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Eco-Friendly Black Owned Brands

At EarthHero, we’re focused on more than just finding you eco-friendly products that make the cut with our sustainability experts. We’re also passionate about finding eco-friendly products made by ...
How to Start Making Your Closet More Sustainable Read Article

How to Start Making Your Closet More Sustainable

When I first heard of the “Buyerarchy of Needs” I was confused. That didn’t sound like what I had learned about in high school psychology… but it is similar! The Buyerarchy of Needs was created by ...
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Interview with Seek Dry Goods

Let’s face it: in an era of “fast fashion”, clothes made with purpose can be hard to come by. From materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester, to tons of products Made in the USA, Seek Dr...
Tidying Up Without Trashing the Planet Read Article

Tidying Up Without Trashing the Planet

It’s time to start tidying up. Here’s how to do it without trashing the planet. If you’ve been totally obsessing over Marie Kondo and Tidying Up like we have, you’ve probably also been going throug...
When is Bamboo Sustainable? Read Article

When is Bamboo Sustainable?

You probably recognize bamboo as a panda’s favorite snack, but did you know that bamboo is a trailblazer in the green living movement? This renewable, durable grass surpasses other common hardwoods...
Hemp: It's kind of a big deal Read Article

Hemp: It's kind of a big deal

Let’s Talk About Hemp! Due to its recent popularity, it may seem like hemp is a brand new discovery spreading throughout the sustainability world. In reality, this funky green plant has been used f...
What's the deal with rPET? Read Article

What's the deal with rPET?

We’ve all seen it–on reusable shopping bags, t-shirts, leggings, or backpacks: “This product was made using recycled water bottles!” On other items, you’ll see this type of material called anything...
Why Wear Organic Clothing? Read Article

Why Wear Organic Clothing?

Let’s talk about one of the buzzwords we hear all the time: organic. Thanks to the recent organic food movement, the health benefits of eating organic are front and center. Organic crops are grown...