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Myth Busting Mica Read Article

Myth Busting Mica

What you’ll learn: What mica is, and what products it is in How it is sourced How to ensure the products you purchase use sustainable mica What is mica? The word mica stems from the Lati...
Fluoride: is it bad? Read Article

Fluoride: is it bad?

You may have heard the recent debate about fluoride vs fluoride-free toothpaste. Confused on where you stand? We’re here to help! Both types of toothpastes offer their own benefits, and here at Ear...
Sustainable Palm Oil: Does it Exist? Read Article

Sustainable Palm Oil: Does it Exist?

You may not be familiar with the scientific name “Elaeis guineensis”, but we’re sure you’ve seen and heard about it: palm oil. But what is palm oil, and how does it impact our environment? Does sus...
Why is plastic bad? Read Article

Why is plastic bad?

What is plastic? We all know what plastic is, or do we? A lot of us like to think we already know everything there is to know about plastic, but the truth is that there is so much we don’t know. We...
Ethical Clothing: All About Eco-Textiles Read Article

Ethical Clothing: All About Eco-Textiles

As a conscious consumer, shopping for ethical clothing made with eco-textiles and sustainable fabrics can feel daunting. There’s so many options – and knowing which ones are best for both the plane...
What is Reef-Safe Sunscreen? Read Article

What is Reef-Safe Sunscreen?

You’ve probably heard of coral bleaching or reef-safe sunscreens on the news, with articles around the globe making headlines for banning chemical-based sunscreens, or closing coral reefs to rehabi...
What are microplastics? Read Article

What are microplastics?

Microplastics, microbeads, microfibers…You might have heard of them, and you probably know they’re not great. Microplastics are small plastic pieces that include microbeads, small pieces of polyeth...
What are Parabens? Read Article

What are Parabens?

The American Chemical Society estimates that parabens are in 85% of personal care products–meaning that you’ve probably applied parabens to your skin, hair, or teeth at some point today without eve...
What are you wearing? Hemp vs. Organic Cotton vs. rPET Read Article

What are you wearing? Hemp vs. Organic Cotton vs. rPET

Let me guess, you read the title and jumped to questions like: “How can clothing be organic? I thought that was just for produce…” and “Hemp, that’s some kind of hippy thing, right?” and “Oh gosh, ...