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7 Natural Skincare Ingredients to Look For

Natural skincare is becoming the new norm thanks to its ethical ingredients and ability to truly transform even the toughest skincare cases. Made without sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and other nasty additives, natural skincare products utilize the power of nature to get the job done. But what ingredients are truly the best for your skin – and how can you include them in your routine? In this blog, you’ll learn the basics about 7 of our favorite natural skincare ingredients, if they’re right for your skin, and how to find them in EarthHero products!

What you’ll learn: 

  • Basic information around 7 of our favorite skincare ingredients like witch hazel, aloe vera, and more!
  • How to know what ingredients are right for dry, oily, and combination skin
  • Products we love that contain these natural skincare ingredients


EarthHero Blog 7 Natural Skincare Ingredients


The basics: From rosehip oil to rosewater to sprinkling loose rose petals in baths, roses have been used in natural skincare and beauty products for centuries. There are many reasons your skin will love a product with rose in it: the antioxidants in roses protect your skin from damage that occurs during daily life.

Is it right for my skin? Rosewater can be used as a facial toner to soften, smooth, and calm inflamed skin. Rosewater toner can also be sprayed throughout the day for an instant mood boost or splash of energy. Toners are applied after washing the face and before moisturizer. If you’re investing in a rosewater facial toner, make sure it is 100% pure rose water for best results- no filler ingredients necessary!

Products we love: S.W. Basics Rose Water Toner is a great place to start because they clearly promote their singular ingredient, 100% pure steam distilled rose water! The same goes for products with rose essential oil; water can often be a filler ingredient so search for the shortest ingredient list possible. Rose essential oil is moisturizing and can help to reduce wrinkles and encourage glowing skin. Badger Balm’s Damascus Rose line of products containing rose oil and extract are a great starting point. You can feel confident in their ingredient list and organic certification!


The basics: Aloe isn’t just for sunburn anymore… this common houseplant can be your skin’s friend any time! Commonly known for its soothing properties, it’s no surprise that aloe is used for cooling and moisturizing cuts, abraisans, and burns (hello sunburn relief!). Because of these properties, aloe can even be used as a skin moisturizer in place of typical lotions because it won’t clog pores. Dermatologically, aloe can sometimes be useful in calming rosacea and acne, too.

Is it right for my skin? Aloe can be used as a moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores, therefore making it suitable for all skin types. If you are concerned with dermatological issues like sensitive skin, rosacea, or acne, aloe can sometimes be useful in calming rosacea and acne, too. And of course, aloe is useful in relieving sunburns all over the body!

Products we love: For your trusty after-sun care, this Goddess Garden Aloe Vera Gel is an excellent choice because it is cruelty-free, fair trade, and fragrance free, meaning it won’t irritate your skin even more! Avalon Organics Peppermint Lotion utilizes aloe for it’s moisturizing properties, too, creating a soothing and energizing lotion blend!


The basics: You might be familiar with chamomile as an ingredient in your tea cabinet, and for good reason. Chamomile is well known for easing stress and anxiety and promoting relaxation. It just so happens that these properties carry over to skincare products that utilize chamomile!

Is it right for my skin? Products that incorporate chamomile provide antioxidants that protect your skin. It can also help to prevent blemishes and wrinkles and reduces inflammation to calm skin like it calms frazzled nerves.

Products we love: Bestowed Essentials Luna Herbal Toner uses chamomile to accomplish all these things and comes in a recycled glass bottle. Does it get better than that? Now, I wonder if the effects are doubled if you use chamomile facial products and drink chamomile tea at the same time…

Witch Hazel

The basics: Witch hazel is common in first aid kits for its ability to stop bleeding and inflammation and for its pain relieving and antibacterial properties. It is used in beauty products for many of these same qualities. Well known for shrinking pores and firming skin, witch hazel is a common ingredient in toners. Witch hazel plays well with other soothing ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and rose to create a perfect cocktail of natural ingredients for your specific needs!

Is this right for my skin? Because of it antimicrobial properties and ability to shrink pores and calm inflammation, witch hazel is often found in natural skincare acne care products for oily or acne-prone skin. Witch hazel can be drying for some skin types, so if this is a concern for you it’s best to look for one that includes an ingredient that can lightly moisturize, too, or search for an alcohol-free version.

Products we love: Nourish Organic’s Rosewater + Witch Hazel Face Toner is a great starting place because it includes aloe, rosewater, and witch hazel to balance and refresh your skin. It’s also alcohol-free: win-win!


The basics: Oatmeal isn’t just a healthy and hearty breakfast food or cookie mix in, it’s also excellent for use in body care products! You’d never guess by looking at it, but oatmeal is very nourishing and contains anti inflammatory products and a natural cleansing agent called sapolin.

Is it right for my skin? Oats have benefits for all types of skin! They contain anti inflammatory agents that can help to control redness, inflammation, and can even assist in soothing common sensitive skin concerns like eczema, rashes, and sunburns. Containing sapolin, a cleansing agent that removes dirt and oil from pores, oats are often added to exfoliating face masks and washes perfect for oily and combination skin. Oats are also highly moisturizing because they absorb and attract water, making them a great additive to moisturizers.

Products we love: Moon Valley Organic Oatmeal Sage Cold Processed Organic products contains organic oat powder, adding to the exfoliating and moisturizing properties of the soap. Organic and cruelty free, you can gently scrub away your skin concerns with a safe soap option!


The basics: Salts contain therapeutic and nourishing minerals useful to skin, commonly used in cleansers and exfoliators, similar to oats. Sea salt dries and cleanses the skin and is excellent for drawing out toxins. Pink salt gets its color from a high iron content and contains 80 kinds of minerals. Some relief for eczema and psoriasis may be found from pink salt products. Epsom salt is often used for calming muscle soreness and drawing toxins from the body.

Is it right for my skin? Salts are often found in body care products like foot soaks, bath soaks, and exfoliants. Harsh exfoliants, even natural ones, can be irritating for some skin types, so it is best to test how your skin reacts before committing to a product.

Products we love: S.W. Basics Organic Sea Salt Exfoliant contains sea salt and oat flour, two wonderful exfoliants. The oat powder helps to scrub away dead skin while providing a bit of moisture, too! S.W. Basics suggests mixing with water or olive oil for dry skin once a week.

EarthHero Blog 7 Natural Skincare Ingredients

Clay (Bentonite + Green)

The basics: Clay is well known for its ability to nourish skin by drawing out toxins, firming and exfoliating, and providing minerals and nutrients. There are many types of clay that can be used in skincare products. Specific properties are determined by the amount and concentration of minerals.

Is it right for my skin? Bentonite clay is very mild and therefore good for all skin types. It is soft and exfoliates well while it dries. A simple mask made of bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar or water is an excellent beginner’s product! Green clay is made from decomposed plant material often found in the ocean. It is also compatible with all skin types, making it an excellent clay to try! White clay, also known as kaolin clay, is the least drying clay yet still mild and is suggested most for dry or irritated skin.

Products we love: Bestowed Essentials Natural Clay Mask utilizes white clay’s cleansing and nourishing properties by giving you a powdered mask that you can mix with any number of wet ingredients, making it customizable for your specific skin needs. Goddess Garden’s Erase the Day Purifying Facial Cleanser harnesses clay’s ability to extract dirt and impurities from skin, promising smoother, softer, exfoliated skin with no artificial fragrance!

Shop all of our natural skincare products here!

*Even though natural ingredients are gentler, all products should be tested for reaction on a small area of skin before using.*

2 thoughts on “7 Natural Skincare Ingredients to Look For

  1. Most of the items above are focused on lotions for my face. What about lotion for my entire body? I have very dry skin even though I drink lots of water every day. Do you carry any body lotion?

    1. Hi Deb! We have a lot of body moisturizers to choose from, all made with gentle and clean ingredients.
      For a plastic-free, refillable option, check out this one from Plaine Products. It’s packed with skin-loving oils that are sure to soothe and moisturize all day long.
      For a thicker, more rich lotion, we love Nourish Organic’s Rose Butter. It has a whipped texture and is amazing for rough areas like elbows and feet.
      Another option is body oil. Oil is also an excellent way to really lock-in moisture. It’s best to use it right after a shower or bath when the skin is still a little bit damp. This one by Badger smells amazing!
      And finally, a simple jar of coconut oil is always a great choice, too. Packaged in glass, with an aluminum lid, you can’t go wrong with this one by All-Good. A little bit goes a long way and can also double as a hydrating overnight hair mask!

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