October 2021 Staff Picks

October 2021 Staff Picks

Verve Culture | Handmade Hot Chocolate Jug

“I love the hot chocolate jug from Verve Culture. Paired with the molinillo whisk and hot chocolate discs (also from Verve Culture), it makes for a perfect evening drink. Growing up in a Mexican-American household, hot chocolate was a cherished part of my childhood and knowing that I can continue that tradition and share it with family and friends truly means the world to me. Plus, I love that it’s made with sustainable high-quality Mexican red clay (just like my abuela’s) that I can heat straight on the stove. What a great way to celebrate chilly fall and winter days!”

– Osiris, Content & Digital Marketing Specialist

Cotopaxi | Tarak 20L Climbing Bag

“First off, Cotopaxi is an amazing brand, and if you don’t know much about them please check out our page! Second, I have never found a better day hike pack than this one. It’s light, it’s incredibly functional, it comes with a hip and chest strap, and it looks really cool. At least once or twice on any given hike, someone stops to compliment my bag. So, it’s not only a great pack but an awesome conversation piece on sustainably-made outdoor gear!”

– Damir, Ecommerce Product Manager + Business Analyst

Terra Thread | Organic Cotton Laptop Case

I love my new laptop case from Terra Thread. It’s important to keep our electronics safe – the longer they last, the more money we save and the less electronic waste we generate. This cute case is made from organic cotton which is sweet because I know it was made using way less water and chemicals than if it were made with traditional cotton. Choosing the color was the only tough part of this decision!

– Daley, Email + Content Marketing Specialist

Plaine Products | Vegan Beauty Oil 2.5oz

“This is a perfect addition to any daily skincare routine, especially as it starts to get colder. My hands get so dry packing orders so I make sure to dab a small amount mid-way through my shift to moisturize without getting greasy. I also love that the smell is subtle with notes of earthiness and florals which makes it perfect for everyone!

– Brie, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

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