20 Must-Have Sustainable Kitchen Products for Every Holiday Host

20 Must-Have Sustainable Kitchen Products for Every Holiday Host

Hosting the holidays? Here are 20 sustainable kitchen products you need for a stress-free season

For lots of people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where coffee chats take place, family recipes are shared, and of course, where the holidays are celebrated.

When it comes to having a sustainable Christmas, it makes sense to start here. Whether you’re serving a feast, mopping up spills, or dealing with leftovers, having sustainable products to hand is a must.

In this guide, we’ve put together 20 zero-waste, reusable, or refillable sustainable kitchen products perfect for every holiday host. We’ve sprinkled in some seasonal tips too, so you can feel confident you’re doing your part to make the festivities earth-friendly.

Ready to start saving the planet, one utensil at a time?


  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking up a storm
  • Serving the feast
  • Mopping up spills
  • Cleaning the dishes
  • Storing leftovers
  • Composting scraps

Grocery shopping

Did you know five trillion plastic bags are produced worldwide annually? Do your part to cut down the demand by bringing reusable produce bags when you do your holiday food shop.

  1.   Terra Thread Organic Cotton Mesh String Bag, $15
  2.   ZWS Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bag, $5.49
  3.   Bagito Reusable Produce Bags, $21.90

Top tip: Shop small and local

Visiting farmers' markets and local shops not only reduces carbon emissions from transportation but also cuts out any potential waste from the middleman.

Cooking up a storm

You’ve got the biggest task of the season: cooking a delicious meal everyone enjoys. Don't panic, with these sustainable cooking products, you’ll chef up a meal that will leave even the Ramseys jealous.

  1.   Full Circle Home Organic Cotton Cooking Mitt, $7.99
  2.   ZWS Essentials Silicone Baking Mat, $20.99
  3.   Verve Culture Thai Moon Knife Set, $90

Top tip: Swap out some meat-based dishes for veggie ones

Meat farming requires a lot more energy and resources than plant-based alternatives, which makes it much more detrimental when it’s wasted. You don’t have to cut it out entirely, just use it sparingly and switch up some of your side dishes for veggie ones instead.

Serving the Feast

Add the final flourishes to your dishes, get the Christmas crackers out, and let’s eat! 

  1.   Lafayette Avenue Ceramics Handmade Dinner Plates, $108
  2.   Lafayette Avenue Ceramics Handmade Coaster Set, $33
  3.   Verve Culture Handmade Hot Chocolate Jug, $60

Top tip: Don’t overdo it

We get it, you want to be the host(ess) with the most(ess), but try to resist going OTT. Reduce food waste by double-checking how many people you’re hosting before you shop, and again when you cook and serve, to make sure there’s not more leftovers than you can manage.

Mopping up spills

Oh no, someone’s spilled their hot choc on the rug! What do you reach for? Paper towels? If that’s your first reaction, you’re not alone. The US  spends almost as much on them as all other countries combined. Let’s reach for reusable alternatives instead.

  1. ZWS Essentials Reusable Paper Towels, $24.99
  2. Good Circle Plant Based Dish Cloths, $9.99
  3. ZWS Essentials Biodegradable Kitchen Sponges, $5.99
  4. Boulder Clean 3-Pack Surface Cleaning Refill Kit, $27.99

Top tip: Try a DIY Cleaner

Fill a bottle with your favorite herbs, citrus, and vinegar. Let sit for 1-2 weeks in a dark place. When it’s done, put the herbs and citrus in a compost bin, and dilute the vinegar mixture 1:1 ratio. Finally, fill your bottle 50% with water and 50% with the diluted vinegar. Clean away.

Cleaning the dishes

No matter how many people offer to help, holidays seem to create a never-ending pile of dirty dishes. To make the daily chore quick, clean, and green, switch to zero-waste dish brushes and soap.

  1. No Tox Life Dishwashing Block, $10.99
  2. Dropps Dishwasher Detergent Pods, $14.99
  3. ZWS Essentials Dish Brush Kit, $40.99

Top tip: Treat your dish brushes well, and they’ll treat you well

Bamboo dish brushes are more sustainable than plastic ones, especially when they’re properly looked after to last longer. Here’s how to clean them properly:

  • Take a fork and comb through the brush to release any debris.
  •  Combine 1 cup water + 1 cup vinegar + 1 tsp dish soap
  • Place the dish brushes face down in the solution & soak for 1 hour
  • Remove it, rinse it in warm water, let it air dry on a towel

Storing Leftovers

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, and 21% of that is food waste. Keep food fresh for longer with these plastic-free storage solutions and your wallet will thank you too.

  1. Silicone Stasher Half Gallon Bag, $21.99
  2. Bee’s Wraps Reusable Vegan Food Wraps, $19.99
  3. Zefiro Reusable Silicone Lids 6pck, $11.99

Top tip: get creative with leftovers

No matter how well you plan, there’s bound to be some food left after the big day. Now’s your chance to really test your culinary skills. Turkey pie? Stuffing sandwich? The kitchen’s your oyster!

Composting Scraps

Paper or cardboard make up a significant portion of landfill waste, even though it’s compostable. Encourage your guests to chuck it in your countertop compost bin, along with food scraps, and you can help the earth instead.

  1. Bamboozle Countertop Compost Bin, $40

Top tip: Become a compost wiz

New to composting? Read our how-to guide so you can get set up in time for the holidays. This way, you can explain to your guests what can and can’t go in the compost bin and save yourself from constantly emptying an overflowing trash can.

Host the holidays like a true Earth Hero

There you have it – 20 sustainable kitchen products to help you host the best Christmas yet.

We know there can be a lot of pressure during the holidays to spend time with family and keep the peace, so just know that whatever you’re doing, and whatever sustainable steps you’re taking, you’re an Earth Hero to us.

Whether you invest in a full sustainable kitchen product overhaul, or you start with one or two, we hope this guide has inspired you to have a more sustainable holiday.

If you’ve not found what you’re looking for on this list, check out the rest our home and kitchen collection

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