EarthHero Staff Picks of the Month: August & EarthHero's 3rd Birthday!

EarthHero Staff Picks of the Month: August & EarthHero's 3rd Birthday!

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On August 29th, EarthHero turns three years old! In celebration, we’re taking a look back at some of the brands that have been with us since the beginning, and choosing from this awesome selection for our August 2020 edition of Staff Picks. Enjoy!

ChicoBag Travel Pack | ChicoBag

“Did you know we launched EarthHero with one product? Okay, technically we had three different colors 🙂 Well, this was it. And there was a reason we chose it as our first. It’s such a utility bag at a very affordable price! While it has a very large capacity with three different compartments plus two oversized water bottle pockets, it also folds into itself and forms such a small and light pack to take with you just about anywhere. It’s great for plane travel (whenever that happens again), hiking, road trips, camping, or just heading out for the day! And the fact that’s it’s made from recycled water bottles is the cherry on top!”
-Ryan, Founder and CEO

Plaine Products| Shampoo + Conditioner

“You know that buildup feeling that happens in between haircuts? Well, guess what. I’m now going on about 8 months without a haircut/highlight, and yet I feel like my hair is still healthy and shiny! I have to give the credit to my staff pick this month, Plaine Products. I normally change my hair products regularly, always on the hunt for something better than what I used last time – but it’s been over a year and I’m stuck on Plaine! It’s on the pricier side, but the formula is highly concentrated, so you truly only need a tiny pump that will lather up in water (and I have thick hair). I’ve used two bottles over an entire year. I use the Citrus Lavender right now, but both scents are amazing and I might switch it up when I want something new!”
Hannah, Brand Marketing Manager

Recycled Polyester Dog Leash | United By Blue

“Over the past few months, I’ve been loving my Recycled Polyester Dog Leash by United By Blue! Finding the right items for your pup can be so tricky, but I knew that I could count on UBB’s quality and craftsmanship. It’s sturdy, brightly colored (so I can’t lose it), and made of recycled polyester. It’s stood up to hikes, long walks, and a very energetic pup so far, and we have no complaints. Aspen + owners approved!”
Grace, Customer Service and Administration Specialist

Hexagon Bamboo Starter Set | ChopValue

“My job is product discovery – so I never forget my favorite finds! I happened upon ChopValue during an online search, and was so thrilled to find such a creative use of reclaimed materials. Canadian-made from used chopsticks, this ChopValue shelf set was one of the first decorations we ordered for the EarthHero office. The combo of a sleek, geometric design and warm wood tones are perfect for our eco-start-up theme!”
Becki, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Organic Shave Soap | Badger

“My skin is really sensitive, so when I shave I need a shave soap that’s gentle on my skin. Enter Badger’s Organic Shave Soap! It’s all natural, so I know I’m ditching the nasty chemicals when I shave – plus it makes my legs feel so smooth. On top of that, no plastic packaging (just easy-to-recycle cardboard) – a total win scenario!”
-Jen, Brand & Digital Marketing Strategist

Ahi Cruiser Skateboard | Bureo

“This has to be the coolest skateboard out there, and it has brought endless fun and laughter to myself and my partner! Neither of us had tried skateboarding before, but with so few of our normal activities available right now, we recently decided to lean in and try it out. We’ve been tentatively cruising through our neighborhood; sometimes slowly, sometimes way too fast! No matter what, this skateboard absolutely eats up bumps and cracks in the road and feels sturdy and durable beneath our feet. It has a super grippy deck (that’s the word, right?) so I never feel like I’m going to slip off. The wheels expertly bend and curve so you can really carve up the sidewalk or down a long hill. Plus, I absolutely love that it’s made out of recycled fishnets! I feel pretty rad just writing about this board and soon, I expect I will actually look cool while riding it, too. 🙂 “
Ellie, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Seek Dry Goods | Throwback Camper Organic Cotton Longsleeve

“I love everything about this T-shirt. It fits great, it’s really comfortable, and it’s a little retro – in a cool way. I don’t wear a lot of colorful things, but I can handle this print AND I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it. On top of that, it’s made of 100% organic cotton and produced in the USA.”
Jeff, COO

The Good Dog Company

“As everyone in the EarthHero office knows, I’m a crazy animal person. I have two cats (Khal and Jameson) and a dog (Baby), and I do everything I can to give them the absolute best – from food, to toys, to accessories and the occasional stylish outfit. Ever since I discovered The Good Dog Company, they’ve been my go-to for collars and leashes for all my pets. They make their products with hemp, which is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial – which is awesome so that if it gets wet, it doesn’t collect bacteria. Bonus points that they come in super vibrant, fun colors, so that my crew of animals can look cute!”
-Juliet, Product & Marketing Content Coordinator

Plaine Products| Refillable Natural Hand Soap

“We all know this is the time to really wash our hands! I moved into a new place just recently, and wanted something that looked nice and smelled great. This Plaine Products Hand Wash in the Citrus Lavender scent smells SO good and, I actually get excited to wash my hands. I also bought the body wash and have really enjoyed that as well! Plaine Products is really cool because you only have to buy one pump – ever! Their bottles are refillable and fully recyclable – buy a new bottle and put the pump in and you are all set to go. Big fan over here!”
-Charlie, Warehouse Support Associate

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