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Everyday Gift Guide: Wedding

Leading up to a wedding there is so much excitement and buzz, but it’s also SO busy! Whether you are the one getting married, family, part of the wedding party, or a guest, it’s crucial that you remember every aspect of the wedding. Especially wedding gifts! Do you not know what to get the couple? EarthHero has you covered! Our team has picked out products that we believe serve as the ideal wedding gifts! These items are must-haves that the married couple will be thrilled to receive.

Recycled Bamboo Charcuterie Board from ChopValue on EarthHero

Recycled Bamboo Charcuterie Set

Whether hosting friends to watch a football game or hosting their in-laws for a homecooked dinner, this Recycled Bamboo Charcuterie Set from ChopValue is sure to wow. You can serve freshly baked bread alongside delicious olive oil and kalamata olives for a fresh appetizer or spread artisanal cheeses accompanied with organic local wine. Handmade with 450 recycled chopsticks, this board isn’t made with toxic glues or treated with chemicals. Moreover, it’s equipped with feet so there’s no slipping and sliding.

Recycled Stoneware Presentation Plates

Recycled Stoneware Baking Tray w/ Holder from Costa Nova on EarthHero

Are the newlyweds big on hosting? Then the Recycled Stoneware Presentation Plates by Costa Nova are fitting! These classy plates are made from recycled ceramic clay sourced from Costa Nova’s Portugal factory, helping to reduce the number of raw resources and energy required in production. These plates emphasize practicality as they are dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven safe as well as chip resistant! We hope the married couple will enjoy these plates as much as we do!

Infuse Mezcal and Tequila Tasting Set from Verve Culture on EarthHero

Mezcal and Tequila Infusion Set

Verve Culture produces a Mezcal and Tequila Infusion Set that we adore! This hand-blown glass set consists of 4 jicara cups as well as a decanter that allows you to create your tequila infusions. Moreover, the glass is recycled and supports small-scale glassmakers. This is the perfect gift as it comes in a gorgeous gift box accompanied by infusion recipes. This means less work for you, and more enjoyment for your beloved receiver.

Pinehurst Organic Cotton Bath Towels

Pinehurst Organic Cotton Bath Towels from Grund on EarthHero

For every new home, basics are a necessity! Help your newlyweds by gifting them these Pinehurst Organic Cotton Bath Towels from Grund. These plush towels are spun by extra-long cotton loops which shape the 100% organic cotton. Grund supplies multiple colors, sizes, and sets giving you a plethora of options when gifting!

Eucalyptus Hydroponic Planter from Modern Sprout on EarthHero

Eucalyptus Hydroponic Planter

If you’re shopping with us at EarthHero, you care about the planet and your friends probably do too! Give the new couple a plant with the Eucalyptus Hydroponic Planter from Modern Sprout. This planter is constructed to be self-watering. It uses recycled glass beads instead of soil and comes with everything you need to grow your own plant. This is a perfect low-commitment gift that plant lovers (and plant appreciators) will adore!

Acacia Wood Bread Serving Set from Pacific Merchants Trading Company on EarthHero

Acacia Wood Bread Serving Set

Perfect for year-round use, our gorgeous Acacia Wood Bread Serving Set from Pacific Merchants Trading Company is the ideal gift for any wedding. The lucky couple can whip these out and use them every day as snack holders (popcorn, cashews, gummies, you name it!) and on special occasions like during the holiday season. Made from 100% renewable Acacia wood, this serving set features a uniquely colored wood grain. Plus, it comes with an unscented soy candle perfect for lighting up your evenings or adding a little flare to the dinner table.

Joy Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap from Wrappr on EarthHero

Joy Reusable Fabric

What better way to wrap a gift than wrapping it sustainably. The last thing this couple needs to worry about is the ecological footprint of their big day. Make it that much easier for them (and you!) by either using no gift wrap or getting one of these beautifully designed reusable wrapping fabrics. The Joy Reusable Fabric from the brand Wrappr is an excellent choice because it’s made with 100% organic cotton and is fully compostable at the end of its life. Just be sure to use it a couple (or a hundred) times before discarding it.

As it gets closer to the big day we hope that EarthHero becomes your go-to place for finding the perfect sustainable gift! We invite you to check out more of our wedding gift ideas here! Happy shopping!

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