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Sustainability Series: Cork Read Article

Sustainability Series: Cork

Learn more about cork and what makes it sustainable and what cork-based EarthHero products we love!
What Does Sustainable Clothing Mean? Read Article

What Does Sustainable Clothing Mean?

Finding sustainable clothing in the fast fashion world can be difficult and confusing. Join us as we break down the top things to look for when shopping sustainably!
EarthHero Methodology(TM): How we Choose our Products Read Article

EarthHero Methodology(TM): How we Choose our Products

We all know being an informed consumer means lots of reading, research, and a whole lotta’ time. From lack-of-transparency, to lack-of-information, some companies like to make it almost impossible ...
The Lifecycle of a Plastic Straw Read Article

The Lifecycle of a Plastic Straw

The Final Straw If you’ve been paying attention recently, you’ve seen businesses and cities alike are banning plastic straws due to their inability to be recycled or biodegrade at the end of their...
What's the deal with rPET? Read Article

What's the deal with rPET?

We’ve all seen it–on reusable shopping bags, t-shirts, leggings, or backpacks: “This product was made using recycled water bottles!” On other items, you’ll see this type of material called anything...
shopping sustainably Read Article

4 Questions to Ask When Shopping Sustainably

We all want to help our planet stay as beautiful and healthy as possible, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out just how to go about doing that. We’ve heard that shopping sustainably is a step in t...

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