Non-Profit Spotlights: Climate Neutral

Non-Profit Spotlights: Climate Neutral

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EarthHero is more than a platform for brands using business as a force for good – we are one. Since day 1, we’ve committed to reducing our carbon footprint however possible. Flash forward 4 years, and we are so excited to become officially Climate Neutral Certified through the non-profit organization Climate Neutral. Read on to learn what this commitment means and what will change at EarthHero!

What is Climate Neutral?Climate Neutral Certified EarthHero

In short, Climate Neutral is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2019 that is working to decrease global carbon emissions. Pretty awesome, right? They get brands like us to measure, offset, and reduce the carbon they emit – and then help them with their emissions reductions. Their certification process sets clear guidelines for carbon offsetting and measures impact by tonnes of carbon dioxide. By creating a certification and labeling system, it makes it easy for conscious consumers like you to find brands that align with their values.

To date, the Climate Neutral organization contains 305 certified brands – soon to be 306 when EarthHero is fully certified this fall! These brands have offset over 780,000 tonnes of CO2 through carbon credits from a variety of projects like renewable energy development and reforestation. This year, they invested in projects in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – improving public health, community development, and more. Want to check out their most recent impact report? Find it here.

What does it mean to be Climate Neutral Certified?

Becoming Climate Neutral Certified first requires a comprehensive look at the amount of carbon a company is producing. This is done through Climate Neutral’s software tool called the Brand Emissions Estimator (BEE).

Once the amount of carbon a company emits is calculated, they purchase carbon credits to offset those emissions. 1 carbon credit = 1 metric tonne of greenhouse gas emissions! There are hundreds of ways to create carbon credits. You can find some of them here.

Why reduce carbon emissions?Climate Neutral Certified EarthHero

Let’s talk about carbon emissions, and why it is important to reduce them in the first place! Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, also called greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), is a form of air pollution that is linked to changes in the earth’s climate. Greenhouse gases like CO2, usually released by burning fossil fuels or deforestation, trap the Sun’s energy inside the atmosphere and raise average temperatures globally. The temperature increase is linked to a variety of other changes, like melting polar ice caps, increased natural disasters like hurricanes and forest fires, and more. Today, there is more CO2 in our atmosphere than ever recorded.

How is EarthHero involved?

EarthHero became Climate Neutral Certified in November 2021. When you see the Climate Neutral Certified logo, this means that the brand (like ours!) has achieved zero net carbon emissions by cleaning up its emissions from the year prior to going Climate Neutral and is also on a journey to limit future carbon emissions from all operations.

Since day 1, we’ve shipped our products to your door climate neutral through our partnership with We are thrilled to take our climate commitments to the next level by becoming Climate Neutral Certified!

So what does this mean for you? Our community can expect increased transparency (and metrics!) around our environmental impact and carbon footprint. You will also notice the Climate Neutral Certified logo on our website – as well as our packaging when you shop with us. Want to explore how else EarthHero is minimizing our footprint? Check it out here.

We’ll be sharing updates and more information about Climate Neutral as we move from committed to certified on our social media platforms. Follow us on this journey @shopearthhero on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Want to explore all of the Climate Neutral Certified or Committed brands on EarthHero? We’ve compiled them for you here.

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