7 Eco-Friendly Pet Products

7 Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Here at EarthHero, our fur babies are 100% part of our family, and should be treated as such. That means high quality products, made from ethical materials, that enhance the lives of our furry friends – and the planet that they romp around on. Read on to learn about 7 eco-friendly pet products we’re loving, and how they can reduce the amount of waste your pet produces!

What you’ll learn:

  • Which ethically made pet products work best for your lifestyle
  • How to reduce the amount of trash your pet produces

7 Eco-Friendly Pet Products | EarthHero

Compostable Pet Waste Bags

Fact: pet waste is an unavoidable part of being a pet parent. To pick up pet waste, whether it’s on a walk with your pup or cleaning up the kitty litter, we often rely on plastic grocery store bags or single-use bags to get the job done… which means for every doggy-doo we add another non-biodegradable plastic bag to our landfills. Meet the eco-friendly solution: compostable pet waste bags! Compostable pet bags, like these from BioBag, are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute ASTM D400 ensuring that the bags will compost both safely and rapidly in our landfills – without leaving dangerous microplastics behind.

Depending on your lifestyle, you’ve probably seen the green ‘compost’ bins at the local dog parks and community centers which accept pet waste in biodegradable bags. This ensures your pup’s waste is composted… but separate from the rest of the community compost stream, as pet waste can contain harmful pathogens and bacteria. While plastic bags negate the impact of composting pet waste, these compostable bags are compatible with the green ‘compost’ bins popping up, and reduce the amount of new plastic bags we use overall.

Hemp Fabric Dog Collar

7 Eco-Friendly Pet Products

A collar has always been a fun way to accessorize and keep your pet safe, but have you ever wondered what your pets collar is made of? Most collars from the pet store are made from virgin polyester and other synthetic fabrics that can get stinky, moldy, or chewed apart with ease.

Unlike classic collars, The Good Dog Company uses naturally renewable hemp fabric to create colorful collars for both dogs and cats. Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-mold, water-repellent, and durable – and when paired with an organic cotton fabric blend, makes an extremely soft material that won’t rub or tug at your pet’s neck. With a selection of patterns, fabric knits (we love corduroy), and colors, these eco-friendly pet collars are the ideal earth-friendly accessory for your pet.

The Good Dog Company | 7 eco-friendly pet products

Hemp Rope Dog Toy

Go to the pet store and take a look around. What do you see on every shelf? Dog toys, plushies, chews, bones, balls, and other playtime essentials… all made from plastic, polyester, and other synthetic materials. They look great, but in no time Fido will chew it up, leaving behind tiny pieces of trashy plastics that have to go straight to the landfill.

Unlike classic dog toys, this rope toy is made from natural hemp fibers – a natural and renewable resource – that is also extremely durable and naturally anti-bacterial so it won’t get disgusting. It’s extremely tough to tear apart, but if your dog manages to do it, they won’t be exposed to the harmful chemicals and toxins found in typical plastic dog toys, or end up consuming the inedible fluffing found in most plush toys. Plus, the natural hemp fiber rope is knotted to stimulate your pets gums (great for puppies during teething!) and they’ll love the woodsy smell and texture of the hemp rope as well!

Dog Sun Protection Rash Guard7 Eco-Friendly Pet Products | EarthHero

Did you know that dogs can still get sunburnt under all that fur? We’re shocked too. And dogs with sensitive or thin hair/fur are especially at risk (we’re looking at you, Dalmatians!) Instead of attempting to apply sunscreen to your pooch, which is really, really difficult and likely will not work at all, just toss a rash guard on them for all-day sun protection.

Made from eco-friendly upcycled nylon fabric made from post-consumer recycled materials, this dog rash guard offers broad spectrum UPF 50+ protection that is chemical-free, reef-safe, and super freakin’ cute. Great for long walks, hikes, biking with your dog, swim days, or any pup who spends a lot of time out in the sun, this rash guard will keep them cool thanks to it’s breathable fabric, and cute thanks to the adorable turtle print. Your pup feels sun burns just like we do, so be sure to protect their skin all summer long!

Good Dog Company | 7 Eco-Friendly Pet Products | EarthHero

Hemp Canvas Harness

Dog collars are an essential for any pet owner – but not always the best option for walks or traveling. Unlike collars which only apply pressure to the neck, this dog harness from The Good Dog Company features contouring, adjustable shoulder and sternum straps that won’t pinch or cause hot spots for the most comfortable harness fit out there. The durable clasps adjust easily (perfect for growing puppies!) and comes with an extra large sternum strap to fit a variety of dog breeds.

Plus, this harness was handcrafted locally in the United States from a blend of naturally renewable hemp and non-toxic organic cotton which is anti-bacterial, water-repellent, and soft yet durable to prevent tearing, hot spots, and irritation on your pup’s skin.

Hemptique Hemp Animal Bedding | 7 Eco-Friendly Pet Products | EarthHero

Natural Hemp Animal Bedding

Not a cat or dog person? Don’t worry, there’s still a ton of ways to make your small animal live a little bit more eco-friendly! From purchasing fresh veggies from the store plastic-free for your hamster or gerbil, to wooden over plastic toys for your bird, try to stay mindful while shopping for your furry friend. When it comes to bedding (which can be super wasteful with weekly cage cleanings!), be sure to look for natural, renewable materials like hemp… not synthetic based bedding from polyester, a subset of plastic, or virgin wood or straw from new growth trees.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Is hemp bedding really better?” Simply put… yes, both for the planet, and your eco-friendly pet! Hemp animal bedding lasts longer compared to straw or pine alternatives as it absorbs moisture better, and is better as absorbing odors and reducing smell overall in your pet’s home. Made from 100% hemp which is naturally anti-microbial, water-repellent, and chemical-free, this bedding has a lower dust count than other materials, which makes your pet’s breathing environment better a lot better. When the time comes to replace the bedding in their cage, you can completely biodegrade this bedding – sending it to compost collection, not the landfill!

7 Eco-Friendly Pet Products | EarthHero

Coconut Oil Dog Toothpaste

Dog kisses: heck yes! Dog breath… not so much. Keep your pup’s pearly whites looking shiny, and their breath a whole lot less stinky with toothpaste designed just for them! From RADIUS brand, this dog toothpaste is made in the United States from USDA Certified Organic ingredients like coconut oil, plus added sweet potato and cinnamon powder for flavor, and contains no added fluorides, preservatives, colors, or synthetics. The coconut oil removes impurities, cleans the gums, and prevents tooth decay, so they can have a happy and healthy smile for years to come. Our pro tip? Apply the toothpaste with a children’s sized bamboo toothbrush like this one – not a plastic brush!

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