Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack 35L
Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack 35L
Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack 35L
Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack 35L
Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack 35L
Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack 35L
Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack 35L
Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack 35L
Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack 35L
Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack 35L

Cotopaxi Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack 35L

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Show off your one-of-a-kind style with the Repurposed Nylon Allpa Travel Pack from Cotopaxi! Made from 100% repurposed nylon that was headed to the landfill by other factories, this bag features a unique colorway unlike any others. It features a weight-distributing harness system, large zippered mesh compartment on the right side, subdivided zippered mesh compartment on the left side, padded laptop and tablet sleeves, security YKK zippers, carabiner lash loops, four reinforced grab handles, removable waist belt, included rain cover, and much more. Plus, this 35L backpack donates 1% towards world-changing nonprofits worldwide! Note: Because each bag is made from repurposed fabric scraps, each color combination will be unique! We’ll choose a pack for you at random. Be prepared for a total surprise!
LGBTQIA+ Empowering
This company promotes the empowerment of LGBTQIA+ individuals by providing safe employment opportunities and working conditions, promoting community programs and gender equity, or donating time or funds towards equity education and employment opportunities.

B Corp
The B Lab is a third-party, non-profit organization that certifies companies as socially and environmentally responsible. B Corps are businesses that go above and beyond traditional business models and aim to create positive change in the world through their practices. These companies must meet rigorous transparency and accountablity standards, while doing what is best for people and the environment.

This company donates a portion of their time or profits to charitable efforts in their community or abroad.

Recycled Plastic
Recycling is the process of taking an otherwise-discarded item or material and cleaning, sorting, and breaking it down into its basic form (such as fibers or pellets). This material is then used to produce new items. Recycling keeps useful materials from being discarded in landfills, prevents resource extraction due to the creation of new materials, and provides a new life for used items. Recycling can utilize both pre-consumer waste (materials left over from production) or post-consumer materials (used clothing, empty water bottles, etc). Recycled plastic utilizes salvaged post-industrial plastic scraps and post-consumer products such as water bottles and other plastic containers, and transforms them into new products. The containers are sorted, crushed, and then heated to form resins, which are liquid plastics that can harden into new shapes. These resins can be molded and used to create anything from carpet to outdoor furniture. Recycling plastic lowers the amount of petroleum extracted and the production of greenhouse gasses associated with first-time plastic production. Plus, by using these existing materials, we're benefiting from the original energy and resources spent to create them in the first place, while diverting waste from the landfill.

Safe and Fair Labor
We support safe and fair labor practices when producing sustainable products. This company cares for their workers by fostering a safe work environment and providing their employees with fair wage.


By supporting Cotopaxi, you're supporting a company whose purpose is to promote equality, sustainability, and improve the human condition by donating to those in need. Founder Davis Smith's love for the outdoors and drive to support the underprivileged areas of the world lead to the creation of Cotopaxi. Through their sale of ethically and sustainably made backpacks, duffel bags, and other outdoor gear, Cotopaxi contributes 1% of their yearly revenue towards providing grants to nonprofit organizations that promote equality in developing areas of the world. To date, they have provided 42 grants to 6 different countries! To confirm their commitment to social and environmental welfare, Cotopaxi is also a B Corp certified company, ranking in the top 10% of registered B Corporations! Click below to learn more about why we love Cotopaxi!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Susan Clabby
Awesome travel backpack

I wanted to have an excuse to use my new pack and it finally happened; I organized my clothes and gear into the zippered mesh sections that make packing cubes unnecessary. I strapped in comfortably-the weight was perfectly distributed- and embarked on my adventure! I am thrilled with this pack, cute and colorful, made from surplus fabric, checks all the boxes. Probably the last luggage I’ll ever buy -I’m 63, LOL!

Jimena Oliver
The must beautiful backpack I ever have!

Excited to use it on my next trip to Europe, it is beautiful and looks of extraordinary quality.

Travel Witch
by the end of the trip, I was 200% sold on the features

Narrowed packable travel bags down to this and 2 others. I knew to expect problems with a zipper at some point, but one video showed that problem was where the interior cording meets the zipper and simply slipping a finger behind the zipper to straighten that bulk has made is seamless to close.
Initially I thought the mesh was going to be problematic; but I use a mix of packing cubes, rolling, folding and the mesh zippered lining just tightens up that aspect. I had no problems with sagging or bagging or difficulty schlepping it. I packed enough for 7 days of very different activity (also my same *wardrobe for any trip greater than 7 days) and was thrilled to see how well it all fit.
I was easily able to load this as a backpack (from a bed or counter best, but could sling it on as well) or carry it as a suitcase. The handles on all sides came in extremely handy when shoving it into and pulling it out of overhead bin and tight spaces.
*NOTE: I am 5’7” and wear size 6 clothes and size 9 shoes. My wardrobe: 2 pr pants, 2 long sleeved, 4 short sleeved shirts, 2 cami, 1 sports bra, 1 bra, 1 pair walking shoes, workout pants and top, loungewear, packable towel, large toiletry/makeup kit (7x4x4) a sweater, rain jacket, packable puffy jacket, 15” MacBook Air and cords.
As I travel with a service dog, I also have a personal carry item that had purse, his treats/water/gear.
YMMV if you’re taller or larger.