10 Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Toys

10 Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Toys

We love our furry friends, and want to give them the absolute best! But, many of the conventional pet treats and toys you find at the local store are not very eco-friendly – relying on heaps of plastic packaging, wasteful raw materials and ingredients, and harsh chemicals or dyes. But there is a better way! By opting for treats made with sustainable proteins and toys made from ethical materials, you can give your pets everything they need and want… without giving up your sustainability values. Check out 10 of our favorite eco-friendly pet treats and toys below!

Chippin Dog Treats

10 Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Toys | EarthHero Blog | Sustainable Living

Did you know that dogs and cats are currently responsible for 30 percent of the world’s meat consumption? And the meat industry puts a major strain on our planet due to carbon emissions, land usage, production and more. But pets still need protein! Chippin has found a solution in a new, more sustainable protein source: crickets! Cricket flour requires 1 gallon of water, and produces zero-methane emissions (unlike cows!) while being higher in Omega-3 fatty acids and B12. Plus, it has triple the protein of beef and chicken! These cricket treats are baked in small batches, and contain antioxidants and added yummy ingredients your pup will love. Their packaging is made with recycled materials as well!

Eco Quacker Dog Toy

10 Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Toys | EarthHero Blog | Sustainable Living

When it comes to materials for dog toys, we usually prefer natural materials like hemp or organic cotton over virgin polyester or nylon. This durable duck is one of our favorites for plush toys – it contains natural wool on the inside with a thick hemp fabric outer. It’s made in the USA, is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, and is biodegradable at the end of its life! Just remove the squeaker when it can no longer be used. Plus, it comes in three different sizes – so it works for any pup in your life.

Natural Rubber Dog Bone

10 Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Toys | EarthHero Blog | Sustainable Living

Looking for a dog toy that can entertain your pup while you’re not home? We love this treat bone because you can fill it with peanut butter or treats to keep your dog busy while you’re out. It’s made from 100% biodegradable and BPA-free natural rubber with a vanilla scent, and has a hollow center that can easily be filled. This bone comes package free, and for every purchase, Beco Pets donates 5 percent of profits towards charities helping animals worldwide.

Organic Cotton Dog Bed

10 Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Toys | EarthHero Blog | Sustainable Living

A good, comfy dog bed is essential to keep your dog happy – and as they get older, to keep their joints and bones healthy! We love OMI dog beds because they are durable, supportive, and most importantly, sustainable. The pillow insert and outer covers can be purchased together or separately, so you can replace a portion of the bed if it becomes damaged. They have small and large bed sizes, and all of their beds are made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and shredded natural rubber. The bed pillow has a different texture on each side, so you can see what support level your pup prefers. Plus, OMI beds contain no chemical flame retardants, formaldehyde, polyurethane foam, or other harmful chemicals! These beds also work for cats, bunnies, and other furry friends.

Star Treat Activity Dog Toy

10 Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Toys | EarthHero Blog | Sustainable Living

Treat toys are wonderful for keeping your dog entertained – but it’s important to choose treat toys that are made with non-toxic, natural materials since they’ll be chewing on them quite a lot! This eco-friendly dog ball is great because it’s made with 100 percent natural rubber from hevea trees – not synthetic rubber from petroleum. The natural rubber makes it biodegradable at the end of its life, and it is both semi-soft yet durable. It has a treat hole in the center for hard treats, peanut butter, or other snacks, and is perfect for teething puppies and adult dogs alike.

Flamingo Plush Rope Dog Toy

10 Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Toys | EarthHero Blog | Sustainable Living

We love plush toys, but the strongest of chewers need them to be super durable! Unlike other plush dog toys, this one features a hard-wearing fabric with double stitching for durability. It’s made from recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles, and the legs are hemp and cotton ropes. Because of toys like this, Beco Pets has recycled over 1.8 million plastic bottles to transform into toys! It also comes packaged plastic free, and the legs are biodegradable after use.

Hand Crochet Ostrich Dog Toy

10 Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Toys | EarthHero Blog | Sustainable Living

If your pup prefers plush toys, this is for them! The company Ware of the Dog handmakes and hand crochets all of their adorable plush toys, and employs craftswomen in Nepal and Turkey in fair trade facilities – giving them fair wages and ethical working conditions. They use 100% organic cotton (and sometimes recycled yarn!) and OEKO-Tex Certified non-toxic dyes. The results are bright, colorful, and beyond cute dog toys that are totally unique. Although they have a super durable design, due to the smaller size and plush fabric, we suggest this toy for smaller or medium size dogs.

Organic Catnip

10 Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Toys | EarthHero Blog | Sustainable Living

If you’re more of a cat person, we’ve got you covered too! Catnip is a favorite among our feline friends, but needs to be grown sustainably and ethically like any plant. This organic catnip is USDA Certified organic, ensuring it contains no harmful chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers. It also comes packaged in a reusable and recyclable metal tin, and ships without plastic shipping materials. It’s grown and packed in the USA, and is sure to keep your cat or kitten energized, excited, and engaged!

Eco Kitty Catcher Cat Toy

10 Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Toys | EarthHero Blog | Sustainable Living

Ignite the hunting instinct in your cat without leaving the couch with this cat toy! Handmade from sustainable hemp twine, an ethically harvested bamboo pole, and a wool “worm”, this funky eco-friendly cat toy is perfect for batting around and keeping your cat active. The hemp twine is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, as is the bamboo base. The wool worm is handcrafted by rural Mongolian women, and is cruelty free. Plus, it comes without any plastic packaging!

Pampered Pup Dog Gift Box

10 Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Toys | EarthHero Blog | Sustainable Living

Getting a new dog, or know someone who is? This curated gift box is the perfect starter kit for an eco-friendly pup in your life. It has a treat-hiding natural rubber ball, compostable pet waste bags and a waste bag holder made from bioplastic, as well as a paw protection salve made from natural ingredients. It comes without any plastic packaging, and all packaging can be easily curbside recycled.

If you’re hoping to make your life more sustainable, it is important to consider your pets as well – after all, they’re family! These are some of our favorite eco-friendly pet treats and toys… but there are so many other amazing sustainable products out there for your furry friends. Check out our entire pet category here!

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