Waste Free Products 1.5oz Stick Stain Stick Bar
Waste Free Products 1.5oz Stick Stain Stick Bar

Waste Free Products Stain Stick Bar

Sale price$9.99

Size: 1.5oz Stick 1.5oz Stick
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
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Ginger C.
Really Works! Here's pics.

I already wrote a review telling how good this Stain Stick is but I couldn't get this to let me add my pics until now. I have 6 of these work ball hats that I keep looking almost like new for the person that has to wear them. He usually wears them for a week or so before he brings them to me to wash up. This Stain Stick and one of my old ZWS Bamboo Toothbrushes and or an old ZWS bamboo dish brush head work great to suds it all up and get the stains out pretty quick!

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Ginger C.
Really works!

The Stain Stick is so simple to use. Just wet the stain and the stick with water and rub into the stain like your coloring with a crayon. I usually let it sit for several mins, then I take one of my old ZWS Bamboo Toothbrushes I've saved for cleaning and use it to gently brush over the area to help suds it up and get the stain out. Most of the time the stains are coming right out as your rubbing the Stain Stick on it. The Stain Stick last a long time too. This is not my first Stain Stick. I use them a lot to clean stains out of work shirts and work hats that are ball cap style. They get so much grease and oil on them at that job site. I'm always amazed at how quick I can get stains out. Definitely worth buying!

E. E.
Works very well

This works great. I’ll use it to pretreat any stains. Use a little fabric brush to rub it in and then toss in the wash. Has removed every stain so far !

Lizzie C
Effective stain removal

The stain remover bar is efficient and does well removing various types of light to moderate stains. Haven’t tried it yet on any major things like mustard or wine.

Mixed results

I had high hopes for this stain stock, it was dissatisfied with the overall performance. The stick worked well on most food stains, but did not fully remove grease stains. Unfortunately, the stick also left residue on some lighter clothing items, even after washing.