Sustainable Self Care to Soothe Your Eco Anxieties | Guest Blog

Sustainable Self Care to Soothe Your Eco Anxieties | Guest Blog

Written by our partner, Sustainable Jungle, this blog explores ways to care for yourself amidst sustainable anxieties and stresses.
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This guest blog was written by our incredible long-time partner, Sustainable Jungle.

Whether you’re a new parent trying to find the safest organic baby skincare or an active dad looking for a natural shaving soap bar – creating a sustainable self-care routine takes a little thought and planning.

But it’s well worth the effort! And what better way to forget about your worries than with some good old-fashioned pampering.

Traditional beauty regimes aren’t the most eco-friendly around, but that’s not to say they can’t be. Considering plastic-wrapped individual bath bombs and toxin-filled candles, there’s a world of eco-friendly alternatives that you can take advantage of.

We’re here to tell you that relieving stress doesn’t have to mean putting stress on the planet.

Break out your Self Care Planner and let’s unwind with some easy methods of sustainable self-care.

Setting the Sustainable Mood

What’s the first thing you think of when it comes to relaxing?

14 oz. Ceramic Keepsake Candle - Log Cabin – United By Blue
Keepsake Ceramic Soy Candle from United By Blue

Candles, perhaps?

As lovely as they may smell, traditional paraffin wax candles have been found to be toxic and a major cause of indoor air pollution.

Instead, give your space that warm glow with clean-burning vegan candles scented with natural and safe essential oils. United By Blue’s Keepsake Ceramic Soy Candle is one such candle and comes in a cute, reusable ceramic pot.

All the tranquility with none of the toxins.

Start With a Soak

Once you’ve created a peaceful ambiance, it’s time to dive a little deeper into relaxation mode.

Mineral Bath Soak from Fat and the Moon

And let’s be honest, nothing melts away your eco anxieties like a calming bath—but forget harmful benzine-derived bath bombs and make sure you get those soothing scents from all-natural and organic essential oils, like those of the Mineral Bath Soak by Fat and the Moon.

While you’re soaking, take the time to pamper every part of you.

Start at the top, by treating the hair you’ve been pulling out with a nourishing natural shampoo lather like Good Juju’s Scalp Care Shampoo Bar.

Instead of dehydrating alcohol and SLS, this zero waste shampoo contains a host of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

That’s the head, now for the toes.

Joyful Nail Polish from Rooted Woman

You’re sure to get a dose of joy every time you look down at Rooted Women’s Joyful Nail Polish.

While nail polish is often one of the most problematic beauty products in terms of toxic ingredients, this pretty-in-pink polish is vegan, non-toxic, and handmade in the USA by a black and woman-owned brand. None of their nail polishes feature the 10 most toxic ingredients common in nail polish.

Next stop, the legs!

If you’re like most people, shaving is one of the first things to go when you’re short on time, so fix that lack-of-free-time-fuzz with a zero-waste razor and zero waste shaving cream.

Merbabe Face Mask from Earth Harbor

Unless, of course, you decided to stop shaving a long time ago, in which case, more power to you!

Finally, since no relaxing bath would be complete without a skin-soothing face mask, make sure you check out the Merbabe Face Mask Kit from Earth Harbor. Each of these four masks is designed to suit your skin’s specific needs, but they all have one thing in common: organic, plant-based, and fair trade ingredients.

Planet-Friendly Pampering

You know what they say: look good, feel good!

Another fantastic way to refresh yourself is to add a little something extra to your daily beauty routine. No matter how much time you have (or don’t have), there are a number of easy ways to take an extra few minutes to remind yourself that you are beautiful and worthy.

It can be as simple as spending a little more time brushing your hair with a quality eco-friendly hairbrush. Did you know brushing can actually help nourish the rest of your hair by spreading your scalp’s natural oils? More reason to treat those lushes locks of yours.

It could also be treating your winter-battered skin.

EarthHero - Double Cleansing Duo Gentle Face Cleanser Set 3
Double Cleansing Duo from Botanical Republic

Besides, we all know what stress does to the skin: breakouts. Keep your skin and conscience clear with an eco-friendly body wash or face wash like Botanical Republic’s Double Cleansing Duo. Not only does it remove buildup and bid adieu to blackheads, but increases circulation and detoxifies pores.

Maybe your stress is taking the form of premature wrinkles. In that case, the Organic Vitamin E Elasticity Serum from Little Seed Farm is a safe way to resolve discoloration and tighten your skin.

Get Consciously Cozy and Clairvoyant

When all is said and done, the best way to care for yourself is to give yourself time to simply relax.

Weighted Blanket from Baloo

Snuggle into bed and wrap yourself in a Baloo Weighted Blanket.

Rather than the synthetic fabrics and plastic beads that make up many weighted blankets, these ones feature chemical-free cotton encasing glass microbeads.

How’s that for sustainable serotonin?

Now it’s time for a sustainable technology detox!

Inquire Within from Worthwhile Paper

Instead of endlessly scrolling through social media looking at people whose lives seem so much cooler than yours (hint: they’re not!) or immersing yourself in a disturbing environmental film, look for entertainment within.

With Worthwhile Paper’s Inquire Within Oracle Deck, you have the opportunity to pause, appreciate, and set positive intentions for your life—all using 100% recycled paper printed with a hydropower mill.

Final Thoughts on Sustainable Self Care

Hour of Peace Box at EarthHero

Whether you yourself are in desperate need of some Me Time™ or want to give an ethical gift to the overworked people in your life—in which case, the Hour of Peace Gift Box may be just what you’re looking for—this list is for you.

We hope it’s planted a few seeds on how to unwind after a long day at work sustainable (or without getting signatures for your local environmental protection petition!).

Now it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy your eco-efforts!
After all, your organic laundry detergent and a pile of dirty clothes—or whatever else you feel like you should be doing instead—can always wait until tomorrow.

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