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The Green Revolution: Unveiling the Importance of Organic Cotton Read Article
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The Green Revolution: Unveiling the Importance of Organic Cotton

Discover the significance of organic cotton and its impact on sustainability. Explore the benefits of choosing organic cotton products for a greener future.
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A Mini Guide to Eco-friendly Winter Sports

This blog was originally published on August 19, 2021 and was most recently updated on January 31, 2022.  This winter season, enjoy the slopes and make sure your actions make snow sports sustainabl...
4Ocean - EarthHero Read Article

Sustainability Series: Recycled Ocean Plastic

Learn more about what ocean-bound plastic or ocean-recovered plastic means and what EarthHero has to do with it.
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January Staff Picks: Level up your Sustainability Journey

This month, we focused on the sustainability journey we’re each on which start at different points and touch on different topics. And while our journeys may all be different, we are all in this tog...
Your Sustainability Journey Read Article

Your Sustainability Journey

We are all at different stages of our sustainability journey and have different goals for what our ideal eco-friendly lifestyle would look like. This month, we’re diving into the sustainability jou...
December 2021 Staff Picks - What We Gifted this Year Read Article

December 2021 Staff Picks - What We Gifted this Year

Conscious Step | Socks that Protect Dogs “Socks rule. Dogs rule. What could be better? Nothing like a stocking stuffer that keeps your feet warm and dogs safe! Each pair of these socks don...
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September 2021 New Brands

At EarthHero, we’re all about new brand discovery – and helping you find the perfect eco-friendly products for your lifestyle. And our community of world-changing brands is always growing! Check ou...
What Does Sustainable Clothing Mean? Read Article

What Does Sustainable Clothing Mean?

Finding sustainable clothing in the fast fashion world can be difficult and confusing. Join us as we break down the top things to look for when shopping sustainably!
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Sustainable Materials: TENCEL™

If you've been exploring the world of sustainable fabrics and clothing, you likely have seen the word TENCEL™ before. But what is TENCEL™, and is it actually sustainable? While it has a growing rep...