15 Fun And Affordable Activities For Kids For Plastic-Free July

15 Fun And Affordable Activities For Kids For Plastic-Free July

Discover engaging and eco-friendly activities for kids in this Plastic-Free July guide. Scavenger hunts, nature crafts, DIY play dough, and more!

This Plastic-Free July, let’s get clear on why and how to cut back on plastic waste - and who better to lead the change than the next generation of Earth Heroes? 

Plastic-free July is a global movement that challenges millions of people to come together and be part of the solution to plastic pollution. From scavenger hunts and nature adventures to crafting and gardening, in this post we’ll share some fun and affordable activities for kids to get involved. 

Roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking caps, and get ready to make a difference—one plastic-free activity at a time!


Why Is Plastic-Free July Important? Facts To Share With Your Kids!

Plastic-Free July helps millions of people - of all ages -  come together and be part of the solution to plastic pollution, so we can enjoy cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.

You might know the ins and outs of the plastic problem, but it can be a lot for little ones to wrap their heads around.  Here are some fun (well, as fun as it can be!) facts to share with your children to help them understand why Plastic-Free July is so important. 

  1. Every year 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in our planet’s beautiful blue oceans - that’s enough to cover every soccer field on Earth more than 30 times over.
  2. Did you know every piece of plastic you’ve ever used still exists somewhere? Yep, the straw that was in your juice carton on the first day of school will be sitting in a landfill right now, waiting for hundreds and hundreds of years to disappear.
  3. Scientists predict there’ll be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050 - Try finding Nemo in the plastic mess!
  4. Animals can be smart but, like humans, they also make mistakes. They often think small bits of plastic, like bottle tops and wrappers, are food and gobble them up. They’re tummies get so swollen, they can’t eat real food anymore.

Now they’re inspired to take action, it’s time to think up some fun activities that’ll turn your kids into Earth Heroes in no time!


15 Plastic-Free July Activities For Kids 

Involve your kids in plastic-free July and sustainable solutions with these 15 fun and affordable activities.

1. Plastic scavenger hunt 

Set the challenge to find plastic items around the house to showcase how common it is in our lives. Once they get the hang of it, you can take it to the next level by separating single-use and reusable plastics. Finish by brainstorming plastic-free swaps together!  

2. Nature treasure hunt

Alternatively, set out to discover all the cool things out there that aren’t made from plastic. Grab your explorer hats and head outside to find all the awesome stuff Mother Nature has to offer. From pretty rocks to colorful leaves, write a list of nature’s treasures.

3. Beach or park clean-up 

Organize a clean-up day where kids can enjoy local beaches and parks while collecting trash. Roll up your sleeves and make your green spaces sparkle again!

4. Declutter and donate 

Plastic-Free July is the perfect time to introduce mindful and sustainable shopping habits. Marie Kondo your way to a clutter-free kingdom by encouraging children to sort through what they already have and donate what they don’t need. This instills the message that purchases should always be carefully considered. 

5. Child-friendly sustainability books 

Who says learning can’t be fun? Dive into child-friendly books tailored to their age, educating them about sustainability in an accessible way. Here are some we love:

girl in pink sweatshirt

6. Composting project

Kids can learn about the magic of composting by starting a small compost bin at home. As they add kitchen scraps like fruit peels and vegetable trimmings to the bin, they'll discover how composting can help reduce the need for plastic garbage bags. 

7. Nature crafts

Let little imaginations run wild with leaves, sticks, and rocks to create new inventions and artworks. If you’re not afraid of messy fun, let them whip up the best mud pies you’ve ever seen!

8. Plastic-free picnic 

Plan a plastic-free picnic together as a family, emphasizing the importance of using reusable containers and utensils. Encourage kids to get involved in the meal prep process too ( licking the spoon optional!).

9. Customized reusable bags 

Turn saving the planet into a fashion statement by decorating reusable cloth bags with fabric markers or paints. Whether it's funky patterns or cute messages, these personalized bags will make shopping trips more fun and plastic-free. 

10. Snacks from scratch 

Swap out plastic-packaged snacks for homemade goodies made from wholefoods. From energy balls to tray bakes, kids will not only learn valuable cooking skills, but gain an appreciation for real foods that are natural, nutritious, and, of course, delicious. Here are some simple recipes for inspo:

  • Energy Balls: Mix dates, nuts, and shredded coconut in a food processor, then roll into bite-sized balls.
  • No-Bake Granola Bars: Combine oats, honey, nut butter, and dried fruit and seeds, then press into a pan and chill until firm.
  • Trail Mix Tray Bake: Spread a mixture of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and chocolate chips onto a baking tray, drizzle with melted honey, and bake until golden brown.

11. Plant a garden 

Whether it's a small plot of land or a few pots on the windowsill, planting a garden is a wonderful activity for kids to connect with nature. By using natural fertilizers and pest control methods, they'll learn how to nurture plants without relying on plastic-wrapped products. Plus, there's nothing like the satisfaction of growing your own fresh produce!

Tiny Terracotta Planter Kit

12. DIY Bird feeders

Fashion a restaurant for feathered friends with recycled materials like milk cartons or toilet paper rolls and add some bird food. This will reuse waste and attract wildlife to your backyard. 

13. Upcycled crafts

    Using materials like cardboard boxes, old clothes, and paper, kids can breathe new life into everyday items. Not only does upcycling reduce waste and promote sustainability, but it also encourages creativity and resourcefulness in young eco-warriors. 

    14. Plastic-free toys

    two toddler playing letter cubes

    From wooden blocks to recycled materials, there are plenty of eco-friendly toys available that provide endless hours of fun without harming the environment. Kids can explore options that promote a greener way of playing.

    15. DIY Play Dough

    Crafting playdough from scratch with flour, salt, water, and natural food coloring opens up endless opportunities for sensory exploration without relying on store-bought plastic packaging. 


    Join Our Plastic-Free July Challenge!

    Every day we engage in activities that generate plastic waste without even realizing it. This Plastic Free July,  we’re daring you to rethink these everyday actions and find plastic-free alternatives. 

    Each week, we’re focusing on a different theme and will present you with mini-challenges to tackle throughout that week. The good news?  no one is too young to get involved!! With the activities in this post and more, there are plenty of activities for kids to join in. 

    The only question is…are they up for the challenge?

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