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Simply Sustainable By EarthHero

2018 at EarthHero

2018 is quickly coming to an end. With all the holiday craziness that happens each year, we wanted to take this time to look back and reflect on some of the amazing things we’ve accomplished together over the last 12 months. We’re so grateful for all your support, encouragement, and feedback as we continue to […]

Interview with ECOlunchbox

An interview with the founder of ECOlunchbox & Blue Water Bento, Sandra Ann Harris We’re delighted to share with you an interview we did recently with Sandra Ann Harris, the founder and CEO of ECOlunchbox and Blue Water Bento! Her company, which is based in Lafayette, Calif., is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, so […]

11 Tips for a Sustainable Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. right? While we deck the halls and prepare for the holiday season of gratuity and giving, the planet is busy preparing for something much less festive: thousands of pounds of trash and pollution, plus significant emissions and energy usage. In fact, Americans toss 25% MORE trash from […]

Best Eco-Friendly Gifts of 2018

Isn’t it always better to give a gift with a story? We think so! When you shop with companies that are truly proud of their products, they will want to tell you everything about the product–from sustainable features to eco-friendly packaging. Look for companies that make sustainability part of their mission. Don’t just stop at […]

Give-Back Friday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. to go shopping that is! More than one in three American adults make it a priority to go shopping on Black Friday, with each shopper expecting to spend, on average, $1,007.24 total–with $637 of that going towards gifts alone. And this frenzy doesn’t just last one day–in […]

What is a conscious consumer?

Recent studies show that 67% of Americans believe that progress on social and environmental issues will slow down without government regulation, and their confidence in national organizations to act on environmental issues is low. As a result, 43% of consumers believe that individual action has the greatest potential to solve social and environmental issues. Despite this fact, […]

16 Zero Waste Essentials

In the past 50 years, humans as a whole have consumed more resources than in all of our previous history–with no signs of slowing down. In America alone, the total consumption of products rose 57% from 1957 to 2000 (that’s over twice the rate of population growth!) And while many believe that recycling is the […]

Silicone: The Plastic Alternative

Silicone is flexible, versatile, and great for food storage! What sets it apart from plastic though? Can you recycle silicone? Will silicone biodegrade? Learn about all of the environmental and health benefits of silicone here!

What are Parabens?

You’ve probably applied parabens to your skin, hair, or teeth at some point today without even knowing it. But what are parabens, and should you avoid them? Find out why you might see "paraben-free" more often!
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