EarthHero Staff Picks of the Month – May

EarthHero Staff Picks of the Month – May

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Every month, we’re asking our team what stands out! Whether it’s an incredible product story or just a downright useful product, we’ll tell you why each product made it onto our list. Check out what our team chose this month!

Compostable Phone Case | Pela

“I am in love with my Pela case! A few months ago, I swapped my hard plastic phone case for one of Pela’s adorable compostable ones and now I’m never going back. It’s rounded edges feel great in my hands and since it’s slightly grippy, I never feel like my phone is going to slip. I am eternally grateful to Pela for creating a truly eco-alternative to wasteful phone cases. It’s very cool knowing my phone case won’t outlive me!”

Ellie, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Reed Diffuser | P.F. Candle

“Oddly enough, I first discovered PF candle in the restroom of a brewery while on a road trip through the mountains of Colorado last Summer. Public restrooms aren’t often regarded for their pleasing scent but this particular restroom was different and the reason happened to be a reed diffuser from PF Candle. I immediately mentioned it to one of my travel companions and she was shocked that I hadn’t heard of the company. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the guy who often mistakenly leaves candles lit in his house was now the proud owner of his own reed diffuser, for the bathroom, and safe from fires.”

Jeff, COO

Refresh Foundation | Elate

“I hate the feeling of wearing makeup, but sometimes need a little color to help even out my skin tone. I normally go for tinted moisturizers, but the Refresh Foundation from Elate has a similar effect! It feels light on my skin, with a sheer tint that’s perfect for summer. I usually top it off with a little of their “Mattify” Veiled Elation setting powder, and I’m good to go!”

Becki, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Recycled Polyester Dog Leash | United by Blue

“My favorite product this month is the United By Blue recycled polyester dog leash! We just got a dog and it was so important for his items to match our values, which is why I loved this leash’s rPET content. It’s sturdy, colorful, and Aspen loves it! The matching collar will be purchased soon! 🙂 “

Grace, Customer Service and Administration Specialist

Men’s Knit Cannon Vegan Sneakers | Saola

“I’m always on the hunt for the perfect shoes. And Saola has come to the rescue! These guys have thought about it all. They are made from recycled plastic bottles, algae foam, natural cork, and organic cotton. Most importantly, they are super lightweight, stylish, and ridiculously comfortable. Thanks Soala!”

– Ryan, Founder and CEO

Shop like You Give a Sh*t Recycled Tote | EarthHero

“Now more than ever, I want to feel like I’m making a difference! I love my Shop Like You Give a Sh*t Tote bag because not only does it help me reduce the amount of single use plastic baggies I use, but it lets everybody I come across know what I’m about – making an impact through conscious consumerism! Plus, it’s made from recycled cotton! Our local Farmer’s Market is just starting to open back up, and I can’t wait to use it there!”

Juliet, Product and Marketing Content Coordinator

Vegan Peppermint Floss | Radius

“I’m giving my boyfriend credit for this pick of this month. I’m always bringing home eco-friendly swaps to our everyday routine, and he always enjoys some more than others. We’ve tried some eco-friendly flosses in the past that have torn, and some that have felt too tough on gums. This floss has never ripped while using, and it’s made with a unique knit design that keeps it really strong! Finally, a floss that he approves of that’s eco-friendly, too!”

– Hannah, Brand Marketing Manager

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