How to Choose a Delicious Tea

How to Choose a Delicious Tea

Discover Wild Orchard's teas, which are hand-crafted in small batches by generations of tea artisans in South Korea. Their commitment to health, sustainability, and quality comes through in their curated selection of award-winning teas.

Halfway across the world, our teas are grown on the beautiful Jeju Island, South Korea.

When we started the brand five years ago to sell teas from the farm, we asked ourselves what we wanted to do. It came down to two things:

1. To have a real and positive impact on people's health.

We found that many people didn't like tea because they thought it was bitter. This happens because the tea is steeped wrong or the tea is extremely low quality (we’re talking green tea dust particles, and not proper tea leaves).

But the right tea and the right brew can result in a very smooth and clean flavor.

So Wild Orchard exists because we want people to be able to drink a lot of green tea, and be healthy as a result. We want to help people implement green tea into their daily lifestyles.

2. To protect the planet that we live on.

We are living in a time where nature is being decimated. We wanted tea to be a tool that allows us to be a little more conscious of the environment. Regenerative farming is really one of the greatest solutions to climate change. It also makes your food more nutrient dense!


Wild Orchard teas are hand-crafted in small batches by generations of tea artisans in South Korea.

Our dedicated tea farmers and artisans founded the farm 25 years ago and have produced the world’s most delicious teas ever since.

Single Origin

All Wild Orchard teas come directly from one farm, so there are no traceability questions.

Jeju Island Grown

Cultivated on a 1,000-acre farm on a volcanic island in South Korea, Wild Orchard teas boast a unique terroir.

Award-Winning Flavor

Our teas have proudly won 22 medals at prestigious tea competitions in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

The world’s very first Regenerative Organic Certified® teas

Our farming practices go beyond organic; they’re regenerative!

Reducing CO2

Regenerative farming actively reduces CO2 in the atmosphere by sinking it into the soil, making it carbon positive.


Premium loose leaf teas, matcha powders and tea bags for convenience

Wild Orchard’s curated selection of teas is designed to help people everywhere achieve better health. Our product range features a variety of delicious flavors so you can incorporate tea into your unique personal daily routine.

Matcha Green $18.99

  • A truly wild blend, unrefined and made from whole tea leaves, veins and all,  grown in the vivid sunlight of Jeju Island.
  • Fantastic as a latte. High caffeine.
  • Bronze medal winner of the 2021 Golden Leaf Awards

Everyday Black $15.99

  • Smooth, delicate, and lightly toasted, this is the world's first Regenerative Organic Certified® black tea!
  • Perfect for on-the-go sips. Medium Caffeine.
  • Packed in biodegradable tea bags so your tea contains 0 microplastics


After Rain Green Tea $44.99

  • Picked during the time of year when the trees have just woken up, each cup will be delicately brimming with hints of nectar and aromas of the season.
  • 9-Time Award Winner
    • 2024 World Tea Expo Beverage Challenge, Winner
    • 2023 Golden Leaf Awards, Gold
    • 2023 Korean Tea of the Year Contest, Winner
    • 2022 Leafies, Highly Recommended
    • 2022 Great Taste, 1 Star
    • 2022 AVPA, Bronze
    • 2021 Golden Leaf Awards, Gold
    • 2021 AVPA World Tea Contest, Gold
    • 2019 Global Tea Championship, Winner


There are a few main ways to discern whether a tea is a high quality tea:

1. How clean is the tea?

Was it sprayed with pesticides and grown in soil that has little to no nutrients left due to overtilling and bad soil management? Or was it grown organically and/or regeneratively without the use of pesticides? The more nutrient dense a tea is, the more intense its flavor.

2. Where was the tea grown?

Do you know which farm, which town or which country your tea is from? Single source or single origin teas are usually the purest. Also, the more mysterious the origin of your food, the more likely farmers are being exploited.

3. Is it recognized in the tea world?

Do tea experts, sommeliers and chefs acknowledge the quality of the tea? Has the tea won medals in tea competitions?


For more information, visit or reach out to [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions!

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