5 Full Circle Zero Waste Products We Love

5 Full Circle Zero Waste Products We Love

Check out our new products from Full Circle Home's new Zero Waste Collection. Make your kitchen eco-friendly at EarthHero.

Zero waste doesn’t just happen overnight. In fact, it usually takes a lifetime because our values change as do the products available to us. When beginning this journey, one great way to start is by educating yourself about what your choices mean and what others are doing. That way, it’s easier to pick and choose based on your lifestyle and needs. A great place to start your zero waste journey (or amplify your current one) is your kitchen, which is where Full Circle comes in.

In fact, their brand began at the dinner table one Thanksgiving evening….

Who is Full Circle Home?

It all began when a group of friends came together over Thanksgiving dinner to ponder a way to make daily living better for the planet. They wanted to create something that was design-focused, family-centered, and eco-friendly. From that dream sprung Full Circle Home. In 2009, Full Circle was created to make beautiful home essentials made from sustainable materials that will benefit future generations.

Not only are they a B Corp certified brand, but they are also Plastic Neutral. That means that for every ounce of plastic Full Circle uses, they recycle the same amount themselves. To date, Full Circle has recycled over 110,000 pounds of plastic, which is equivalent to the weight of a blue whale! Moreover, they also use creative all-natural materials like jute and latex rubber to create products everyone can love. In addition, Full Circle shows community support through Give Back Box, where they redistribute home essentials to families in need.

Learn more about Full Circle here.

The Zero Waste Collection

Natural Latex Scour Pad

Natural Latex Scour Pad from Full Circle Home's Zero Waste Collection on EarthHero

Swap out your plastic-rich dish sponges with this all-natural alternative. Not only are these scour pads completely plastic-free, but they’re also 100% plant-based made from a blend of coconut husk and natural latex rubber. They work great to scrub away dirt and grime from pots and pans (yes, even non-stick pans), and clean easy too thanks to the strong and flexible fibers. Furthermore, you can easily compost them at the end of their life!

Organic Cotton Scrubby Cloth from Full Circle Home's Zero Waste Collection on EarthHero

Organic Cotton Scrubby Cloth

This scrubby cloth from Full Circle is made with organic cotton, making it the ideal cleaning tool. Perfect for wiping away countertop messes and icky sinks, this 2-pack is versatile enough for any cleanup. Plus, it features an abrasive side made with Japanese washy paper for hard-to-clean messes. Finally, after you’re finished, you just hand wash them and hang them up to dry until their next cleanup mission. (Pro tip: This cloth works perfect as an exfoliator and body scrubber too!)

Organic Cotton Dishcloth

Organic Cotton Dishcloth from Full Circle Home's Zero Waste Collection on EarthHero

Use this dishcloth made with 100% organic cotton for a quicker dish cleanup. The absorbency of the cotton allows you to wash and dry dishes quicker than polyester rags, so you can spend more time doing what you love. Moreover, at the end of their life, these dishcloths can be easily composted in your backyard so your worries end with their use. Thus, you’ll be set with this 3-pack dishcloth set for any countertop mess and evening dish pileup.

Coconut and Jute Fiber Veggie Brush from Full Circle Home's Zero Waste Collection on EarthHero

Coconut and Jute Fiber Veggie Brush

After a trip to the farmer’s market or grocery store for fresh produce, you’ll be set to go with this veggie brush. 100% plastic-free and plant-based, this veggie brush features coconut husk and jute fiber for a hardy clean. That means it’s also backyard compostable at the end of its life, so no need to worry about your environmental footprint here. With this veggie brush, you won’t miss your old plastic one at all!

Coconut and Jute Fiber Dish Brush

Coconut and Jute Fiber Dish Brush from Full Circle Home's Zero Waste Collection on EarthHero

Made from the same materials as the collection’s veggie brush, this dish brush is sturdy and powerful. The hardy bristles made of coconut and jute fibers work to remove grime and grease from pots and pans without leaving its own mess behind. Plop it next to your favorite eco-friendly dish soap and you’re good to go. Moreover, this dish brush ships plastic free, so it’s just you and your favorite dish brush!

We hope you love our new favorites from Full Circle Home’s Zero Waste Collection. What better way to amp up your at-home zero waste routine than with products you can trust? With Full Circle, you can rest assured you’re doing your part to leave the world a little better for your kids and generations to follow.

Check out more products from Full Circle Home here, and stay up-to-date with our Zero Waste essentials at EarthHero!

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