The Earth-Friendly Camping Checklist

The Earth-Friendly Camping Checklist

Summer is officially here–and that means a whole lotta’ camping, hiking, swimming, biking, and soaking up the sun! While everyone loves spending quality time exploring nature, the products we use to stay comfortable when travelling often leave camp-sites and beach spots worse off than we found them. Our eco-friendly camping checklist ensures that you leave nothing but footprints, and make nothing but memories—not trash!

Reusable Straws

FinalStraw EarthHero

Have little ones on your trek? Or just love sippin’ through a straw? Ditch the polluting plastic straws and make the switch to a stainless steel, glass, or bamboo alternative. They keep your campsite clean and make it easy to sip on-the-go. Plus, the FinalStraw is collapsible, and comes with it’s own key-chain carrying case to make it a perfect camping companion. Combat the 500,000,000 single-use straws that get tossed every year with reusable straws!

Natural Bug Spray

Good for your skin, bad for the bugs. Typical bug sprays contain DEETs, or diethyltoluamides, that have been linked to negative health impacts, and are generally untested. Badger’s Bug Spray is different–using non-toxic & organic essential oils like citronella, rosemary, and wintergreen to naturally ward off pesky mosquitos. The recyclable stainless steel bottle travels easily without spilling, and contains no BPA’s, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances–so you can naturally repel bugs, without spraying chemicals everywhere.

All Good EarthHero Camping

Organic Geranium Deodorant

Summer sun can lead to… well… summer sweat. Fight odors the natural way with a 100% natural deodorant! With no toxic aluminum, parabens, phthalates or GMOs added, All Good deodorant relies on naturally-occurring organic enzymes to fight odor causing bacteria. Arrowroot powder dries out underarms, while aloe vera and calendula soothes sensitive skin. Goodbye sweaty pits and hello to a natural deodorant that actually works, wherever you roam.

Bamboo Utensils | Bambu | EarthHero

Double-Sided Bamboo Utensil

Trail mix is great and all, but serious outdoor adventures need serious snacks. Instead of bringing single-use plastics to spoon up that soup or snack on a salad, just spork it! Made from sustainably harvested bamboo, this nifty tool combines the power of a fork and a spoon, in one little package. Plus, bamboo is naturally biodegradable, so if you happen to leave your spork behind, it will go back to nature in just a few short months.

Mineral Sunscreen | EarthHero | Goddess Garden

Natural Sport Sunscreen Spray

When it comes to sunscreen, the phrase “reef-friendly” is popping up more and more…but what about if you’re not swimming? Does a reef-friendly sunscreen still matter? Yes! Natural sunscreens contain no ozybenzones, parabens, or phthalates–all of which are linked to some negative health impacts (for you, and marine life!) This toxin-free and water-resistant formula lasts for 80 minutes, giving you months of fun in the sun with every re-application.

Upcycled 6 Pack Holder | EarthHero

Upcycled 6-Pack Holder

Summer and ice-cold beer go together like organic peanut butter and homemade jelly! When the sun goes down and everyone’s gathered around the campfire, reach for this insulated 6-pack holder, made from upcycled nylon factory scraps. Simply strap the Sixer to your bike, and when you’re ready to sip, just undo the velcro straps and go! To date, Green Guru has diverted more than 517,900 pounds of materials from our landfills with their nifty collection of travel gear like this.

Stainless Steel Nesting Trio | U Konserve | EarthHero

Food Storage Nesting Trio

Snacks, on snacks, on snacks–all stacked! The plastic-free solution to camping meals that’s large enough to feed your whole tribe. The leak-resistant lids are paired with unshatterable stainless steel bases, so your travel pack won’t end up looking like your dinner. When you’re done chowing down, each tin nests inside the other, so everything can fit effortlessly in your trekking bag.

Brumi Portable Coffee Maker | Full Circle | EarthHero

Portable Coffee Maker

Rise and shine! If you need your daily cuppa’ Joe, wherever you go, we’ve got the travel essential for you. This innovative mug brews a perfectly balanced cup of coffee, every time, thanks to a patent-pending double brewing filter made from BPA-free Tritan and recycled plastic. Just boil water, add your favorite ground coffee beans, pour, and go!

Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Ditch the red solo cup and upgrade to non-toxic stainless steel that leaves your drink tasting, well, like your drink (not plastic!) Vacuum-insulated and double-walled, this innovative tumbler keeps the exterior room temperature and condensation free, no matter what weather you run into. Plus, the drink-through lids keep liquids from spilling, so camping cleanup is minimal.

Klean Kanteen | Growler | EarthHero

Insulated Growler

Want to bring some beer or wine on your next adventure, without the breakable glass bottles? Before you hit the trails, head over to your local brewery and ask them to fill up this stainless steel growler! The threadless stainless steel interior keeps your beverage at tap-fresh temps for up to 40 hours, and ice frozen for up to 120 hours, so you’ll never have to drink warm (or flat) beer again.

Badger Skincare | EarthHero

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

We recommended a natural sunscreen for you, but if you didn’t take our advice, here’s a post-burn balm for sunburnt skin. It’s made from 96% pure certified organic and fair-trade aloe juice that naturally soothes and hydrates sun-parched skin. Cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified, this aloe vera gel is truly planet and people friendly. You never know when a bad burn can occur–so toss this essential in your travel pack and be ready for anything!

Stainless Steel Camping Plate

Plastic-free and nonbreakable, this stainless steel camping plate is perfect for life on-the-go. It has three different sections to keep food separate, comes in kids sizes, and is stackable and machine washable for easy clean up and travel.

Preserve | EarthHero | Camping Checklist

Recycled Plastic Food Storage Containers

Need to bring up snacks, but don’t want the weight of stainless steel or glass? Preserve is using plastic for a purpose–recycling #5 plastics for their lightweight, durable, food storage containers in a variety of sizes. Their leakproof lids are perfect for messy backpacks, and are perfectly portioned so everything can stay organized.

Klean Kanteen | Stainless Steel Pint Cups | EarthHero

Stainless Steel Pint Cups

Keep the party going from the highest peaks to the lowest rivers with lightweight, stackable pint cups. Perfect for refueling around the campfire, or celebrating with new friends, they won’t shatter or break–and are a great swap for single-use cups that can trash any campsite if not disposed of properly.

Bluff Utility Travel Backpack

Now that we’ve covered all the camping checklist essentials, you’re gonna need a place to put everything. Don’t just toss it in any old rucksack, organize your trip with a 100% recycled polyester travel pack with enough pockets for everything you need (and a few things that you want).

On-the-Go Recycled Plastic Plates

Preserve | EarthHero | Camping Checklist

Light enough to bring to the top of a mountain, but durable enough to not let you down when you get there. Preserve recycles yogurt cups, and other hard to recycle plastics, to be transformed into their BPA-free plates, utensils, and cups. Unlike typical plastic dishware, theirs won’t crack, warp, or break–even when put in the dishwasher.

EarthHero Camping Blog

Reusable Trash Bags

Did you know that studies estimate 309 million Americans used plastic trash can liners in 2018? Multiply this times several trash bags a week… and that’s a whole lotta’ single-use plastic coming just from trash bags! But these reusable, water-resistant bin liners are made from durable rPETe fabric that can be machine washed again and again to reduce reliance on single-use trash bags. Perfect for reducing the amount of waste at your campsite, just toss one in your backpack and bring it out after meals to contain snack packages and other single-use items.

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