers rights, and access to nutritious food for all.

Shop all Proclamation Goods products here!

Dirty Labs

Cleaning up the dirty laundry industry, Dirty Labs detergents are free of dyes, sulfates, parabens, all California Prop 65 chemicals of concern, and all EU-listed fragrance allergens. From the ingredients to the packaging, they are determined to make a detergent that is as easy and gentle on clothing and skin as it is on the planet. Plus, it comes packaged in a recycled aluminum bottle with plastic free packaging!

Shop all Dirty Labs products here!


Rethink your hair routine with Highland! By rethinking hair routines, the founders of Highland created the perfect solution – a natural pomade made from plant-based and no-nonsense ingredients. Made from all-natural, hair-loving ingredients like beeswax and jojoba oil, their natural hair pomade delivers on both efficacy and sustainability. A lightweight and creamy formula, all you need to do is grab a penny-sized scoop and style as desired.

Shop all Highland products here!

Graphic Anthology

Graphic Anthology is stationary for joyful communication. Graphic Anthology’s paper products are all designed and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest, prioritizing local materials. By sourcing and manufacturing within the USA, Graphic Anthology has a reduced carbon footprint throughout their supply chain. When sourcing the materials for their cards, they purposely selected heavyweight, FSC-certified recycled paper, which means any trees used for the paper are sustainably harvested! Find your favorite cards with Graphic Anthology!

Shop all Graphic Anthology products here!

Flying Bird Botanicals

Flying Bird Botanicals bridges the relationship between people, plants, and healing by sourcing ethically, packaging sustainably, and caring deeply. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Flying Bird Botanicals was founded with people, planet, and healing in mind. A woman and family-owned business, Flying Bird Botanicals incorporates heirloom farming practices to create organic artisanal blends of tea, hot chocolate, and other delicious drinks that everyone will enjoy. Plus, their products are packaged plastic-free with recycled materials to minimize their footprint and offer a totally planet-friendly cup!

Shop all Flying Bird Botanicals products here!

Little Seed Farm

Little Seed Farm = gentle skincare made with love. This family-owned operation provides gentle yet effective soaps and skincare for all to enjoy while running a 100% solar-powered goat farm. Little Seed Farm ensures only the best ingredients, packaging, and farming practices are used for their skincare, from the organic essential oils to their sustainably and humanely raised goat’s milk!

Shop all Little Seed Farm products here!

Check back in next month as we share more brands that have joined the EarthHero community! And explore all of our newest products here!

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