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Sustainability Series: Phytolase™

Learn about the cleaning power of Phytolase™ and laundry pioneer, Dirty Labs at EarthHero!


  • Learn what Phytolase™ is
  • Understand the connection between Phytolase™ and effective cleaning, as well as the social and environmental implications of Phytolase™
  • Learn more about Dirty Labs, the pioneers and creators of Phytolase™ for their laundry products

What is Phytolase™?

Phytolase™ is the trademarked name for the enzyme-driven formula created and used by the company Dirty Labs. Not only is it biodegradable and 97% USDA Certified Biobased, but Phytolase™ is completely safe for the environment, from the product itself to its packaging.

Keep reading to learn more about Dirty Labs and their innovative Phytolase™ cleaning formula.

Using Phytolase™ as a Cleaning Agent

Phytolase™ is free of dyes, sulfates, parabens, all California Prop 65 chemicals of concern, and all EU-listed fragrance allergens. Gentle on both your skin and the planet, this powerful cleaning agent is also ideal for hard-to-remove stains. Each enzyme in the formula smart-targets and breaks down specific stains into water-soluble components making them easier to clean from clothing. So, as the wash cycle progresses, the enzymes move from stain to stain until they are completely removed.

Moreover, this performance is then amplified by the use of sugar-based surfactants which boost the enzyme-powered cleaning of the detergent. Being sugar-based, these enzymes are best at targeting grease and oil stains for full coverage cleaning! Finally, since the enzymes break stains into minuscule components, they wash away instead of re-depositing onto other clothes, which can oftentimes happen with conventional detergent.

Sustainable Qualities of Phytolase™

A plant and sugar-based formula, Phytolase™ offers an eco-friendly alternative to laundry detergent. Uber-concentrated and packaged in aluminum, Dirty Labs liquid detergent reduces the need for the production of water-heavy detergent and containers made with virgin plastic. An optimal form of packaging, Dirty Labs’ aluminum bottles, and caps are infinitely recyclable without losing quality.

Dirty Labs detergent supports the prolonged lifespan of clothing and is better for the environment, and your energy bill, because it is optimized for cold water. In addition, their formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin and babies, reducing the need for multiple detergents for multiple needs and eliminating the harsh skin reactions that can occur with conventional chemical-laden detergents (goodbye bleach and fragrance!). Finally, because their formula is hyper-concentrated, they are able to drastically reduce the size and volume of their products which increases business and transport efficiency as well as reduces the environmental toil of laundry production.

Brand Spotlight: Dirty Labs

Dirty Labs was founded by Dr. Pete He and David Watkins who spent years researching and developing Phytolase™, their signature formula. They sought to revolutionize the cleaning industry, starting with dirty clothes.

Based out of the USA, Dirty Labs creates vegan and cruelty-free laundry products, like their Signature Bio Liquid Laundry Detergent which features a recyclable silicone measuring beaker that can be tossed in the washing machine to clean with your clothes – neat! Additionally, Dirty Labs was awarded the EPA’s Safer Choice Recognition for their dedication to becoming the go-to sustainable detergent and are praised all around for their effective and hyper-concentrated formula.

Learn more about Dirty Labs on their brand story and shop Dirty Labs here.

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