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EarthHero Staff Picks of the Month - April

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Every month, we’re asking our team what stands out! Whether it’s an incredible product story or just a downright useful product, we’ll tell you why each product made it onto our list. Check out what our team chose this month!

Badger Balm | Badger

“I’ve been washing my hands like crazy (like everyone else recently) and with that comes dry, cracked, itchy hands. I’ve been using this classic badger balm to combat dry Colorado winters, and it’s been a lifesaver with all of this extra hand washing as well. It comes in a recyclable tin, smells nice, and creates an awesome layer of moisture that keeps my hands healthy for long periods of time too. I take this with me everywhere I go!”

Cullen, Supply Chain and Operations Specialist

Dotted Stone Paper Bullet Journal | A Good Company

“I’m currently working from home, and trying my hardest to stay organized – both for work and for my personal life! I love this stone paper bullet journal because it helps me with to-do lists, organization and note taking, and it’s waterproof so I don’t have to be afraid if I spill water on it while toting it around. The bullet style lets me customize the format of the pages how I want, and it has a ton of pages so it’ll last me through quarantine and beyond!”

Juliet, Product and Marketing Content Coordinator

Brow Recovery Serum | Province Apothecary

“Here’s a little known thing about me–I have a tic that involves tugging at my eyebrows when I get bored or nervous, resulting in thin, uneven brows. Needless to say, I’ve looked into *tons* of serums throughout the years to help my hair grow back faster and thicker. Because I’m hyper aware of them, I tend to recognize results quickly and can tell if something’s working right off of the bat. I can honestly say that this brow serum is the BEST thing I’ve tried so far! With this quarantine, I’m trying to focus on self care, and this is part of my routine that helps me stay on track towards faster, fuller growing brows, helping me kicking that tic for good.”

-Hannah, Brand Marketing Manager

Mini Insulated Tumbler | Klean Kanteen

“With everything going on around us, I look for things around me that remind me to be thankful. For example, right now I’m thankful that we have gotten an early taste of warm weather here in Colorado so that even though I’m often confined to the house, at the end of the day I can whip up a quick cocktail and step outside to relax in the sun. Thankfully this insulated tumbler keeps my drink at just the right temperature.”

Jeff, COO

Namaste Adaptogen Clarity Ampoule | Earth Harbor

“I’ve been loving Earth Harbor’s Namaste Adaptogen Clarity Ampoule (serum)! Applying this serum gives me 5 minutes of ‘me time’ to relax after a long day of working from home. It promises ‘peace and tranquility… and clear, calm, stress-free skin’, I’ll take whatever I can get and hope it passes on to the rest of my body, too!”

Grace, Customer Service and Administration Specialist

Girlfriend Collective High-Rise Compressive Legging | Girlfriend Collective

“Since I’ve started doing more online workout classes during quarantine, I’ve found it super helpful to make sure I get dressed for the classes as I normally would! Now, getting ready for the day means putting on my favorite leggings, and trust me, they’re all Girlfriend Collective! I’m slowly buying up every color we have because I just can’t get enough!”

Becki, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Sport Natural Sunscreen – SPF 30 | All Good and Compostable Pet Waste Bags – 45pk | BioBag

Editors note *As our founder, we’ll let our “one product per month” rule slide 🙂

“One of the ways I keep my sanity is taking a daily walk with my wife and dog, Charlie. My All Good sunscreen has become a go-to to keep my skin healthy and allow for more time in the outdoors! In addition, for some reason, Charlie always saves his “business” for these walks. BioBag compostable poop bags allow us to continue on in confidence!”

-Ryan, Founder and CEO

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