EarthHero Staff Picks of the Month - March

EarthHero Staff Picks of the Month - March

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Every month, we’re asking our team what stands out! Whether it’s an incredible product story or just a downright useful product, we’ll tell you why each product made it onto our list. Check out what our team chose this month!

Better Balm Lip Conditioner | Elate Cosmetics

“I love when I can find a fun beauty product that is amazing for both my needs and is soft on the planet! The Better Balm by Elate Cosmetics is a true holy grail lip product AND it happens to be zero-waste! I love that the screw-on cap is entirely made from bamboo – and no sneaky plastic interior. I use the color ‘Poise’ and it delivers supreme moisture, a hint of gloss, and a delicate pop of color. Colorado is super dry and once winter hits, I’m looking for just about anything to protect and repair my cracked lips. Each time I apply this balm, my lips feel instantly soothed. A tiny bit goes a long way! I’m so obsessed, it’s my number one gift idea for friends.”– Ellie, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Dishwasher Detergent Pods | Dropps

“We’ve got a full house at home with two teenage boys. Needless to say, our dishwasher is working full time these days and we need detergent that is up for the challenge. I was so excited to try Dropps because of its zero waste qualities AND the convenience of just popping them in dishwasher each time. Incredible! They make our dishes squeaky clean while providing a wonderful scent as we open the door after the loads complete. They’re the perfect solution.” – Ryan, Founder and CEO

Stand Up Stasher Bag | Stasher

“My zero-waste product of the month is easy- the stand-up STASHER!! I’ve always loved them, but recently I have been loving them for freezing fresh produce. Now that I’m practicing social distancing, having all of these veggies ready to go when I need them is a huge blessing- thanks, Stasher! Even my boyfriend has come around to loving them! The only thing left to do is collect all of the colors…..” – Grace, Customer Service and Administration Specialist

Food Huggers – Original Sizes | Food Huggers

“I live with three other roommates, and we all like to think we’re amateur chefs. With all that cooking going on, we’re always looking for ways to store veggies most effectively without wasting limited space in the fridge. We have one set of these and one set of the avocado huggers, and pretty much have some in use at all times! These are great for half-cut lemons, cucumbers, onions, and even are great to seal open canned food! Plus, there’s always a little rush of satisfaction when you find the food hugger that fits your produce just right! ” – Becki, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Stainless Steel Compost Bin | Natural Home Brands

“One of the ways I love to practice zero waste is to compost as much of my waste as I possibly can! I feel very fortunate to live in a place that offers curb-side, commercial composting, and this beautiful stainless steel compost bin from Natural Home Brands makes collecting compost easy, odor-free, and it looks great in my kitchen too! Pair it with a couple of charcoal filters and some compostable bags and you are good to go. The stainless steel (50% recycled content) makes for easy cleaning and a quality feel. Who knew composting could be so stylish!” – Cullen, Supply Chain and Operations Specialist

Reusable Trash Can Liners | Bagito

“Did you know that studies estimate 309 million Americans used plastic trash can liners in 2018? I’m trying to reduce the amount of trash my house produces – but it doesn’t help that the bags we usually put our trash in are single-use plastic themselves! To save money spent on trash bags, and reduce waste, I use Reusable Trash Can Liners instead. They come in 3 different sizes, so I can use the smaller sizes in bathroom trash bins, and the larger sizes in my main recycling or trash bins! Simply fill them up, then toss the waste directly into your commercial pick up bin. Plus, they’re made from rPETe fabric from recycled plastic water bottles, and are machine washable – making them easy to clean between uses. ” – Juliet, Product and Marketing Content Coordinator

Eco Laundry Powder| Meliora

“It smells so good! I love using powder for my laundry–it’s a zero waste solution and I can keep refilling the canister as needed with the refill packs. I love the lemon, lavender, clove scent, but all of them are really lovely! It takes me about 3 months to go through one canister, doing laundry for two people. If you order this and can’t find the scoop at first, keep shaking it around and the scoop will float to the top! At first I thought mine was missing the scoop, but it surfaced after I gave it a good look! ” – Hannah, Brand Marketing Manager

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