It’s a Green Kinda Love! 10 Zero Waste Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s a Green Kinda Love! 10 Zero Waste Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Looking for eco-friendly Valentine's Day date ideas? From picnics to pampering, these 10 dates will express your love without compromising your values.

Before we dive into our Valentine's Day date ideas let’s address the elephant in the room: for the eco-conscious, this holiday isn’t always viewed through rose-tinted glasses.

Americans fork out nearly $4 billion on candies and flowers alone, the majority wrapped in plastic. When you add that to the pile of non-biodegradable gifts, it’s easy to see why the holiday has gained a bad rep as commercial and unsustainable!

But what if we told you that you don’t have to sacrifice your values to prove your love? 

Quality time with your loved one is the most valuable gift you can give, so to help you plan a romantic and eco-friendly date, we've put together 10 thoughtful date ideas. From packing a picnic to volunteering for a cause you both care about, these ideas will help you make an impact on your loved one, and not the planet.

Who knows, maybe ditching the usual chocolate bouquet combo, might make this year’s Valentine's Day even more meaningful and memorable? 

The Cost of Love

The best things in life are free, but when romance, it seems we spare no expense in the US. Each Valentine’s Day, Americans spend…

  • $1.8 billion on candy
  • $2.1 billion on clothing
  • $2 billion on flowers
  • $1 billion on cards
  • $900 million on gifts for pets

 And the true cost of our material obsession falls on the planet:

  • 18,000 metric tons of CO2 is generated to produce and ship Valentine roses to the U.S
  • 58 million pounds of plastic-packaged chocolate are purchased
  • Over 1 million trees are cut down for Valentine's greeting cards each year

Not to mention Valentine’s Day consumption in the US generates enough carbon emissions to drive around the world 3,993 times!

Whilst we’ve been chasing romance, we’ve been destroying the planet. Surely there’s a more loving and sustainable way?

10 zero-waste Valentine’s Day date ideas

These 10 Valentine’s Day Date ideas will help you plan a fun and unique day with your loved one, that produces little or no waste. If you’d like to share a physical token of your love, we’ve included some gift ideas by sustainable brands that can enhance your date.

Get your thinking cap on and get planning your partner’s dream day!

1) Have a DIY spa day

Life been a bit of a whirlwind lately? Take time to unwind together by transforming your home into a serene spa day. Create a basket of natural and zero-waste products, put on some relaxing nature sounds, and when your partner gets home, let the deep relaxation begin…

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2) Volunteer together 

Is there a cause you both care deeply about? Spend the day volunteering together at a local charity or organization. This will bring you both closer together, with the knowledge you’re sharing your love with something much greater than each other. 

3) Cook a romantic dinner

Home buddies, you don’t need to force yourself to go to a fancy restaurant. Create the perfect romantic atmosphere at home by setting up a candlelit dinner with eco-friendly tableware and opt for locally sourced ingredients. 

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Beautiful couple having romantic dinner with candles and red wine at home

4) Create an at-home movie nook

Movie buffs, build a comfortable movie 'nook' at home with thrifted or organic material blankets and cushions. Select a new film or an old favorite and enjoy snuggling up on the sofa without the waste generated by traditional movie theaters.

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5) Bake some sweet treats 

Ditch the chocolate boxes this year and set up a baking date that will satisfy your sweet tooth whilst reducing your plastic waste. Don’t worry if you’re both bad, making a mess is part of the fun! Here are some fun low-waste recipes to try but be sure to adjust the ingredients to use up what already have in your cupboards.

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6) Go on an adventure picnic

Do you both bond over a love for nature? Then take your date outdoors! Pack a picnic in your bag, stored in sustainable containers and bamboo cutlery, and embark on a hike or bike ride, to connect with each other and the environment. Remember to leave no trace!

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7) Grow your own flowers

Go beyond plastic-wrapped supermarket bouquets and try your green fingers at planting seeds or purchasing potted plants for a longer-lasting display of affection. Plus, you can enjoy the satisfaction of nurturing something together.

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8) Find the perfect stargazing spot

Is there anything more romantic than looking at twinkling stars on a clear night? Research the perfect spot, pack some zero-waste snacks, and whisk your loved one away to the wonders of the night sky. Appreciate its beauty, while leaving no trace behind. 

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9) Try a ‘paint and sip’ night

Whether wine or soda is your drink of choice, set up a ‘paint and sip’ night by laying out old wastepaper or materials and giving them a makeover with natural paints. Unlock your creativity…or have deep belly laughs from realizing painting isn't your hidden talent!

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10) Create a couple quiz 

Phone, hug and a gay couple laughing together in their home while browsing a social media app. LGBT, love and comedy with happy lesbian women looking at a meme on a mobile for fun, romance or bonding


How well do you really know each other? Put it to the test with a fun couple’s quiz! Put your pet peeves on the table, reminisce about your journey, and deepen your relationship, with a zero-waste activity that celebrates your connection.

Final Thoughts

If you’re hesitant about celebrating Valentine’s Day, we get it. The mad rush to prove your love with plastic-packaging goodies doesn’t make a lot of environmental sense.

But if you want to create a memorable and meaningful day with your loved one, with low waste and conscious gifts, we hope these 10 ideas have given you some inspiration.

Whether you’re a homebody or love an outside adventure, this curated list should give you a place to start. Surprise your partner with something different and create a sustainable love that spreads to the planet too.

Happy Valentine’s Day from EarthHero.

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