Everyday Gift Guide: Housewarming

Everyday Gift Guide: Housewarming

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Invited to a friend’s (or family’s) new home? Well, now’s not the time to forget your manners, is it? Keep reading to see what we’ve chosen to be some of the best housewarming gifts out there that check off all the boxes. From gifts for the perfect host to gifts for the self-care aficionado, we have it all. Happy housewarming!

Recycled Lucite Rectangle Tray

The Recycled Lucite Rectangle Tray by Newly is the perfect multi-purpose tray that is bound to look beautiful in any home. Made with 100% recycled Italian lucite, this tray can be used for drinks and appetizers, to organize essentials, or for pure decoration. Plus, each purchase donates to environmental non-profits!

Handmade Cooking Tagine

Whether your host is a home cook or cuisine experimenter, this Handmade Cooking Tagine by Verve Culture makes for the perfect gift! Both a cooking tool and serving dish, this tagine can be used for cooking rice, steaming dishes, or adding unique flavoring to any meal. Made from the clay of rich Moroccan soil, this dish is glazed lead-free so you’ll be sure the family stays safe while trying our new recipes!

Ocean Isle Organic Cotton Bathrobe

To offer the gift of comfort, look no further than the Ocean Isle Organic Cotton Bathrobe from Grund. Plush, and with a waffle texture, this robe is made with 100% organic cotton, perfect for lazy-day lounging or after-shower drying. There’s no better way to elevate a bathroom spa routine! You might end up wanting one for yourself.

Cora Microfiber Laundry Ball

The perfect essential for any laundry routine, the Cora Microfiber Laundry Ball is ideal for keeping microplastics out of the ocean. Made from 100% recycled plastic and recyclable at the end of its life, this laundry ball helps lower your carbon footprint by doing something you do anyway. In fact, it’s able to remove about 26% of microplastics in any load of laundry, keeping non-biodegradable materials from our waterways.

Stonewashed Linen Waffle Throw Blanket

The Stonewashed Linen Waffle Throw Blanket from LinenCasa can be draped over a chair for flair or on top of a bed for comfort! Made from 100% stonewashed linen made from flax plants, this throw blanket is incredibly cozy and naturally anti-bacterial. It helps that it doesn’t need ironing and won’t shrink in the dryer, so there’s no need to worry about washing after drink spills.

Recycled Bamboo Chopsticks Building Blocks Game

A fun add-on to any coffee table, the Recycled Bamboo Chopsticks Building Blocks Game by ChopValue offers a sustainable way to connect with friends or family. Made with 1,425 recycled chopsticks, this game set helps keep beautiful bamboo out of the landfill. Plus, there are no toxic glues used so gameplay can be safe as well as fun!

Get Together Mini Bluetooth Speaker

For the friend who loves sharing their latest music finds, gift the Get Together Mini Bluetooth Speaker from House of Marley. It’s portable and incredibly stylish, the ideal addition to any camping trip, outdoor BBQ, or delicious dinner. Plus, the speaker is made 100% sustainable, with bamboo, upcycled organic cotton, upcycled help, and recycled PET!

We hope you enjoy celebrating this huge step in your friend’s (or family’s) life! They’re bound to love anything you decide to gift them, knowing their (and your) eco-values aren’t compromised for utility. We invite you to check out more of our housewarming gift ideas here! Happy shopping!

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