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5 Eco-Friendly Brands for Plastic Free July

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Our mission is to make sustainable living easy and accessible. But one of the biggest challenges for many people on their sustainability journey is reducing their plastic usage. Plastic Free July is an amazing time to audit where plastic is coming from in your life… and look for more sustainable solutions. To make it simple, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite brands that can help you take on #PlasticFreeJuly challenge. Check them out below!

Bees Wrap

Plastic Free July | EarthHero

When it comes to food storage, non-recyclable plastic is everywhere. Did you know saran wrap isn’t recyclable? Luckily, Bee’s Wrap has a plastic free and zero waste alternative with their innovative food storage wraps. They have two versions: vegan wraps made with plant-based resins, and beeswax wraps made from, well, beeswax! They pair both with organic cotton and organic jojoba oil. The wraps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns – ensuring you have a solution for everything in your kitchen. The best part, Bee’s Wrap is a Certified B Corp and donates 1% of profits to environmental non-profts, all while encouraging employees to volunteer throughout their time at the company.

Tru Earth

Plastic Free July | EarthHero

Laundry usually comes with non-recyclable plastic detergent containers that go straight to our landfills. Tru Earth solves this with plastic free laundry strips that are hypoallergenic, paraben free, phosphate free, and vegan. Instead of heavy detergent jugs, they package their lightweight strips in recyclable paper packaging – ensuring your laundry routine is 100% zero waste. Because Tru Earth strips weigh 3 grams (while traditional detergent jugs weigh over 40 grams!), and are overall smaller in size as well, they reduce carbon emissions from transportation trucks by over 94%. That means less greenhouses gases in our atmosphere, less transportation costs, and less plastic pollution – just clean laundry with classic scents your family will love during Plastic Free July and beyond.


Where sustainability meets affordability. Zefiro is transforming typical, plastic-focused cleaning and home products into zero waste items that do more for your sustainability lifestyle. They use naturally renewable bamboo, silicone, plant-fiber bristles, and other plastic-free materials to make everything from scrub brushes, to baking sheets, to dish drying racks, and beyond. Plus, most of their products are compostable or recyclable at the end of life – which means they can stay out of our landfills.


Plastic Free July | EarthHero

How do you typically store your veggies? Vejibag makes the decision easy with their terry organic cotton, made-in-the-USA vegetable bags that will keep your ingredients fresher for longer. Sally Erickson designed the bags when she was tired of tossing wilted greens (and contributing to our food waste problem) To use these innovative bags, all you have to do is get your Vejibag wet, wring out the water, and put fresh produce inside. The bag will keep moisture around your produce, extending its life! Reduce food waste, reduce plastic waste, and enjoy fresh veggies more often. Sounds like a win win situation to us!

River Organics

Plastic Free July | EarthHero

Most makeup (and skincare, for that matter!) comes in non-recyclable plastic compacts, tubes, and tubs… and contains a variety of harsh ingredients that aren’t the best for our skin, or our planet. River Organics is changing the way we look at makeup with their paraben free, vegan, and plastic free products. Packaged in compostable and recyclable cardboard tubes instead of plastic, they have blushes, bronzers, mascaras, brow pomades, concealers and lip balms. They attribute their unique products to adopting the “and” mentality vs. the “either-or” mentality! Not only do they show their dedication to sustainability through their products, but they also purchase carbon offsets.

Making your life plastic free isn’t an easy task, which is why Plastic Free July is all about taking it one step at a time. Sometimes a little support is all we need to stick to our goals, and this movement creates a community for those who want to join the initiative. What are your goals for this Plastic Free July? Let us know in the comments!

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