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Sustainability Series: Recycled Ocean Plastic

Learn more about what ocean-bound plastic or ocean-recovered plastic means and what EarthHero has to do with it.
Sustainability Series: Ethical Beeswax Read Article

Sustainability Series: Ethical Beeswax

Is beeswax sustainable or ethical? Learn more about our thoughts and why EarthHero carries products made from beeswax.
7 Natural Skincare Ingredients to Look For Read Article

7 Natural Skincare Ingredients to Look For

Natural skincare is becoming the new norm thanks to its ethical and organic ingredients and its ability to truly transform even the toughest skincare cases. Made without sulfates, phthalates, parab...
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Sustainability Series: Phytolase™

Learn about the cleaning power of Phytolase™ and laundry pioneer, Dirty Labs at EarthHero!
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Playing It Safe: Non-Toxic and Sustainable Baby Toys

Sustainable Jungle> Play time’s over. No, no. It’s just beginning…we just need to get serious about what sort of toys we let the future of our planet hold in their hands (and mouths). C...
What Does Sustainable Clothing Mean? Read Article

What Does Sustainable Clothing Mean?

Finding sustainable clothing in the fast fashion world can be difficult and confusing. Join us as we break down the top things to look for when shopping sustainably!
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Sustainable Materials: TENCEL™

If you've been exploring the world of sustainable fabrics and clothing, you likely have seen the word TENCEL™ before. But what is TENCEL™, and is it actually sustainable? While it has a growing rep...
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The Rise of the Conscious Dog Owner

This blog is written by Beco Pets, a sustainable pet product company that makes some of our favorite toys, care essentials, and accessories. Shop all of their products here! When you think of wh...
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The Lifecycle of a Hair Tie

Take a moment to look down at your wrist. What you’re most likely looking down at is a hair tie or two conveniently placed for the next time you need to put your hair up. But, have you ever wondere...