Ethical Gift Guide: 15 Handpicked Gifts For Mother’s Day 2024

Ethical Gift Guide: 15 Handpicked Gifts For Mother’s Day 2024

Celebrate Mother's Day 2024 with a gift that shows you care. Discover our handpicked selection of eco-friendly products perfect for Mom and Mama Earth.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this year we think Mom deserves a gift as thoughtful and caring as she is. Instead of plastic-wrapped flowers or cards with a hefty carbon footprint, why not choose a unique gift mindfully made by a sustainable company?

From a cozy cup of herbal tea to a nourishing vegan skincare routine, we’ve curated this guide to help you find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day 2024. Our 15 handpicked gifts are tailored to your budget, values, and whatever the mom figure in your life loves the most.

Don’t worry if you don’t see anything that screams ‘Mom!’ here as we have a wide range of eco-friendly products to find the perfect fit. Let’s give Mom and Mama Earth some love!


Why choose ethical gifts for Mother’s Day 2024?

The same reasons any other time!

Every year that passes, climate issues become increasingly urgent. The warmest 10 years on record have all occurred since 2020 and in 2023, global carbon emissions from fossil fuels hit a record peak. Opting for eco-friendly products in 2024 is more important than ever.

For Mother’s Day specifically, it’s our two favorite (or maybe just the easiest?) gifts to give that cause the damage: cards and flowers.

Americans spend more than 3 billion dollars on flowers for Mother’s Day, many of which are wrapped in plastic and imported from South America. When it comes to cards, 1.3 billion are sent each year, including those for Mother’s Day. This adds up to huge carbon emissions!

And since 78% of consumers feel that sustainability is important, it’s very likely your Mom would want you to spend your dollars with the planet in mind. Choosing an ethical gift, and buying based on the values she instilled in you, honors the caring nature of the woman you’re celebrating.

1. Refillable Botanical Cleansing Oil 

Refillable Botanical Cleansing Oil

Crafted from natural ingredients and enriched with Vitamin E, this cleansing oil leaves skin nourished while supporting environmental causes through charitable donations.

Perfect for: Clean beauty lovers, mom friends, and those who need a little extra pamper.

Brand: Activist Skincare

Values: Women-owned, cruelty-free.

Sustainability: refillable and recyclable packaging. 

Price: $41.99 

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2. Botanical Body Oil

Soap Distillery Soap Distillery, Botanical Body Oil, 4.06 oz

Give Mom the ultimate pamper, with this nourishing body oil. The naturally fragrant formula is perfect for a joyful start to the day or needed post-bath relaxation. 

Perfect for: New moms and moms who need the night off!

Brand: Soap distillery 

Values: LGBTQIA+ empowering, black-owned, women-owned, handmade,

Sustainability: recyclable container.

Price: $18 

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3. Good Morning Tea Gift Box Set 

Good Morning Tea Gift Box Set
This assortment of 4 teas in biodegradable bags, is presented in a charming kraft box fit for a queen!

Perfect for: Grandmothers and sharing quality time together. 

Brand: Flying Bird Botanicals 

Values: organically farmed in the US with fairtrade partners overseas.

Sustainability: USDA organic certified, locally sourced herbs, reusable tin, recyclable box.

Price: $18 

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4. Zero Waste Shower Bundle 

Zero Waste Store Zero Waste Shower Bundle

For a gift that’s as useful as it is lovely, this shower bundle includes salon-quality shampoo and conditioner bars, an agave soap saver bag, and a plastic-free soap dish. The bars replace up to 3 bottles! 

Perfect for: zero-wasters and camping lovers

Brand: ZWS Essentials 

Values: vegan, cruelty-free, women-owned.

Sustainability: zero waste

Price: $42.72 

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5. Coffee Mug 

Coffee Mug 24oz

Treat Mom to the perfect on-the-go mug, featuring eco-friendly design, temperature control, and a cozy feel for those cherished coffee breaks anywhere she goes!

Perfect for: zero-wasters, outdoor adventures, and coffee addicts.

Brand: Hydro Flask

Values: Parks For All partners.

Sustainability: Reusable, BPA-free 

Price: $32.95 

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6. Lok Zipper pouch 

Lok Zipper Pouch

Not only is this a versatile and sleek accessory, but each bag donates 10 meals to kids and families in need through Feeding America. It’s a gift for your family and another! 

Perfect for: Organized moms, work moms, teachers, and caregivers. 

Brand: Terra Thread

Values: B-corp, handmade.

Sustainability: GOTS certified, Fair Trade certified, organic content, carbon neutral.

Price: $15.95 

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7. Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket

The only weighted blanket on the market with no polyester, this cozy gift is made with glass microbeads for a weight that molds to their body like a gentle hug. 

Perfect for: homebodies, grandmothers, aunties.

Brand: Baloo Living 

Values: Certified vegan, women-owned.

Sustainability: carbon neutral, plant trees with partners SeaTrees.

Price: $199 

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8. Homemade Tortilla Press

Homemade Tortilla Press

Swap out the plastic-packaged store-bought tortillas, and let Mom get her hands on this homemade press. Once she gets the hang of it, family tortilla nights may become a regular thing.

Perfect for: Amateur chefs, foodies

Brand: Verve Culture 

Values: women-owned, handmade in Mexico, family business.
Sustainability: recycled content, replaces plastic-packaged options.
Price: $60

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9. Sky Paint Set 

sea & sky paint set

A gift that inspires, this blend of soft cool colors is crafted from natural pigments by the centuries-old French company, Society of Ochres. 

Perfect for: Artist Moms, creative beings, and hobby-seekers.

Brand: eco-kids

Values: women-owned, natural and plant-based.

Sustainability: non-toxic, recyclable packaging. 

Price: $35.99

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10. Socks That Fight for Equality 

Socks that Fight for Equality

Yes, you read the name right. The strong-willed women in your life will love knowing that these comfy socks donate $1 to the National Urban League, providing empowerment and opportunities for the underserved in America.

Perfect for: activist moms.

Brand: Conscious Step

Values: LGBTQIA+ Empowering, Fair Trade Certified.

Sustainability: GOTS Certified, organic content, recycled packaging. 

Price: $14.95

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11. Globe Stud Wooden Earrings

Globe Stud Wooden Earrings

Rekindle memories of past adventures— together or solo —with this heartfelt and nostalgic gift.

Perfect for: Globe trotters, style icons, and sentimental moments.

Brand: Green Tree Jewlery 

Values: LGBTQIA+ Empowering, Fair Trade Certified.

Sustainability: FCS Certified wood, Plastic-free, 90% recycled packaging.

Price: $32.00

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12. Zero Waste Home By Bea Johnson Book 

Zero Waste Home

Bea Johnson, hailed as the "mother of the Zero Waste movement," shares her inspiring journey of transforming her family's life by drastically reducing waste. 

Perfect for: environmental activists, bookworms, and lifelong learners.

Brand: The EarthHero Library

Values: Zero waste guide

Sustainability: Recycled paper

Price: $13.00

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13. Botanical Keepers

Botanical Keepers

Better than a one-off bouquet, gift your Mom an easy way to propagate plants and arrange flowers forever. Pair with a vessel, add water, and enjoy!

Perfect for: gardeners and nature lovers.

Brand: Modern Sprout

Values: Family business, plants a tree

Sustainability: Organic content, compostable, recyclable.

Price: $10.49

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14. Herbal Mama’s Sitz Bath 

Herbal Mama Sitz Bath

This modern twist on an ancient tradition combines organic herbal ingredients to provide soothing postpartum vaginal relief for new mamas in your life.

Perfect for: New moms

Brand: Fat and the Moon

Values: Handmade, women-owned, vegan, and cruelty-free, 

Sustainability: recycled and recyclable packaging

Price: $30

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15. Multi-Use Makeup Balmie 

Axiology Multi-Use Balmie- Zero Waste Makeup, Vegan, 3-in-1 Multi-Use, .12 oz.

If your mom loves her trusty lipstick, tell her you have something that might just beat it. This compact multi-use color can enhance your eyes, lips, and cheeks. 

Perfect for: makeup lovers and glam moms.

Brand: Axiology 

Values: women-owned, vegan and cruelty-free.

Sustainability: recyclable packaging, boxes handmade from recycled trash by a women’s cooperative in Bali.

Price: $14.99

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Other Meaningful Ways To Show You Care

Remember that appreciation can go much deeper than the zero-waste gifts you’re eager to share. Make time for meaningful gestures such as these too:

  1. Write a heartfelt message 
  2. Pencil in time for a long phone call
  3. Print off personal photos
  4. Cook a homemade meal 
  5. Spend quality time together

Happy Mother’s Day from Earth Hero!

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