Non-Profit Spotlights: Carbonfund

Non-Profit Spotlights: Carbonfund

Our planet is changing. Which means the way we shop, and live, needs to change as well. But most big companies don’t want to do the work, instead relying on greenwashing to make it seem like they’re doing the right thing… even if they’re not. Unlike the other guys, EarthHero goes the extra mile to ensure we are truly making the right choices for the planet – from the products we sell to the non-profits we partner with. In this blog you’ll learn about our partnership with Carbonfund, and how we ship our orders to your door carbon neutral!

We walk the walk.

A lot of companies simply talk the talk, but we take it a step further and let our (carbon-neutral) footprint walk the walk.

From start to finish, we’re dedicated to minimizing our impact on the planet, while maximizing your shopping experience. Our sustainable journey starts by finding companies who are already doing good; brands holding themselves to high standards of environmental and social responsibility. From their choice of materials, to labor practices, and more, our companies are taking a stand to do better. You can learn all about our 5-Step Sourcing Methodology here.

But the impact doesn’t stop there. Every time you shop at EarthHero, you’re supporting companies that are actively investing in our planet’s future. This “people-first” mentality is capable of changing the lives of families for generations to come, effectively changing our planet for the better.

From EarthHero being a Certified B Corporation (learn more about that here!), to our brand partnerships, we envision a world where conscious commerce is the norm. But… we also want to make sure your purchases are giving back to the planet in other ways, like offsetting the carbon footprint it takes to ship them to your door.


Online shopping has the power to share sustainability with hard-to-reach areas worldwide, but shipping has its own effect on the environment around us. By using Carbonfund’s carbon calculator, we know exactly how much carbon is emitted through the shipping and transport of our products, in addition to emissions produced from our day-to-day operations. We then work to reduce what we can, and offset what we can’t through the CarbonFree Partner program. This program gives to third-party certified projects in categories like reforestation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency, dedicating your dollars to the Earth.

In 2017 and 2018 combined (our first two years of business), we neutralized 72 metric tonnes (or 14,732 pounds) of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere by donating to US Pooled Forestry carbon offset projects. Not only did this offset our emissions, it benefits the environment with 1,866 tree seedlings that will sequester carbon dioxide for a ten-year period. As our company grows, so does the amount of carbon emissions we offset for each order.

Our particular donations benefit small and medium-scale reforestation projects across the nation, particularly in Texas and Arkansas, sequestering over 500,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide since the project’s conception. This is more than just a number–reforestation provides a host of ecosystem services, like reduced erosion and improved topsoil, improved wildlife habitats, and natural water filtration and storage.

What’s next?

Being a member of Carbonfund, 1% for the Planet, and a Certified B Corp is the backbone of EarthHero – and is what steers us to be the best we can be each day. But we don’t stop there.

From our partnerships with nonprofits like the Earth Day Network, WILD Foundation, Sustainable Packaging Coalition, Friends of the Earth, and the Ocean Conservancy, to seeking out brands who give back to charitable causes, we’re ensuring that every purchase you make on EarthHero has a meaningful impact on our planet, or the lives of those who live on it.

Want to get involved? Head to our private Facebook Group Earth Heroes, and share which nonprofits you think we should partner with, or your favorite charitable company you think we should have on the site! Because your choices do make changes.

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