UpCircle Beauty Coffee Face Scrub
UpCircle Beauty Coffee Face Scrub
UpCircle Beauty Coffee Face Scrub
UpCircle Beauty Coffee Face Scrub
UpCircle Beauty Coffee Face Scrub
UpCircle Beauty Coffee Face Scrub
UpCircle Beauty Coffee Face Scrub
UpCircle Beauty Coffee Face Scrub
UpCircle Beauty Herbal Coffee Face Scrub

UpCircle Beauty Coffee Face Scrub

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How To Use: After dampening your face with warm water, carefully squeeze a dollop onto your fingertips and massage onto the skin in round, circular motions with a focus on problem spots or areas of need. After allowing it to sit for a few moments, rinse off with warm water and pat dry your face. Repeat several times a week, as needed to reveal a calm, healthy complexion.

Our Coffee Face Scrubs are cruelty & palm oil-free and sustainably made from 100% certified organic vegan ingredients, and housed and packaged in completely recyclable materials with an aluminum tube that you can cut open and clean, a PP cap, and cardboard boxing.

**Shea butter may separate from the mix and consolidate during warm weather or during weather changes with the scrubs, it’s similar to how peanut butter separates in the jar, but shea butter solidifies! If you mix the scrub back together it will be completely fine to use.**

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Smelled Awful!

I really wanted to like this scrub but the smell was just too horrible to get past. It was like old cigarettes. I think the exfoliation was ok, but my face felt kind of sticky afterwards and that along with the lingering smell made me just feel not clean even though I’d just showered. I tried a second time before admitting defeat that I couldn’t get past the stink. I had the Herbal scent so maybe the other ones are better? But the layer of old coffee smell mixed with anything is probably going to be bad I think

Ali D
Great Exfoliating Scrub

I love this face scrub! My face is sensitive and I don't exfoliate very often, but when I do this stuff makes my skin feel absolutely amazing! My face feels rejuvenated and buttery soft after use.

Lorena Bonilla
Use once a week

I really like this product but use with caution depending on your skin type. I have sensitive skin and tend to be allergic to everything, so I was pleased when I didn’t break out in hives after using this. But I did have to switch to using this once a week/once every two weeks as it clogged my pores and left an oily film after use.

Samantha Hoffman
Love this Scrub

The scrub is so fantastic and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. I need very little pressure and the scents haven't bothered my sensitive skin at all.

I love this face scrub so much!

I use a detoxifying face bar from ZWS already, but I was missing the exfoliation. This face scrub exfoliates well, smells amazing, and helps me wake up! Since I’ve incorporated it into my regimen, my skin looks so refreshed and feels softer than it has in a long time!

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