February Staff Picks: Love for Yourself and The Planet

February Staff Picks: Love for Yourself and The Planet

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Davids Toothpaste

“Toothpaste is one of those products that has really been experiencing a lot of innovation. From powders, to tablets, to paste in jars. Davids has really delivered an excellent balance of quality, sustainability, and ease of use. I love that it’s super easy to use because it’s in a tube, but also zero waste because the tube is actually curbside recyclable. And, the taste is really refreshing. I love the spearmint!”
Ryan, Founder and CEO

Khala & Co. | Pour Over Reusable Coffee Filter

“With the year that we’ve had, my morning ritual is everything – and that includes coffee making! I’ve loved using my Chemex in the morning – but not the single-use disposable filters. Enter Khala Cloths’ reusable pour over coffee filters! They’re durable, easy to clean, and handmade with hemp – an incredibly sustainable material! Plus, Khala & Co. is a fantastic local business here in Boulder – and supporting a local business is always a great choice. Khala makes cone-shaped coffee filters for traditional coffee makers too. If you’re a coffee drinker, check it out!”
Jen, Brand & Digital Marketing Strategist

Meow Meow Tweet | Baking Soda Free Zero Waste Deodorant Stick

“I’ve been on the search for the right natural deodorant for a long time. I’ve probably tried 10-15 different brands, always encountering a new issue. Some simply don’t work, some result in painful irritation, and sometimes there’s a combination of the two. Not this one! Finally, I may have found my deodorant match! This glides on super smoothly, doesn’t require reapplication, and the rose geranium scent lasts for a full day in ways that many other deodorants have not for me. I highly recommend!”
Becki, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Self Care Gift Box

“I don’t know about you, but I found it difficult to think of the right gifts for loved ones this past holiday season. Given how unusual of a year 2020 was and the fact that people were having to establish new routines and were sticking closer to home than normal, it was tough to know what people might need vs. want. One concept that kept coming to mind for me? We all probably needed an opportunity to decompress and focus on our own well being for a minute. For that reason I was very glad that our talented team had already put together a gift box assortment that had that intent. For a thoughtful gift any time of the year, this gift box is the perfect go-to.”
-Jeff, Chief Operating Officer

Cotopaxi | Allpa Del Día Travel Pack 35L

“For a long time I’ve been one of those ‘freebie duffle bag types of people – but there comes a time when the old Carnival Cruise duffle bag from 6 years ago just doesn’t do the job anymore. I’ve since upgraded to this awesome travel pack from Cotopaxi. One of my favorite things about it is its butterfly design: you can unzip the bag right down the middle and it opens up with conveniently placed pockets for easy storage and access. It also has very comfortable handles on every side, shoulder straps, and hip straps for easy transportation. Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality of this bag and I expect it to last a long time. This is now my go-to bag for any sort of travel up to 4-5 days.”
Cullen, Supply Chain Operations Specialist

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