Natural Acne Spot Serum

Meow Meow Tweet Natural Acne Spot Serum

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Breakouts, beware! This Spot Serum from Meow Meow Tweet is the perfect antidote to a sudden spot. While most spot treatments dry out skin and irritate already sensitive areas, this natural acne treatment nourishes skin AND promotes detoxification. Powerful essential oils combat redness and inflammation while anti-bacterial jojoba oil balances skin and soothes tender blemishes. This serum is best used at the first sign of a breakout and is gentle enough to be applied throughout the day. Made in small-batches and always with vegan and organic ingredients, Meow Meow Tweet merges zero-waste packaging with clean and effective skin care!

Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet understands that the only true way to be sustainable is to ensure that they are sustainable at each step of their production process. MMT goes out of their way to make sure their ingredients are responsibly sourced and made completely of organic, vegan ingredients. Next, they ensure that the production of their skin care items is done ethically and free from animal cruelty. Meow Meow Tweet is a Leaping Bunny Certified company meaning that they don't conduct any testing of their products on animals and that none of their ingredient suppliers do either. Finally, MMT packages and ships their products using recycled and compostable materials. Unlike the common plastic deodorant sticks, MMT uses a biodegradable paper alternative, which is made at the Chicago Paper Tube company, supporting US small business! Click below to learn more about why we love Meow Meow Tweet!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Not what I needed for a spot treatment

This product smells amazing and I love the company but this is not a great spot treatment for me. I found it very irritating. I will still use it as a sort of perfume roller though.

Great Serum Option

I think this is an ideal low waste option for spot treatments, since it really doesn't dry out the skin. The oil combination gives it a nice scent as well. The only thing is that it feels like it leaves the spot a bit oily for a little time after application, but it hasn't been too much of a hindrance and I continue to enjoy using it.

Best spot treatment ever!

I'm in the process of finding that perfect skincare routine, while also lowering my waste, helping the planet, and supporting good companies. I've tried a number of spot treatments and this one is the only one that both works and doesn't dry out my skin! The little roller ball is my favorite type of spot treatment application because I don't like touching my zits. I don't have serious acne and have been blessed with clear skin, so I can't vouch for the efficacy in more serious cases of acne, but it's been perfect for my mini breakouts.