10 Essential Vegan Products You Wouldn't Guess Are Vegan

10 Essential Vegan Products You Wouldn't Guess Are Vegan

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There are SO many different reasons why being a vegan is awesome, and tons of reasons to incorporate vegan products into your lifestyle – including your health, animal wellbeing, and of course the positive impact on the planet. And we applaud every and any step towards a vegan lifestyle, whether that means simply reducing the amount of animal products in your life, to 100% vegan, freegan, or anything in between. No judgement here! Join us as we look at 10 awesome eco-friendly products that are vegan (and many you would’ve never thought could be vegan!)

What you’ll learn:

  • A little bit about what being a vegan means
  • Explore products that, believe it or not, are vegan!
  • Which products are cruelty-free AND vegan

10 Essential Vegan Products You Wouldn’t Guess Are Vegan

So… why bother shopping for vegan products? How does living a vegan or partially vegan lifestyle affect our environment? According to CNN, 80% of all Amazon rainforest deforestation is due to raising cattle for meat consumption and animal byproducts like leather. Global Citizen estimates that 700 million tons of food that could be consumed by humans goes towards feeding livestock each year. And that’s just looking at the cattle industry!

Whether you’re 100% vegan, or are just interested in transitioning towards a more plant-based lifestyle, when it comes to the environment, every little bit counts. You can start in the kitchen, transitioning out a few meals each week to be plant-based… or you can start at EarthHero, exploring ethical products that contain no animal byproducts. Check out some of our favorite vegan products below!

10 Products You Wouldn't Think Are Vegan | EarthHero Blog

Vegan Food Storage Khala Cloths

If you’ve been keeping tabs on up and coming eco-friendly products, you may have heard of the beeswax food storage wraps that reduce the amount of aluminum foil or plastic wrap you need to use to keep produce fresh. These wraps usually use sustainably harvested beeswax to keep food sealed – which is actually not vegan, as it’s an animal byproduct!

Khala Cloths has cracked the code and makes a line of reusable food and sandwich wraps with plant-based tree resins, making them 100% vegan. Beeswax was first used by the Egyptians to preserve food (and, well, bodies!) but we love this vegan spin on an old classic. They pair the plant-based resin with organic cotton and hemp fabric, soy wax, and jojoba and coconut oil. Great for leftovers, lunches, and everything in between, Khala Cloths keep your food fresh, and the Earth clean and happy.

EarthHero Blog | 10 Products You Wouldn't Think Are Vegan

Refillable Vegan Shampoo

Did you know that more than 552 million shampoo bottles end up in our landfills every year, and the number of shampoo bottles thrown out (not recycled!) in the United States every year could fill 1,164 football fields?! Plus, many shampoos have up to 10 or more ingredients that can be semi-toxic to humans (and aquatic life) after it washes down your drain.

From packaging, to ingredients, Plaine Products is going a step above conventional products with their refillable vegan shampoo (and conditioner!) Their vegan products are organic, hypoallergenic, hair color-safe, baby-safe, biodegradable, and cruelty free, with no animal testing (that’s kind of a long list, but the type of list we like to see!) The bottle itself is made with recyclable and refillable aluminum with BPA and PVC-free lining. And to top it off, once you’re almost done with your bottle, you can order a refill and Plaine Products will send you another bottle, and a shipping label so you can send your used bottle back to them! No plastic, no animal byproducts, no problem.

10 Vegan Products | EarthHero Blog

Vegan Sneakers

Since the Paleolithic era, humans have used animal hides for shoes. Now, we’ve upgraded a bit from caveman footwear, but, even modern-day shoes often contain leather or other animal byproducts! Did you know you can still achieve that sleek look of suede, without harming any animals in the process?

Thanks to new technology and awesome eco-friendly materials like algae foam, you can look and feel good in vegan sneakers from SAOLA. These sneakers come in different colors, for both men and women, and are made from recycled polyester fabric from plastic bottles (each pair contains 3-4 plastic water bottles), cork, and BLOOM Foam from algae biomass. Lightweight, breathable and comfortable, there’s no reason not to try these vegan sneakers! Plus, every pair donates 1% towards different non-profit environmental causes, so they just aren’t made from no animal byproducts, but they support animal biodiversity and habitats as well.

10 Vegan Products | EarthHero Blog

Vegan Floss

Many types of floss are made from silk thread, which comes from silk worms, which isn’t vegan! The most common vegan options can be made from nylon, teflon, beeswax or synthetic wax… many of which can contain BPA or other toxins.

This vegan floss from RADIUS has added xylitol for flavor, but skips the added toxins, phthalates and parabens. It’s coated for comfort with natural and organic carnauba wax instead of non-vegan beeswax, and keeps cavities and plaque away with added coconut oil and erythritol. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to floss, but when your floss is cruelty-free, vegan, USDA Certified Organic, and leaves your gums and mouth feeling squeaky clean, you’ll probably never forget again. Just grab your bamboo toothbrush and some charcoal tooth powder and you’re ready to clean your pearly whites!

EarthHero Blog | 10 Vegan Products

Vegan Candles

Not so fun fact: most candles are not vegan… but most people don’t notice that because there are no laws requiring candle makers to list their ingredients out. Think about it… can you remember seeing an ingredient list on the last candle you bought? Plus, most candles release chemicals and toxins, and contain stearic acid which comes from animal fat.

Sanari Candle makes vegan candles, no questions asked. Their candles are made with 100% natural ingredients by infusing a vegan coconut wax blend with certified organic essential oils like citrus, rosemary, and bergamot, and beyond. They burn clean, toxin-free, and are cruelty-free as well. Plus, they donate a portion of profits towards breast cancer research and awareness!

EarthHero Blog | 10 Vegan Products

Refresh Organic Liquid Foundation

Here’s something you might not have expected! DId you know that many liquid foundations include ingredients made from animal parts and fats? We’ll spare you the details (they’re a little gross) but the bottom line is that choosing vegan foundation, and makeup as a whole, is an awesome sustainable swap. There’s no better way to show your skin, and the planet, that you care than using organic, vegan, cruelty-free, & hypoallergenic foundation.

Elate Cosmetics’ foundation is made with natural ingredients like sunflower oil and hyaluronic acid to smooth, moisturize, and replenish skin while adding natural coverage. You’ll glow all day inside and out knowing that your foundation is organic and cruelty free!

EarthHero Blog | 10 Vegan Products

Castile Dish Soap

Ah yes… finally… dish soap that will actually leave your dishes and hands feeling, well, actually clean! Some dish soaps are made with animal byproducts (think: animal fats that create lye), others are tested on animals, and many use chemicals to create that ‘sudsing’ effect. This castile dish soap from Bestowed Essentials is handmade from vegan ingredients like french green clay, sea salt, and natural oils in order to achieve clean dishes without the waste.

Plus, it comes as a 100% plastic-free block of soap, which means there’s no need to throw out the plastic container when you’re done. Cruelty-free, vegan, zero waste, and ethically made, this product also gives back to environmental non-profits that are dedicated to making our world a better place.

EarthHero Blog | 10 Vegan Products

Natural Sunscreen

Whenever you go outside, a good sunscreen is a must. So why not protect yourself from the sun with a vegan, organic, and mineral-based product? Conventional chemical sunscreen has a whole list of potentially toxic ingredients that can get absorbed into your skin, including ingredients from animal arteries, animal fat, parabens, or that disrupt coral-reefs. You can feel comfortable knowing that Goddess Garden sunscreens are non-toxic, made with natural ingredients, and can go with you anywhere! Better for our ocean habitats, better for our skin, and of course, 100% vegan.

EarthHero Blog | Vegan Products | Baby Wipes

Organic Cotton Baby Wipes

Baby wipes aren’t just for babies. They’re good for removing stains, cleaning shoes and purses, degreasing frying pans, cutting through window grime, wiping deodorant marks off clothing, removing makeup, cleaning up pet fur, and so much more! For the same reason that some dishwashing detergents aren’t vegan, baby wipes can contain animal-based ingredients that help it attain that soapy effect.

Most baby wipes include chemicals that release things like formaldehyde, parabens, sulfates… and many are tested on animals! Whether you need wipes for baby bottoms or just everyday use, Natracare’s vegan baby wipes are plant based and vegan, and made from ethical ingredients and materials. There’s nothing better than cleaning with clean products that have never been tested on animals! And as an added bonus, they’re biodegradable and dermatologist approved for sensitive skin!

Natural Dog Company | EarthHero Blog | 10 Vegan Products

Pet Healing Balms and Shampoo Bars

It seems a little backwards to use animal-based products that were tested on other animals on your best friend (your pet), right!?

The Natural Dog Company creates their products with vegan, cruelty free ingredients that are organic, non-toxic, and safe to consume in case your pup licks at them. From dog shampoo bars, to the different healing balms, you can use these products knowing that your dog will be safe, well-cared for, and soft! Their formulas contain no animal byproducts – but include high quality ingredients like coconut oil and sweet almond oil to nourish your pup’s skin. Our favorite for the winter? The vegan Paw Protection Balm!

Well there you have it folks! Our favorite 10 products that you likely wouldn’t guess are vegan! By making simple changes in your life you can start living more vegan and plant based, making huge positive impacts for our furry friends worldwide. Every step in the right direction makes a difference! Going vegan, or already live a vegan lifestyle? Share your story below!

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