Plastic Packaging Zero Waste Box
Plastic Packaging Zero Waste Box

TerraCycle Plastic Packaging Zero Waste Box

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Trash is, sadly, unavoidable. And while curbside recycling can have a huge impact on what heads to our landfills, some types of waste need a specialty recycling center to get the job done. With TerraCycle's Zero Waste Boxes, you can collect your hard-to-recycle materials, and ship it to TerraCycle (for free!) to have them safely and sustainably recycled into something awesome. With the Plastic Packaging Box, you can recycle plastic packaging material such as food containers for infants, non-recyclable baking packing/muffin tins, ingredients packaging, bubble wraps, padded envelopes, Styrofoam peanuts, air bags, pallet liners and covers, shrink wrap, cushioning, tissue paper packaging, foam sheets, foam planks, spices packaging, cereal bags, coffee bags made out of burlap, fresh seal bags. Any single serving packs, plastic containers for food or condiments, packaging for dried products, egg cartons, energy bar wrappers, frozen food bags and packaging, pasta packaging, frozen pizza packaging, gum packaging, freezer bags, grocery bags, ice bags, trash bags, meat packaging, drink mix packaging and wrappers!
This product contains recyclable materials. It may be recyclable with curbside recycling collections, but might need to be sent to a special recycling facility. Contact your local waste-hauler or recycling facility for details. Appropriate facilities may not exist in your area.


What is truly zero waste? Most of us recycle what we can, but what about everything else that can't go into your curbside collection bin? TerraCycle uses their free collections programs and their unique Zero Waste Boxes to recycle, upcycle, or reuse hard-to-recycle waste from communities across the country‚ instead of sending it to the incinerator or landfill. By treating trash as a material with true value, TerraCycle is changing our global waste system from a linear one to a more circular one‚ where things are designed to last for years, then be remade into awesome new products (not sent to the landfill!) To get started, first pick the type of trash in your life you want to tackle. From cigarette butts to candy wrappers and even cleaning supplies, choose where you think the most non-recyclable waste in your life is coming from. Next, pick your size box. Do you live alone, or are you part of a family of 5? Once you get the ideal box for your life, simply start collecting the accepted waste to send back to TerraCycle! Live the zero waste life of your dreams, without giving up what you love, thanks to TerraCycle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Carey C.
Plastic packaging zero waste box

So glad you offer this way to help our environment by keeping plastic food, etc. packaging out of the landfill! I didn't realize how much plastic we were throwing away until we started using this box!
I wish you could make it less expensive, maybe providing occasional coupons or including the zero waste boxes when you offer percent-off sales. I think more people would participate if the price were more reasonable. It's a sacrifice to afford another box, when the one I have gets full.

Bronwyn R.
Easy to be responsible

These boxes making keeping plastics out of landfills so easy.

jamie o.
I try to throw out

I try to throw out as little as possible, but sometimes that irritable plastic packaging is annoying. I use this box for everything that I CANNOT RECYCLE in normal curbside recycling. works wonders :)

Gigi G.
Helpful as addition to plastic bag recycling

This allows me to recycle more than plastic than curbside and the available plastic bag recycling at the supermarket. I wish Earth Hero could find an alternative to plastic for their own shipping.

Hey There Gigi! We DO NOT ship ANY plastic from our in house Colorado warehouse however, we are an online marketplace so some vendors may not follow suit! We always ask our vendors to remove all plastic prior to shipping. Thank you for being an EarthHero!

Leilani C.
Loving my Terracycle box.

Yes, it is a bit expensive but like many of the comments, this box allows me the opportunity to recycle items that I can't recycle through my city recycling program. I love that I can recycle those zip-lock bags and other plastic bags that products come in rather than put them in the trash. I haven't filled my box yet but will order another when I am almost ready to ship off the filled one.

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