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Want a stress-free school break? Try these top 10 eco-friendly toys to keep active kids busy

Discover our top eco-friendly toys to keep your hyper kids entertained over the holidays. Say goodbye to stress and plastic with our sustainable options

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Remember the holidays as a child? There are the dazzling lights, cheerful songs, family visitors, new toys, and of course, Santa’s appearance - it’s a lot of excitement for a little person! No wonder the kids are bouncing off the wall.

As much as you love your little ones, we know it can be hard to handle hyper kids over school break.  That’s why we’ve put together our best DIY games and 10 sustainable toys to help you deal with the sugar-fuelled giddiness that even threats of the ‘naughty list’ can’t calm.

From nurturing their inner creativity to showing them bath time isn’t so bad, these toys are sure to provide hours of entertainment without causing any stress to you, or harm to the planet. So take a deep breath, ditch the plastic, discover our top eco-friendly toys…

DIY games and activities for giddy kids

Before you rush to the shops, consider what DIY games and activities you can come up with that don’t require new things.  There are many creative, fun, and useful ways to fill school vacations.

Explore the great outdoors

Wrap up in winter woollies and go on a walk. You can add in activities, like ‘‘find a pinecone we can gift to Santa’’ or ‘‘whoever counts the most Christmas trees wins’’. Getting outside gives your kids more space to run wild and burn off excess energy.

Be pen pals with an elf

Santa gets a letter every year, but what about the elves? You’ve heard of elf on the shelf, so why not make them your child’s pen pal for the holidays? This way they can share all their excitement, and develop their writing skills.

Ask them to put on a show

Who doesn’t love a show at Christmas? If your child loves a little ~drama~ help them channel their sassy streak into a creative performance. Ask your kids to create a festive-themed show using your household items and clothes and see what they come up with.

Declutter and donate

Now’s the perfect time to introduce mindful and sustainable shopping habits! Tell your child that before they get anything new, they need to sort through what they already have and donate what they don’t need. This instills the message that purchases should always be carefully considered, and to keep unwanted things out of landfills.

10 zero-waste toys for a stress-free school break

These 10 zero-waste toys create fun-filled days for a range of ages and interests. Whether you start school break with a new sustainable toy, or you save them for Santa's arrival, they’re sure to occupy your kids enough for you to enjoy a little more ‘me time’!

For budding artists…

1. Honeysticks Triangle Beeswax crayons

Handmade from responsibly sourced beeswax, these chubby crayons use food-grade pigments and a free from plastic. Their larger size makes them easier to hold for little hands and their triangle shape means they won’t roll away (fingers crossed there are no scribbles on the walls and rugs this year!).

2. Eco-Kids Sketch Book Kit

Encourage your kids to take a mindful moment during the festivities and enjoy creative exploration with this eco-friendly sketching kit. The Eco-Kids kit contains 1 hardcover blank book, 3 recycled paper pencils, 1 VOC-free eraser, 1 bamboo sharpener, and a canvas travel bag for doodling on the go.

3. Eco-Kids Finger Paint

These non-toxic and mess-free finger paints come in four naturally-derived powders from food-safe, non-GMO ingredients. Mix with water and create hours of vibrant fun.


For sensory play…

4. Eco-Kids Eco-Dough

Perfect for independent play, Eco-Kids' non-toxic play dough is made from all-natural ingredients and is a worry-free option for letting your kids build, mold, and sculpt whatever they can imagine. The set includes 3 primary colors and easy instructions on how to mix for more colors.  

5. Eco-kids Eco-Dough Make Your Own

Got a bit more time to kill? Eco-kids also have a sensory option for making your own eco-dough. Let your little ones get their hands messy and eyes moving, as they create a plant-based, food-grade eco dough – no boiling needed!

For bathtime rebels…

6. Honeysticks Kids Colorful Bath Drops

If you’ve got a bathtime rebel on your hands, reframe the nightly routine as a colorful adventure with these fun bath bombs. They can watch them fizz for 2 minutes before turning the bath into a vibrant color they’ll love.

7. Honeysticks Ultimate Bath Fun Set

For more splishy-splashy fun, try Honeysticks’ ultimate bath fun set. It includes bath crayons and bath drops, housed in reusable and recyclable containers. They’re safe for kids, gentle on the planet, and stress-free for you.

For outdoor games…

8. Wishbone Design 2-in-1 Toddler Bike

For tiny adventurers, try Wishbone’s Toddler Bike. Made from sustainably harvested birch wood, this innovative push-bike is easy to assemble and encourages balance and mobility. They’ll feel just like the big kids.

9. Wishbone Design Cruise Kid Bike

Wishbone Design’s Cruise Kids Bike is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and carpet, and sustainable birch. It’s designed to encourage kiddos aged 2 to 4 to start learning how to ride a bike – who knows, maybe by the end of the school break they’ll be a pro.

10. Eco-Kids Hopscotch Sidewalk Chalk

For kids who are full of energy and excitement, these hopscotch chalks are a great way to channel it into movement and imagination. These egg-shaped chalk pieces are easy to hold and are quickly washed away by the rain.

Parents, you’ve got this!

School breaks don’t have to be stressful, even if your kids are buzzing with excited energy. With these DIY activities and 10 eco-friendly kids’ toys, your kids will be busy, happy, and calm(ish) amid the Christmas chaos.

By choosing sustainable and zero-waste brands, you’re encouraging them to make smart choices from the get-go, so they can build a lifetime of good habits and become the kind of earth-conscious grown-ups we need in the world.

But remember, the best eco-friendly toys are the ones already hidden under the bed or buried in the closet. Bring out forgotten faves first, and only purchase new options when they break or boredom really starts to creep in.

Happy holidays parents and caregivers everywhere – you’ve got this!

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