Plant Based Clear Liquid Glue

Onyx and Green Plant Based Clear Liquid Glue

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Traditional glue is made from…. Well… does anyone really know? We like knowing where our products come from, which is why we love Onyx and Green's Plant Based Clear Liquid Glue! This transparent formula is non-toxic, utilizing the natural power of plants instead of harsh chemicals. Whatever your project, this quick-dry clear glue is sure to hold everything together.
Recycled Plastic
Recycling is the process of taking an otherwise-discarded item or material and cleaning, sorting, and breaking it down into its basic form (such as fibers or pellets). This material is then used to produce new items. Recycling keeps useful materials from being discarded in landfills, prevents resource extraction due to the creation of new materials, and provides a new life for used items. Recycling can utilize both pre-consumer waste (materials left over from production) or post-consumer materials (used clothing, empty water bottles, etc). Recycled plastic utilizes salvaged post-industrial plastic scraps and post-consumer products such as water bottles and other plastic containers, and transforms them into new products. The containers are sorted, crushed, and then heated to form resins, which are liquid plastics that can harden into new shapes. These resins can be molded and used to create anything from carpet to outdoor furniture. Recycling plastic lowers the amount of petroleum extracted and the production of greenhouse gasses associated with first-time plastic production. Plus, by using these existing materials, we're benefiting from the original energy and resources spent to create them in the first place, while diverting waste from the landfill.

Onyx and Green

The average school in America will use close to 250,000 pieces of paper each year, with almost 4 billion trees cut down annually across the globe to support this industry. Onyx and Green is breaking this cycle of waste, not only with their unique paper products made from low-impact sugarcane and upcycled construction waste, but with an entire line of school and office supplies. From backpacks, to pens, to even rubber bands and calculators, they infuse creativity and sustainability into the designs of all their products. With consistency in their values and transparency in their production, materials, and values, Onyx and Green is helping to find new solutions in the office supply industry!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
No odor! :D

It has no chemical smell at all, i'm amazed! it works great too! interestingly i used it with some plant based glitter that i was warned tends to bleed when used with glue, there was no bleed! it worked perfectly, dried a shiny clear and held well, i definitely approve and plan to buy again when it runs low! ^.^

I'm very happy with this

I'm very happy with this glue. I love that it is plant based, clear, and odorless. It does take a little while to dry, but works well. I have used it to glue photos to paper for baby books and my daughter has used it for arts and crafts without any complaints.

Alice S.
Nice,but could be better

Sadly,the glue doesn't dry quickly.However the product has no smell at all,which is amazing,and the plastic bottle can be recycled!

Very nice glue

I am in love with this glue! While it does take a while to dry, once it does, there are no bumps in the paper and I have no fear of the pages not staying together! As I mentioned, it does take a while for the glue to dry but it's definitely not too big of an issue. I love that it doesn't have a chemical glue smell. Overall, a great purchase and I will definitely purchase again when I run out!

Home craft studios, rejoice!

I love this glue. Regular glue has 'that smell' and always gave me a weird feeling when using it. I love that the ingredients in this are clearer (and cleaner) and I feel great using this for crafts at home with my kiddos and for scrapbooking! Love that it comes in glue stick form now, too!

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