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How to Have an Eco-friendly Halloween

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Halloween (and October for that matter) is a wonderful time filled with sugary candy, apple cider, and nostalgic movies. Whether you’re planning on hosting a small get-together, staying at home and binging spooky flicks, or going door-to-door for candy, we’ve got some tips for making your Halloween eco-friendly.

Read on to the end for a costume suggestion, featuring some of our favorite sustainable products!

Don't Let Your Pumpkin Guts Go To Waste

A quick search online and you'll learn dozens of ways to use pumpkin insides for desserts, soup, broth, hummus, and even face masks!

And don't let those seeds go to waste either. Rinse them off and roast them with sweet or savory spices for a delicious snack.

After your jack-o-lanterns are past their prime, try to not let them end up in the landfill where they'll release methane gas (a harmful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change). If available, be sure to compost your pumpkins!

Decorate Sustainably

There's something so fun about decorating your home or apartment for Halloween. If you're looking to decorate a bit more sustainably this year, you could try the following tips:

Try creating decorations out of the materials you already have – like cutting bats or pumpkins out of construction paper, creating a spiderweb with black yarn, or make a tombstone with an old cardboard box and art supplies. If you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest is a great resource!


Visit a second-hand store. If there’s a decor you’re dying to have (no pun intended), you can always ask to borrow a friends’ or shop secondhand. Many thrift stores will have Halloween items on display in October.

Whichever type of decorations you decide to use, be sure to save them for next year! The most sustainable option is what you already own.

Sustainable Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes are often made with polyester, plastic, and other not-so-sustainable materials, and more often than not, they’re used for one day and then head straight to the landfill. But there are ways to avoid this! 

Try creating a costume out of what you have in your closet. Maybe there's a superhero, princess, cartoon character, or animal that you can emulate with what you already have.

If you’re handy, why not try to make your own costume? Homemade costumes are unique and much more fun than buying pre-packaged options at the store. With a bit of fabric and some Non-Toxic Face Paint from Ecopiggy, you can be whoever you want to be this year! This face paint set comes with a bamboo paintbrush, and washes off easily with water.  You can become a spooky ghost, delightful pumpkin, or glamorous cat with these colors.

Another great option for halloween costumes is buying secondhand. Many people will donate their costumes from previous years and you can snag them at a much lower price while giving these ghosts, witches, and goblin costumes a second (or third!) life!

You could also plan a costume swap with your friends or community. Pick a time to get together and have everyone bring their costumes from past Halloweens to swap and share. This is a great way to reduce waste and find inspiration for your next costume!

Carry Your Candy in Style

The plastic pumpkin candy tote is a classic, but they're often flimsy and don't last more than a year. (If you have some that are holding up, use away!) But if you're looking for a new way to carry your trick-or-treating candy, try a Reusable Tote Bag that you can use year after year (and year-round, too!)


Bonus Costume Idea: Glittery Mermaid

A timeless Halloween look is a mermaid. Our take on this classic features tons of glitter and shine using Eco Glitter by Ecopiggy. This plant-based and plastic-free glitter is safe to use on the face and body. Packaged in a recyclable tin, this eco-friendly and biodegradable glitter is much better than the traditional glitter. Just dab or dust onto wet face paint or aloe vera gel for the perfect mermaid shine. 

To get that perfect tousled hair look, use the Texture Sea Salt Spray and the shimmery Rose Gold Sea Salt Hairspray, both by Captain Blankenship. Shake well and spray as desired to either wet or dry hair. Fluff it up afterward for those mermaid waves.

For a shiny nails to finish off your mystical look, try this shimmery nail polish by Rooted Woman, a women-owned and black-owned business.

Finally, all you need is a flowy dress, blue-green shirt, or a shimmery sweater and you’re good to go. 

We hope our tips were helpful in making your eco-friendly Halloween fun and sustainable too! Let us know what you’re dressing up as in the comments below.

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