Stainless Steel Splash Pod
Stainless Steel Splash Pod
Stainless Steel Splash Pod
Stainless Steel Splash Pod
Stainless Steel Splash Pod
Stainless Steel Splash Pod

ECOlunchbox Stainless Steel Splash Pod

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The Splash Pod from ECOlunchbox is the perfect solution to keeping plastic out of your lunchbox and the ocean. This small stainless steel container is dishwasher safe, leak-proof, non-breakable, and features an easy grip silicone lid that's perfect for little ones at lunchtime. The Splash Pod is snack sized and designed to be paired with the Splash Box–it's easy to tuck two pods next to eachother inside the Splash Box and throw it in your bag without worrying about leakage. The lid is embossed with a seaweed-like pattern inspired by the ocean so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy lunch while effortlessly making a positive impact on the earth.
Women Owned
This brand is owned by a majority of women. This includes everything from a small one-woman shop to a larger company where more than 51% of women make up the ownership team.

B Corp
The B Lab is a third-party, non-profit organization that certifies companies as socially and environmentally responsible. B Corps are businesses that go above and beyond traditional business models and aim to create positive change in the world through their practices. These companies must meet rigorous transparency and accountablity standards, while doing what is best for people and the environment.

BPA Free
Products that are labeled as BPA free do not contain Bisphenol A, a chemical commonly found in plastic products. Studies on BPA exposure have shown that high levels of BPA could lead to hormone disruption, effects on behavior and brain function, reproductive problems, breast cancer, heart disease, infertility, and more.

Phthalate Free
Phthalates are found in toys, electronics, personal care products, plastic wraps, containers, and more. These petroleum based chemicals help soften plastics, and bind fragrances to perfumes, deodorants, creams, and other personal care products. Phthalates are are not chemically bound, meaning they can easily get released into the air, water, or your body, just by using the products as intended. Phthalates have been found to disrupt the endocrine system, which can cause reproductive damage, hormonal imbalances, infertility, mood changes, metabolism changes, and more.

Safe and Fair Labor
We support safe and fair labor practices when producing sustainable products. This company cares for their workers by fostering a safe work environment and providing their employees with fair wage.


ECOlunchbox believes in a simple concept: nutritious and delicious lunches should be packed in non-toxic containers and fill your bellies, not the garbage can. With their collection of dishwasher safe, stainless steel food storage containers and cotton lunch bags, it's easy to ditch the plastic tubs, one-time baggies, yogurt squeezers, and wrapped snacks. That means less waste on the environment, and a healthier, non-toxic lunch for you! Founder and mom-on-a mission, Sandra Ann Harris, believes that the best way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. By offering reusable alternatives to everyday lunchbox items, ECOlunchbox helps people to move beyond using plastics, one meal at a time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Anne H.

Sturdy, lightweight and the lid stays on!

D B.
Bulk section to-go snack container

The lid seals on this great for nuts, dried fruit or small snacks type things. It's a little smaller than I'd like but for a trip to the mountains for an afternoon it works.


These containers are so handy. Love that they are completely plastic free AND leak proof! My kids can open them easily, so they are perfect for lunches and snacks on the go.


I brought this container to store butter, its a great everyday butter container.

Alissa F.

I love these containers and the lid. My only complaint is that the sticker label is unnecessary and difficult to get off.

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