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Simply Sustainable By EarthHero

What are you wearing? Hemp vs. Organic Cotton vs. rPET

Hemp, Organic Cotton, and rPETe are three types of sustainable fabric that we often turn to, each with their own benefits (and downsides). Read about each of our favorite materials below, and let us know which one you prefer in the comments!

EarthHero Methodology: How we Choose our Products

It's the number one question that we receive here at EarthHero. As more and more people make the switch to shopping sustainably, there’s one question that needs to be answered: what makes a product, sustainable?

Interview with Crimson Goods

Meet Niko Dellios, one of the founders of Crimson Goods, a climate positive company. But what do climate positive products truly mean in our changing climate, and how could they change the way the world does business? We interviewed Niko to get the full scoop. What is the Crimson Goods story?

Interview with Bestowed Essentials

One of our newest brands, Bestowed Essentials, comes with a a wonderful story. Callee, a self proclaimed hippie, began her soap-making journey in 2016, after she found a handmade soap that helped her with her own acne struggle and wanted to research more! Since then, she’s not only created a beautiful line of skin and […]

Interview with Plastic Free Mermaids

Ryan Alright well, welcome! I am Ryan, founder of EarthHero and joining me today from Plastic Free Mermaids is Keyla and Kimberly. Really excited to talk with you guys and find out a little bit more about what is going on at Plastic Free Mermaids. So thanks for joining us, I guess to get started, […]

How To Pack a Non-Toxic School Lunch

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about changing what goes into school lunches to be healthier for kids. But what about what you’re packing that lunch in? Plastic containers, Ziploc baggies, single-use Saran wrap, and other common lunchtime necessities can not only leach chemicals into the food they’re keeping fresh, but also […]

Sustainable Back to School Supplies

50.7 million students that attended public elementary and secondary school last year. That’s hundreds of thousands of pounds of school supplies, most of which will be used for just one year before being thrown away. From pen to backpacks and notebooks, we have the sustainable alternative for your school supplies!

4 Beauty Brands Breaking the Plastic Mold

Microbeads have been getting a lot of attention recently when it comes to our beauty and care products. We hear why they’re bad (think: tiny plastic pieces directly entering our waterways), but it’s not as easy to identify them. At EarthHero, we do the work to choose products that say no to microbeads, so you […]

7 Steps to Ditch Plastic

Americans throw out 32 million tons of plastic trash–trash that won’t ever biodegrade or disappear, but instead will turn into “microplastics” that cause a massive slew of environmental problems. These plastics contain dangerous toxins like phthalates that can negatively impact your health, and the planet's health too.
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