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Your Sustainability Journey

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Brand Spotlight: Saalt

Learn more about one of our favorite brands, Saalt, with a Q&A with founder, Cherie Hoeger.
Planetary Parental Anxieties: Self-Care For Eco-Minded Parents Read Article

Planetary Parental Anxieties: Self-Care For Eco-Minded Parents

Parenting and trying to live sustainably is hard... so here are some tips for making it just a tad better.
Your Sustainability Journey Read Article

Your Sustainability Journey

We are all at different stages of our sustainability journey and have different goals for what our ideal eco-friendly lifestyle would look like. This month, we’re diving into the sustainability jou...
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Brand Spotlight: LastObject

With a mission to replace common single-use items, LastObject was founded by Isabel Aagaard with eco-friendly ideals right from the start. From their plastic free packaging to their innovative prod...
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Eco-Friendly Black Owned Brands

At EarthHero, we’re focused on more than just finding you eco-friendly products that make the cut with our sustainability experts. We’re also passionate about finding eco-friendly products made by ...
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Q-Tips and Sustainable Living

When it comes to sustainable living, there are a lot of niche products you may not think about in terms of eco-friendly swaps. One of our favorites to talk about is Q-tips or cotton swabs! Made fro...
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Product Breakdown: Seed Phytonutrients

The core team behind Seed Phytonutrients. From left: Lea Koussoulis, Brad Farrell, Shane Wolf, Scott Schienvar. Say hello to Seed Phytonutrients, a young company with some seriously old-school va...
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7 Natural Baby Products for the Eco-Friendly Mom

Job opening: Full-time, 24/7 position that includes cleaning, heavy lifting, and middle of the night interruptions. No salary, and no time off. Sound like a drag? Here’s the shocking part–over 85 m...