What makes EarthHero unique?

What makes EarthHero unique?

EarthHero is more than just another online store – we’re changing the way the world shops, making ethical brands and products the new norm. With over 6,000 sustainable products on one easy-to-shop platform, we’re making it easier than ever to conveniently shop eco-friendly products! But… we’re not the only sustainable marketplace on the scene. So, how is EarthHero different? What sets us apart? Read on to learn more about EarthHero and our community of world changing brands.

Sourcing Methodology

Every brand and product on our site is hand-selected and gets the EarthHero stamp of approval. We’re strictly against greenwashing, and we spend extra time to ensure that every single product on our site is truly sustainable – from materials to manufacturing. We look at the brand’s ethos and how their products help you live a less wasteful lifestyle before considering adding them, and then share that brand story with you!

To learn more about our 5-step product sourcing methodology click here! We do the research, so you don’t have to. When you shop at EarthHero, you can feel good knowing that every option meets our strict sustainability criteria – so all you have to do is shop with your own personal values.

Certified B Corporation

From public transparency to environmental performance (and so much more), being a B Corp means we’re working alongside a network of companies looking to redefine what success in business really means. Businesses awarded the B Corp title have met the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. They’ve been assessed, and scored, based on how the company impacts its workers, customers, community, and environment – and then this information is released to the public via the B Corp directory (check out our page here!)

Being a Certified B Corp isn’t just a one-and-done thing, but rather an ongoing adventure into becoming the best version that your company can be! B Corp companies (like us!) are constantly looking for ways to increase their Impact Assessment Score, and therefore their sustainability metrics as a whole. Plus, many brands on EarthHero are B Corps as well! Going a step above is what we’re about, and our B Corp status sets us apart from brands that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

1% for the Planet

EarthHero is also proud to be a member of 1% For The Planet. This means we donate 1% of our sales annually towards sustainability initiatives and organizations that give back to the planet. All team members at EarthHero also take part in local environmental initiatives to support our community!

Did you know that EarthHero offers products from over 30 fellow 1% for the Planet members? In addition to giving 1% of our own sales back to environmental non-profits, our brands are giving back as well, doubling our overall impact!

Charitable Giveback

Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, EarthHero has partnered with incredible non-profits, making your purchases mean even more. During the holidays in 2019, every order placed planted 5 trees through Trees for the Future, helping them build forest gardens that sustain communities and aid farmers. When the Australian wildfires devastated the habitats of animals across the continent, we 10% of every order placed to the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Most recently, we founded a partnership with Food Recovery Network, an amazing student-led non-profit that reduces food waste and fights hunger. Their amazing work during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis inspired us, and so every order placed during our Earth Week sale donated 1 meal towards those in need. We’re proud to say that through the support of Food Recovery Network and our amazing community of Earth heroes we were able to donate over 2,000 meals to their mission!

We believe that in times of crisis, it is up to companies like us to make real impact – with help from their communities. By routinely working with non-profits with amazing missions, we’re able to make a long-lasting impact that goes beyond sustainable products.

Zero Waste Office

We encourage our community to try to live as zero waste as they can – and that spirit extends to our office culture and warehouse as well! EarthHero is dedicated to reducing our consumption and lowering our impact in every way possible. From the coffee grounds that fuel our days to the styrofoam packaging from our new printer, we compost and recycle whatever we can – even if that means finding special collections facilities for hard-to-recycle items (shoutout to CHaRM in Boulder!)

EarthHero employees can be found using reusable dishware, printing on 100% recycled paper, and accidentally turning the lights out on coworkers by habit (whoops). We’ve put special thought into everything that’s in our office, from our reusable water bottles to refillable whiteboard markers.

We sweat the small stuff because we know the small stuff adds up–even down to the stickers we use! All of our shipping box stickers are made from the highest possible percentage of post-consumer recycled paper, with low-impact dyes and non-toxic glue. Plus, our shipping stickers are Forest Stewardship Council Certified, confirming that their paper source is environmentally-friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable.

Carbon Neutral Shipments + Minimal Plastic Packaging

We don’t just have a zero waste office, we strive for zero waste and minimal plastic packaging on all of our outgoing packages. We use compostable and plastic-free paper tape, and reuse cardboard boxes sent to us from our brands on your orders. On the boxes we do have to buy, we choose post-consumer recycled content. We also use compostable padded mailers, and pack our orders with recyclable brown kraft paper – not bubble wrap and styrofoam. We know you’re striving to live a sustainable lifestyle, so sending you plastic packaging just doesn’t sit right with us!

Online shopping has the power to share sustainability with those hard-to-reach areas, but shipping has its own effect on the environment around us. EarthHero has partnered with Carbonfund.org to ensure that your products arrive with the least amount of impact possible. We use Carbonfund.org’s carbon calculator to offset the carbon emitted through the shipping and transport of products, as well as our day-to-day operations. By supporting reforestation projects, we’re working to mitigate climate change with every shipment. Check out our carbon offset certification here!

Our Values

We know that to create the sustainable future we want (and need!) we all have to work together. There are many other amazing zero waste stores and eco-businesses out there – and we support their mission wholeheartedly. We have to support each other to build a sustainable economy for all!

We’re also proud of what sets EarthHero apart – our mission, brand partners, non-profit partnerships, education initiatives and product research, and overall passion for making conscious consumerism simple and accessible for all.

EarthHero is more than just an online marketplace for sustainable brands and products – we’re a community of people who want to make the world a better place through intention and mindful daily decisions. It is your support that has helped us get this far. We hope to keep raising the bar, leading the pack, and changing the world.

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