Sustainable Living in Small Spaces

Sustainable Living in Small Spaces

Living sustainably has its own challenges – but when you add in factors like limited space or life on the go, things can get a lot more complicated! Whether you live in an RV, camper, van, tiny home, yurt, studio apartment, or other non-traditional living space, it is important to find eco-friendly products and habits that work for your lifestyle and your space. Lucky for you, we have tons of tips and tricks to help you create less waste, only own what you need, and live sustainably in your smaller space. Let’s dive in!


Smaller kitchen? Worried about food waste? Don’t stress. From cooking and food preparation to dining and storage, we turn towards plastic-free, reusable, and long-lasting solutions that will extend the life of your produce and leftovers and let you snack anywhere.

Cooking + Dining

Sustainable Living in Small Spaces | Rv Living | EarthHero Blog

When it comes to creating meals, we suggest skipping single-use products and going for more sustainable alternatives that keep your food fresh after each grocery store trip. For your daily cup of coffee, you can either opt for this Portable Travel Coffee Filter or simply replace the single-use filters in your coffee pot with this Reusable Cone Coffee Filter! It might even be worthwhile to use Compostable Coffee Bags from Steeped Coffee (which are similar to tea bags) to make your morning cup of joe a hassle-free endeavor. Keep fresh veggies in an Organic Cotton Veggie Bag, so they last longer in your fridge or cooler. Meal prep your essentials, and store them in the same bowls you plan to eat out of – just add a Silicone Bowl Lid!


With limited space, it is important that your food storage containers are lightweight, easy to stack, and easy to clean. One of our favorite options is Stasher Bags! Stashers are made from lightweight silicone and are dishwasher-safe, microwave safe, oven safe, and freezer safe. You can use dry-erase markers on the outside to label and organize your food, and they come in a variety of sizes and colors. For other things like sandwiches or produce, we love using Vegan Food Wraps for storage. They’re lightweight compared to glass food storage containers, and keep your food fresher for longer.


Sustainable Living in Small Spaces | Rv Living | EarthHero Blog

If you’re living in an RV, your bathroom and shower might have limited storage – or, if you’re doing van life, you may not have a shower at all! No matter what your situation is, switching to reusable products can simplify your routine. Instead of heavy, hard-to-transport containers of liquid shampoo, body wash, and conditioner, we suggest you opt for lightweight bars. Shampoo and conditioner bars, like these from HiBar, can easily be stored in your shower or tossed in your toiletry bag. And they last for longer than your average 16oz shampoo bottle. If you don’t always have time to wash your hair (or don’t have access to water), we get it. Grab our favorite dry shampoo to keep your locks fresh and clean between wash days. For body wash, grab a classic soap bar – and for deodorant, opt for a plastic-free version like this one.

For your oral care routine, there are eco-options as well. Toothpaste tabs are great for on-the-go living and can be paired with mouthwash tablets that save space and taste great. Just add your favorite bamboo toothbrush, and you’re good to go. By replacing common personal care items with plastic-free, zero-waste alternatives you can reduce the plastic footprint in your unique living space.

On the Go

Life on the go requires you to be prepared for anything, while also keeping things as organized and minimalist as possible. Owning essentials like a reusable water bottle, utensil set, reusable straw, and reusable shopping bag will make it easy to say no to single-use items wherever you travel. This means less waste, making it easier to #LeaveNoTrace.

Sustainable Living in Small Spaces | Rv Living | EarthHero Blog

Enjoying the Outdoors

Being on the road means enjoying the great outdoors by seeing new places. Whenever you find yourself in a new place, it’s important to settle in and get comfortable! In a buggy area? Keep your camp comfortable with a recycled towel and a citronella candle to keep those flying pests away at camp! For the trails, bring along some sunscreen and your anti-bug spray, and be sure to treat any bites with this soothing natural balm. Toss all your essentials in your favorite backpack, and you’re ready to hit the road.

Unique Small Space Living

In the spirit of celebrating the connection between small space living and sustainability, we’ve teamed up with Petite Retreats! With Petite Retreats, you can vacation in a tiny house, cozy cabin, yurt, tent, or teepee. Petite Retreats boasts locations across the country, full of charm and character, serving as the ultimate getaway. From a riverfront view at Yosemite to soaking in the natural beauty of Oregon, destination relaxation is just around the corner.

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Long story short: sustainable living and smaller spaces work together hand in hand. When you have limited storage and want to “leave no trace”, high quality, durable, and reusable products are the way to go. What are some of your hacks for staying eco-friendly in your unconventional space? Let us know in the comments below!

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