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Growing Greener Futures: 10 Natural Baby Products for The Eco-Conscious Parent

Discover 10 natural baby products for eco-conscious parents at our website. From diapers to feeding essentials, we've got you covered!

New parents, you’re our superheroes! Amid all the messy diaper changes and late-night feeds, you take on the monumental task of raising a tiny human. And if you’ve landed on this blog, the chances are you’re caring for the planet as well as your baby. Seriously, you need a cape.

To make your job as an eco-conscious parent easier, we’ve put together 10 natural and sustainable baby products. From feeding comfortably to diapers that are soft on the skin, these products are safe for your little one and the planet, so you can have peace of mind. The best part? you can order everything on this list from EarthHero in just a couple of clicks - so you don’t need to worry about trying to get your new family out of the house and to the store!

By opting for eco-friendly products, you’re setting your mini-me off on a sustainable path from day one, so they can continue to take (literal) baby steps to a greener future as they grow. Now we promise we won’t keep you for cuddles for too long! Here are 10 top picks for natural baby products.

Natural Baby Products Checklist

1. Essembly Diapers

Cloth Diaper Outer

Feel like you’re drowning in diapers? No wonder! In your baby’s first year of life they will use nearly 2500 disposable diapers. Keep their precious tush protected with an eco-friendly alternative from Essembly. These diapers are snug and soft, with an inner made from organic cotton, and a waterproof outer made from GRS Certified recycled polyester. They’re designed to keep your baby comfortable while treading lightly on the planet.

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2. Me O My Earth Locally Grown Organic Cotton Onesie


There’s something about tiny clothes that make us broody, especially when they’re soft and sustainable like this onesie. Wrap your baby in the gentle embrace of locally grown organic cotton, free from chemicals associated with traditional textile production. Enjoy the softest cuddles!

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3. Blaynk Organic Cotton Burp Cloth

Organic Cotton Muslin Squares - 3pk

Breathable and soft, this Organic Cotton Burp Cloth by Blaynk offers a solution to inevitable milky spills. It’s undyed, chemical-free, and made using rainwater and wind power, so it has minimal environmental impact. Burp away baby! 

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4. Bambu Baby’s Bamboo Feeding Spoons

Baby's Bamboo Feeding Spoons - 6M+

When it’s time to move on from Mom’s milk, slowly introduce your tiny tot to new foods using Bambu Baby's Bamboo Feeding Spoons. These utensils are designed for grown-up hands and little ones’ mouths. Crafted from USDA-certified bamboo, they’re gentle on the planet and your baby's delicate gums.

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5. Blaynk Organic Cotton Baby Bibs

Organic Cotton Baby Bibs - 3pk

Mess-free meals might seem like a distant dream, but you can at least keep Baby clean with these adorable Organic Cotton Baby Bibs from Blaynk. We can’t promise they’ll stay pristine, but since Blaynk’s process relies entirely on harvested rainwater, we can promise there’ll be no dirty wastewater or pollution in the production.

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6. Holy Lamb Organics Wool Nursing Pillow

Wool Nursing Pillow

Lovingly made by skilled craftsmen, the Wool Nursing Pillow by Holy Lamb Organics is designed to ensure the comfort of both you and your baby during nursing. Made from natural and sustainable harvested wool with an organic cotton shell, the design alleviates pressure from your arms and legs and provides support for you and your cuddlebug.

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7. Zerifo Beechwood Baby Hair Brush

Beechwood Baby Hair Brush

Is there anything sweeter than fluffy baby hair when they first wake up? Tame their adorable morning mane with this Baby Hair Brush by Zerifo. Made from compostable beechwood, this brush is super gentle on your baby’s scalp and the environment.

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8. HEVEA White Natural Rubber Pacifier

White Orthodontic Natural Rubber Pacifier- 2 Sizes

Soothe your baby with HEVEA's Natural Rubber Pacifier. Made from natural rubber from HEVEA trees, rather than synthetic rubber from petroleum, it's free from harmful chemicals and completely compostable when it’s time for your little angel to let it go.

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9. HEVEA Natural Rubber Pacifier Clip

Natural Rubber Pacifier Clip

Losing pacifiers every time you leave the house? Keep them within reach and off the floor with this handy natural rubber clip. It’s as enjoyable for your baby as it is practical for you, with nine soft and tactile beads made from natural rubber, and dyed using chemical-free FDA-approved color pigments.

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10. LastObject LastSwab Baby

LastSwab LastSwab Baby

Say goodbye to the disposable cotton swaps taking over your bathroom with LastObject’s reusable alternative. Featuring a safety stop for tiny features, these swaps are perfect for cleaning delicate areas around the eye, outer ears, nose, and navel. Clean them between uses with soap and water, and store in the ocean-plastic case.

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Making Baby Steps in the Right Direction

barefooted baby covering white blanket

By choosing these natural and sustainable baby products, you're not just meeting your baby's essential needs, you're passing on your love and respect for the planet from day one.

Our children are our future, and by making eco-conscious choices and setting a positive example as they grow, they’ll continue on their journey with a sense of responsibility for the planet they live on.

So, here's to you, eco-conscious parents, for nurturing both your little one and the world they're destined to inherit! We hope this curated list of our 10 best baby products has made your job a little easier.

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