The 15 Best Sustainable Gifts For Father’s Day 2024, Whoever You’re Treating

The 15 Best Sustainable Gifts For Father’s Day 2024, Whoever You’re Treating

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for. They claim they don’t want anything, but you know deep down they’d love a little pampering. No matter who wears the ‘Dad’ shoes in your life - whether that’s a parent, step-parent, uncle, grandad, or big brother - they deserve a gift they love for Father’s Day 2024. 

From the hundreds of products we have on, we’ve handpicked these 15,  spanning a range of interests and budgets, to help you discover the perfect token of gratitude for Father’s Day 2024.

And what better way to honor those who’ve shaped our lives with their guidance, than opting for a sustainable gift that reflects the depths of their wisdom and care? From a reusable thermos mug for the coffee connoisseur to durable yet stylish outdoor gear for the adventurous spirit, everything in our gift guide has been picked with the planet in mind. 

If you don’t find something perfect for your dad in this guide don’t worry, there are plenty more ideas in our Father’s Day 2024 collection. If it’s Mom/s you’re shopping for, feel free to check out our Mother’s Day Guide too. 

15 Sustainable Gifts For Father’s Day 2024

1. Reusable Coffee Mug 24oz

Coffee Mug 24oz

For the dad who loves his caffeine fix, gift this durable stainless steel mug with an insulated lid. It not only ensures his favorite brew stays hot for hours but saves on single-use coffee cups too.

  • Perfect for: Coffee lovers, commuters, and new dads (running on little sleep!)
  • Brand: Hydro Flask
  • Values: Parks For All partners
  • Sustainability: reusable, BPA-free
  • Price: $32.95

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2. Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Grooming Kit

Give your dad an extra pep in his step with this beard pampering kit. Made with organic plant-based ingredients, it’s the ultimate duo for an effortlessly styled look.

  • Perfect for: Well-groomed dads or those who need an extra pamper
  • Brand: Badger
  • Values: B-Corp, Leaping Bunny certified, family-owned business
  • Sustainability: USDA Certified Organic, recyclable packaging
  • Price: $29.99

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3. Organic Cotton Beanie

Organic Cotton Beanie

No hipster dad is complete without his stylish beanie! This soft and cozy hat is made from certified organic and fairtrade cotton, perfect for family days out (or reminiscing about his skatepark days!)

  • Perfect for: hipster dads, big brothers, and fashion lovers
  • Brand: Terra Thread
  • Values: B-Corp, handmade
  • Sustainability: GOTS certified, fair trade certified, B-Corp, carbon neutral
  • Price: $24.95

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4. Wooden Headphone Stand 

Wooden Headphone Stand

Whether he’s a wannabe DJ or avid gamer, spruce up Dad’s setup with this sleek wooden headphone stand - and a tree will be planted with every order!

  • Perfect for: gamers, music fans, workaholics
  • Brand: Oakywood
  • Values: family business, homemade
  • Sustainability: plants a tree with every order, FCS-certified wood, recyclable packaging.
  • Price: $70

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5. Sporting Life Energizing Aromatherapy Kit

Sporting Life Energizing Aromatherapy Kit - 2pk

This sporty dad’s nemesis is post-match muscle ache. Give him the gift of natural pain relief with this aromatherapy kit, featuring a Cooling Magnesium Cramp Healer Gel and a Muscle + Joint Relief Essential Oil Roller.

  • Perfect for: athletes and coaches
  • Brand: Mindful Mixtures
  • Values: Women-owned family business, vegan, organic therapeutic grade oils
  • Sustainability: 1% for the planet member
  • Price: $46.95

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6. Italian Pizza-Making Kit

Italian Pizza Making Set with Peel and Slicer

Transform Dad into a pizza-making maestro with this set, homemade in the home of pizza (Italy!). It’s essential for weekly pizza nights with the whole fam.

  • Perfect for: chefs and foodies
  • Brand: Verve Culture
  • Values: Women-owned, family business, homemade in Italy.
  • Sustainability: plastic-free, supports slow craftsmanship
  • Price: $48

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7. 16L Mini Duffle Bag

Bumi Organic Cotton Duffel Bag

Level up Dad's day-to-day adventures with this versatile bag crafted from 100% recycled materials, perfect for day trips and gym sessions, while removing one pound of trash from landfills with every purchase.

  • Perfect for: sporty dads and commuters.
  • Brand: United By Blue
  • Values: B Corp
  • Sustainability: made from recycled plastic, 1 pound of trash removed from landfills with each purchase, carbon neutral. 
  • Price: $76.95

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8. Organic Cotton Laptop Sleeve

Organic Cotton Laptop Sleeve 15 in

An ideal companion for the hard-working man, this laptop sleeve isn’t only practical but donates 10 meals to kids and families in need through Feeding America. It’s a gift for your family and another!

  • Perfect for: workaholics and gadget lovers
  • Brand: Terra Thread
  • Values: B-Corp, handmade, partners with Feeding America
  • Sustainability: GOTS certified, fair trade certified, organic content, carbon neutral.
  • Price: $39.95

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9. Reusable Meal Camping Kit 

Reusable Meal Camping Kit

A tribute to those tree-climbing days with Dad, this reusable camping kit fuels wanderlust and preserves the environment, removing one pound of trash with every purchase.

  • Perfect for: hikers, campers, fishermen, and nature lovers.
  • Brand: United By Blue
  • Values: B Corp
  • Sustainability: recycled content, 1 pound of trash removed from landfills with each purchase, carbon neutral.  Price: $38

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10. Cork Card Holder 

OG Cork Cardholder

Handmade in Portugal from naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof, and biodegradable cork, this card holder perfectly blends functionality and eco-conscious design for a gift any dad will love.

  • Perfect for: sophisticated dads, travelers, shopaholics
  • Brand: Tiradia Cork
  • Values: B Corp
  • Sustainability: recycled content, 1 pound of trash removed from landfills with each purchase, carbon neutral. 
  • Price: $38

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11. Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket

This Weighted Blanket by Baloo molds to your body like a gentle hug, creating even pressure called Deep Pressure Touch that relaxes the nervous system, increases serotonin, and reduces stress hormones. It doesn't trap heat, making it cool enough for dad to use year-round!

  • Perfect for: nappers and active dads.
  • Brand: Baloo
  • Values: Women-owned, made with low impact dyes, safe and fair labor
  • Sustainability: certified vegan, 100% chemical-free cotton & glass microbeads
  • Price: $199

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12. Clean Shave Soap 

Clean Shave Soap - Wild St. John's Wort

Give Dad's handsome face the care it deserves with the power of seven pure ingredients, including wildflowers, olive oil, and wild St. John's Wort flowers, known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

  • Perfect for: skincare lovers, clean-shavers, and sensitive skin types.
  • Brand: Slow Botanicals
  • Values: Handmade, vegan and cruelty-free
  • Sustainability: zero waste, organic
  • Price: $15

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13. Organic Wool Mountain Hiking Socks

Organic Wool Mountain Hiking Sock

These aren’t your typical novelty Dad socks - they’re the ultimate comfort and functional apparel for his outdoor escapades, ensuring every step is taken care of on his adventures with a soft cushioned inside layer.

  • Perfect for: hikers, campers, and outdoor adventurers. 
  • Brand: Maggie’s Organics
  • Values: Members of Fair Trade Federation and Domestic Fair Trade Association
  • Sustainability: GOTS Certified organic merino wool, biodegradable packaging,
  • Price: $28

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14. Masa + Olive Exfoliating Face Paste

Masa + Olive Exfoliating Face Paste

He might think soap and water does the job, but introduce him to this facepaste and he’ll be a skincare convert. The gentle scrub moisturizes while removing pore-clogging dirt leaving him feeling the freshest he’s ever felt.

  • Perfect for: the skincare reluctant (it’ll convert him!)
  • Brand: Fat and The Moon
  • Values: women-owned, handmade, vegan, cruelty-free
  • Sustainability: shipped in recycled and recyclable packaging, organic content
  • Price: $18

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15. Apollo Duo Wireless Charging Pad

Apollo Duo Wireless Charging Pad

Streamline this gadget Dad's charging routine, with this recycled plastic charging pad that lets you charge two devices simultaneously – just plug in, lay down your devices, and watch them power up quickly.

  • Perfect for: gadget lovers
  • Brand: Nimble
  • Values: 1% for the planet certified
  • Sustainability: recycled plastic, climate neutral certified
  • Price: $18

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Gentle Reminder: The Best Gifts Can’t Be Bought!

We know it’s a little ironic coming from an online marketplace, but mindful consumerism is at the core of EarthHero so we’re here to remind you not to go too overboard with gifts and cards!

While we love sustainable options and we’re sure you can’t wait to share them with your father figure, there’s something special about heartfelt gestures too.

Surprise Dad for Father’s Day 2024 with these kind acts:

  • Reminisce or recreate a favorite childhood memory 
  • Write a heartfelt message on the back of an old photograph 
  • Pencil in time for a long phone call or Facetime
  • Organize a family game night with homemade snacks
  • Compile a playlist of your shared favorite songs


Thank you to all Dads - You’re our Heroes!

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