Leaf Shave Leaf Shave Grip Sleeve
Leaf Shave Leaf Shave Grip Sleeve
Leaf Shave Leaf Shave Grip Sleeve
Leaf Shave Leaf Shave Grip Sleeve
Leaf Shave Leaf Shave Grip Sleeve

Leaf Shave Grip Sleeve For Pivoting Head Stainless Steel Razor - Black - Leaf, Silicone Sleeve

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How to apply the grip to your Pivoting Head Stainless Steel Razor:

  1. Slick up your handleWet your razor handle and apply a small amount of soap to the handle to get it slick. Wet the inside of the grip sleeve.
  2. Slide on gripWrap a towel around the sleeve so that you can get a good grip on it. Position the small end of the grip at the bottom of the razor handle and push it on. Wrap a cloth around the wet grip to make pulling it up easier. Bring it to the bottom of the "Y" at the peak of the handle.
  3. Rinse thoroughly - Once positioned, rinse the soap-assist clean. Run water through the grip sleeve on the handle, inside the top, through the bottom, and through the sides. Keep rinsing until you feel the grip holding the handle instead of sliding around. Let it dry a bit, the sleeve should be firmly grabbing the handle now.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Anne Henochowicz
Easy to use, glad I made the switch

Blades are easy to install and remove. I clean and dry both the blades and the housing after every shave. Smooth, long-lasting shave. Glad I left disposible razors behind!


A bit hard to get on, but definitely an improvement from always worrying about dropping the razor! Please get other colors.

Took a while to put on, wish it came in more colors.

I guess it's good that it took a while to put on because it means it will not come off easy, but I do wish it came in more colors. I have the multi-colored Leaf razor, and I love how it looks, but the black grip just covers up the pretty colors instead of complimenting them.

A must have

I knew right away that I would need a grip since the weight of the leaf razor is heavier than my normal disposable razor. I am very happy with my purchase. I think that everyone would need one and that it should come with the razor purchase to begin with.

Sawyer Irwin
Good Grip!

This just adds that extra grip when you’re soaped up! Super soft, makes the Leaf even easier to hold and control I love it!