EarthHero Staff Picks of the Month - February

EarthHero Staff Picks of the Month - February

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Every month, we’re asking our team what stands out! Whether it’s an incredible product story or just a downright useful product, we’ll tell you why each product made it onto our list. Check out what our team chose this month!

Natural Daily Shampoo | Seed Phytonutrients

“I’m very particular about my shampoos. I like them to be light in texture and low on fragrance. As I’ve become more educated about the space packaging has also become more important to me as well. I’m also not ready to switch over to shamboo bars b/c I’ve yet to figure out for myself how to keep shampoo or soap bars from getting all grimey in the shower. I guess you could say that I’m more than a little particular. For all of these reasons, Seed was a great solution for me. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve also started to use the gentle daily face wash as well.” – Jeff, COO

Handmade Castile Dish Soap Block | Bestowed Essentials

“I’ll be honest. I was very skeptical about how effective this dish soap was actually going to be, but I was determined to rid my kitchen of plastic, so I gave it a try. I am now on my third bar and I can definitely say that I am never.looking.back. Goodbye forever, liquid dish soap! Not only does this soap seriously clean my dishes, pots, and pans, but it has also really enhanced the general look of my kitchen. For optimal scrubbing action, I like to pair this soap block with a brush and sometimes run it under the faucet if I’m soaking a pan overnight. Truly a zero-waste game changer!!” – Ellie, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Original Food Huggers | Food Huggers

“My favorite (and oldest) product is Original Food Huggers! These are made for keeping fruits and veggies fresh longer. While they keep my foods fresh, I like to get creative and use them to seal the top of my mason jars and cans, too! My favorite use yet: placing the largest one on my morning tea to keep the heat in while it steeps. Made from 100% FDA grade silicone, these are safer than plastic wrap or foil, more useful, and much cuter, too!” – Grace, Customer Service and Administration Specialist

Moisturize HiBar Shampoo + Conditioner Bars| HiBar

“Ok, so when our first conditioner bars landed in house, I was ready to take the leap into hair care bars. Hands down, blown away! Now, I’m a 44 year old dude with short curly hair, but these bars lather right up with just a few strokes, and my hair feels super clean and healthy! And, I love that it all creates zero waste with its minimal cardboard packaging. They also last a very long time, I’ve had mine for over 4 months and counting!” – Ryan, Founder and CEO

Blue Light Glasses | Parafina

“The first thing I do when I get home from work is put on my blue light glasses. I spend many of my evenings in front of my TV with a game controller in hand and these glasses help to keep my eyes from getting worn out/tired after a long time of looking at screens. I’ve also noticed that I have less trouble falling asleep if I’ve been wearing them at night. I’d recommend this product for anyone who enjoys watching tv or movies late at night before going to bed, and they are stylish too!” – Cullen, Supply Chain and Operations Specialist

Organic Reusable Facial Rounds | Marley’s Monsters

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to listen to my mom’s advice about having a great skincare routine – but sometimes I get a little lazy about keeping up with all of the different steps. These reusable facial rounds are super helpful – I use them to apply makeup remover or toner, and since there are 20 in each pack, I never run out between laundry sessions. I just throw them in delicates bag along with the rest of my laundry, and put them in a repurposed jar when they’re dry so I can pull clean ones out whenever I need one! I feel better about not using disposable cotton balls, and it’s still super easy and convenient!” – Becki, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Vegan Soy Candle + Planter | Hyggelight

“Snowy days at the EarthHero office call for my cozy Hyggelight candle! It’s made with natural soy wax, so I can feel good about burning it in the office, and is hand poured into a super cute planter pot. Once I get through the candle (it will take a while, the one I have burns for 110 hours!) I’ll plant the wildflower seeds Hyggelight included, and have a little office plant (which I hopefully don’t kill!)” – Juliet, Product and Marketing Content Coordinator

Guyana Polarized Sunglasses | SOLO Eyewear

“Here’s an oldie but a goodie! SOLO Eyewear was one of our earliest partners here at EarthHero, and I’ve had my eyes on these sunglasses for over 2 years now. I finally decided to purchase them (that’s my minimalist mindset working), and absolutely love them! They’re very sleek with the dainty bamboo arms, and the material is very light, so no headaches from heavy sunglasses on your nose all day. Plus, SOLO Eyewear works to provide eyecare to people in need–how cool is that!” – Hannah, Brand Marketing Manager

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