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Everyday Gift Guide: Anniversary

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It’s BOLDED in your calendar! The day is nearing quickly, it’s your anniversary! As the date approaches, you’re wondering what to get your special someone or even a celebration gift for yourself. Don’t stress, EarthHero has every aspect accounted for!!! Here’s our team’s selection for anniversary gifts.

Organic Cotton Joggers

Men's Organic Cotton Joggers from LumberUnion on EarthHero

To start our gifts off right, we’ve chosen LumberUnion’s Organic Cotton Joggers. They’re the perfect pair of pants for working from home or running errands on the weekend! They’re also the ultimate balance of comfort and style. Made with 100% USA-grown organic cotton, they’re incredibly soft! Plus, each pair bought promotes reforestation projects through LumberUnion’s partnership with American Forests!

500 Piece Puzzle from Jiggy on EarthHero

500 Piece Puzzle

The 500 Piece Puzzle from Jiggy Puzzle is perfect for the traditional gamer or rainy day lover. Plus, it’s both beautifully designed and made with sustainability in mind. Made from 100% recycled chipboard, this puzzle set is also printed with water-based inks and comes in a velvet drawstring bag, so no plastic is necessary. The perfect addition to any coffee table or vacation bag, your S.O. is sure to know you care about relaxation and the planet too!

Amy Briefs

Amy Briefs from Underprotection on EarthHero

For anyone looking to balance sustainable and sexy, these Amy Briefs from Underprotection are the perfect find. Made with recycled floral lace and breathable Tencel lyocell, these uber-soft briefs leave no marks on the skin or through clothing. Plus, Underprotection is a Certified B Corp, so you can rest assured they’re all-over eco-friendly as well as fashion-oriented.

Minnow Cruiser Skateboard Deck from Bureo on EarthHero

Minnow Cruiser Skateboard Deck

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than by doing something active together? The Minnow Cruiser Skateboard Deck from Bureo is a great way to get outside and have a little fun while you’re at it. Made from recycled fishing nets, This skateboard dons a unique fish-scale grip pattern for a swift ride. Plus, you know you’re saving over 30 square feet of net from Chilean waters with this gorgeous piece, so you can feel good about that too! Moreover, this board deck has a lifetime warranty because Bureo believes in keeping trash out of the oceans and creating the highest quality products possible!

Glow On Skincare Set

Glow On Skincare Set from Earth Harbor on EarthHero

For a relaxing routine, this Glow On Skincare Set from Earth Harbor is the perfect way to show your partner how much you care. Equipped with some of Earth Harbor’s best products, like their Mermaid Milk made with Aloe Vera and Matcha extract, this set is perfect for adding that extra bit of glow to any routine. Moreover, these skincare products are handmade in small batches, are vegan, and cruelty-free. Plus, a portion of the profits goes towards marine life and ocean conservation projects!

Code Link Bracelet from SOKO on EarthHero

Code Link Bracelet

The Code Link Bracelet from SOKO offers timelessness to any outfit. It’s the ideal accessory to a flowy dress or crisp two-piece suit. Moreover, it’s ethically made in Kenya with a 24k gold plating. SOKO is also a women-led company, and empowerment is ingrained in every part of their operations, from management to artisan entrepreneurship. Gotta love that!

Stir It Up Turntable

Stir It Up Turntable from House of Marley on EarthHero

The Stir It Up Turntable from House of Marley is the perfect gift if your S.O. loves hosting, jamming out, or collecting records. Made with bamboo and recycled aluminum, this turntable is both beautifully stylish and sustainable. Plus, it features a replaceable cartridge to make future repairs easy. Not only that, but it’s manual too, with auto-start and stop functions so you control the music!

Swell Soy Candle 10oz from P.F. Candle on EarthHero

Swell Soy Candle

Finally, the Swell Soy Candle from P.F. Candle is perfect as decor for any living space or as a self-care addition to any nighttime routine. Made with 100% non-toxic soy wax, this candle is hand-poured and inspired by the California coast, both in design and scent. The candle tin is also perfectly reusable to hold your loose-leaf tea, delicious snacks, or anything else you’d like.

We hope you loved our selection of gifts to celebrate your best anniversary, with gifts for any taste and budget. We invite you to check out more of our anniversary gift ideas here! Happy shopping!

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