Non-Profit Spotlight: Global Greengrants Fund

Non-Profit Spotlight: Global Greengrants Fund

Learn more about our non-profit partner, Global Greengrants Fund!
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This March, we are partnering with Global Greengrants Fund to donate 10% of our sales to environmental non-profits. From March 17-21, you can save 10% sitewide and donate 10% with code GETANDGIVE10.

Who is Global Greengrants Fund?

Global Greengrants Fund is an international non-profit that was founded in 1993 to support local activists and changemakers in making the world a better place. Their motto is to “mobilize resources for communities worldwide to protect our shared planet and work toward a more equitable world” which speaks to the deep values-centered organization and management they lead with. They support local grassroots efforts in social and environmental justice campaigns because they believe in the power and knowledge of local people in benefiting their own communities, as opposed to trying to dictate agendas and plans from afar.

Read a Q&A with Global Greengrants Fund Program Coordinator, Naomi Lanoi Leleto, here!

Since their inception, Global Greengrants Fund has made over 14,000 grants in over 164 countries worth more than $100M

Projects Global Greengrants Supports

Global Greengrants Fund focuses their efforts on six main action areas: Climate Justice, Healthy Ecosystems & Communities, Local Livelihoods, Right to Land and Water, and Right to Defend the Environment. This involves supporting local farmers who practice soil conservation, supporting indigenous communities to stand up against unjust land extraction and promoting cleanup and conservation efforts around the world. You can learn more about specific projects and success stories within these Action Areas here.

EarthHero x Global Greengrants

While we have worked together in the past, our current partnership with Global Greengrants Fund centers around continual partnership, where we each aim to support one another in our success.

One way EarthHero is doing this is by dedicating our March non-profit partnership to Global Greengrants by donating 10% of sales made from 3/17-3/24 this year to support their tremendous work in social and environmental justice. Another is by showcasing their amazing content on, like the Q&A linked above.

Product Spotlight: ‘Social Justice is Eco Justice‘ T-Shirt

Another way we work with Global Greengrant Funds is through our ‘Social Justice is Eco Justice’ t-shirt. Made from 50% rPET, 25% organic cotton, and 25% Tencel, the shirts utilize 6 recycled water bottles to make – amazing! Plus, 20% of the sales from these t-shirts directly benefit Global Greengrant Funds and the amazing work that they do around the world.

There are only a few t-shirts left so be sure to get yours before they run out!

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